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02 March 2013

Kotex Fresh Liner- First Full Range of Breathable Liners in Singapore!

Before I start sharing about my experience, let's read this article shared by Cosmopolitan magazine (March 2013 issue)

The One Thing Women Never Talk About
While it’s common and perfectly normal, vaginal discharge is something many women shy away from talking about.
But the problem can be easily solved just by wearing a Kotex Fresh Pantyliner every day, not just before and after your period.

First, the Facts Truth:
Most women will experience a white or clear discharge the moment they go through puberty. And, that's perfectly normal!
The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and the discharge, its by-product.
The amount of discharge differs from person to person and, may increase the closer you get to ovulation.
If you’re an active person, you may experience more discharge.

The Aftermath
Many women are resigned to the fact that vaginal discharge is a part of their everyday life,
and may have even gotten into the regular routine of scrubbing their panties every night when they get home,
as they worry about “dirtying” the other clothes in the wash.
Chances are, you are one of these women yourself. But there’s a much easier solution to all your woes.

The Solution
Instead of using pantyliners just before and after your period,
consider using a Kotex Fresh Liner every day as part of your morning routine.
It’s just what you need to help you guard against any discomfort caused by wetness or odour.
What's more, you barely feel like you're wearing it. This one step guarantees all-day freshness!

One to Suit Every Need
Kotex recognises that not every woman is the same,
which is why they’ve got four options in the Kotex Fresh range.
Whether you need a little more protection for when you're nearing ovulation or when you hit the gym,
are looking to guard against odour, or need one for days when you’re wearing tricky lingerie,
you’ll be sure to find the right Kotex pantyliner to suit your needs.

Kotex Fresh pantyliners is the first brand to produce a full range.

I am not sure about you, but yes, I do wear pantyliners every single day (except during period).
As we aged, we have no choice but to wash our lingerie our self.
No matter how rich or how many maid you have, you have to wash it yourself! This is a basic!
I guess the first time I washed my lingerie and clothes myself was when I moved and further study to overseas decades ago.
Mum didn't teach me how to wash my lingerie myself, so I googled "How to wash lingerie?" LOL!
Vaginal discharge is common, annoying and hard to clean. I bet you girls will understand me *pat each other on the back*


Thanks to one of my ex-colleagues. She shared with me that she actually wear panty liners every day.
I thought, hey! that's a good idea! From that day onward, I have been wearing panty liners every single day.
To prevent it from staining my panties and to save the hassle of scrubbing non-stop while cleaning them.
In fact, to me, it is way more hygienic and comfortable too! It acts as a shield and helps to keep it dry.
Oh! Btw, here's a tips! Since you want to wear it everyday, choose the breathable one!
Stickiness and itchiness will occur if your panty liner is unbreathable and  it may even leads to yeast infections or blader infections.

Now, let me introduce you to  Kotex® breathable liners!

They are the first to own a full range of breathable liners in Singapore
Kotex Fresh Liners have designed a liner that lasts, and keeps you fresh for longer. And now, it’s breathable too!
Kotex know women the best. They know we want freshness that lasts. So they’ve created a liner that does, too.
Kotex® Fresh Liners have what it takes to make it through the toughest thing any woman can put them through a regular day in their lives.
In tests, 2x the number of women rated Kotex® Fresh liners as being more durable
and being able to hold their shape and not twist, fold or fray, better than the leading brand of liner.
Kotex has newly upgraded their full range, and now Kotex is first to own 100% range of breathable liners in Singapore.

Here's a comparison for your reference;

 Kotex Fresh Breathable appears to be significantly more absorbent and dry!
 This translates into a more comfortable and fresh experience for the consumer.

Be sure to check out the WEAR BREATHABLE application and get free samples of
Kotex's breathable liners on their facebook!
Offer starts from March 1, 2013.

From 28th Feb to 27th March,
Watsons is running a $2 attractive promo offer for a pack of Kotex Fresh Regular Liners (usual price $2.95).
Try a pack today!

Kotex® Fresh Liners are dermatologically tested for daily use.

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