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18 February 2013

Valentine's Dinner at Kazu Japanese Restaurant and Gift Exchange!

It's February! It is the month of love ! 
This year's Valentine's day happened to be on the fourth day of Chinese New Year. What a coincidence!
This is my 7th Valentine with Mr Polkadot. Honestly, I have never imagined to be in a relationship for so long.
I thought we should be married by now, or conversely, I thought I/he should have left.
Well, neither happened. We still love each other and we are still in relationship.
It has been so long. Too long that the thought of getting married is no longer in my mind.
A lot of you must be wondering if we have ever thought or discussed about getting married?
Yes, of course. We He did. But, I thought, we are not ready. He is not ready or I am not ready until he is ready.
Well, well, well, it's complicated.

I have ever watched a TV program that discussed about marriage.
One of the commentators said "You need to be a little bit impulsive to get married". Sounds wrong but at the same time, I agree.
If you always think too much, you will never get the perfect one. In fact, there's no perfect one in this world.
If we have the money when we first date (Fyi, 7 yrs ago, we were just small children who have just graduated from high school).
I am pretty sure that we would have gotten married.

First year of relationship is always the sweetest, agree? You know it right!
Imagine sweet young couple who just fell in love, hold each others hand awkwardly, non-stop sms and phone calls.
Boyfriend that will pick you up every single day. Girlfriend that will make breakfast or lunch for you.
Random surprise on a random day. Oh I miss those days!

When I was young, I never think too much and now, as an adult, I always think a lot.
Throughout the years, I have experienced tons of thing. Perception and expectation changed.
Now, things are not as simple as before. It is not as simple as having the money and get married only.
I used to think that being away from home is fun. After evolving to an adult, I realized, home is my favorite place on earth.
7 years ago, to me, getting married means living with the sweetest person in this world.
Now, to me, getting married is a very risky investment. You need to take the risk.
The person that you will be married to will stay sweet or totally changed and become a stranger. (back to reason one)
 Is the loyalty, honesty, trust and respect there?

Getting married is not only about being pregnant.
It  means the guy is fully responsible of the girl. He has to work hard for her, for their own future.
The girl needs to take care of the guy, she have to accept and live with the guy in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.
In short, it is a "forever" commitment. Am I ready? Is he ready?
Answer: Fill in the blank.

Commercial break: Jace Printed Long-Sleeve Dress from Tracyeinny.
Oh! I love my new dipdye three toned hair - Red, Pink and Purple done by Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon at 313


Chinese New Year cum Valentine nail done by myself with Nicole By O.P.I
#loveyourlife #sensationalscarlet #reachout

My new high heel in beige =D

We decided to visit Kazu, a Japanese Restaurant that has been around for quite some times.
It was our first time patronizing the restaurant.

To my surprise, the ambiance of the place is actually quite cozy and comfortable.
It totally exceed my expectation!

I mean, I seldom see such poise restaurant in Batam (Im not talking about restaurant in the hotel).
Most of the time, I do not set high expectation for restaurants in Batam. Especially the Japanese, Korean or Western food restaurants.
In most case, it is either the place is nice and food is nay or the other way round.

I believed this Kazu Japanese Restaurant spent quite a lot of money on its interior.
This is not your usual casual Japanese Restaurant. Not like the one in Singapore too.
I have tried countless of Japanese Restaurant in Singapore (including those that's located in the hotel).
This is for the first time I see a Japanese restaurant that comes with mostly private dining room.
They only have limited small tables and chairs outside the room.
If I am not wrong, it has about 10 or more private dining room? I am not sure.
Oh talking about privacy? I give this restaurant a 9/10 !

To my surprise, their food and service were great too.
All of the waitress that served us were wearing Kimono. Thumbs up for that!

Here's our appetizer- cold tofu (above), potato salad (left) and Ivan's main course Katsu Kare Rice (right).

Here's some of our mains - Yakitori, Toriniku Teriyaki, Gindara Teriyaki, Chawan Mushi, Ebi Tempura..
We ordered Kani Maki and Salmon Sashimi as well (not in the picture).

The foods were GOOD. We finished everything!

For drink, I don't know the name or the brand of the sake (Japanese Alcoholic Beverage)
It was a Valentine Special Drink and it costs $23.90 per bottle! =O
I don't judge, because I do not know the market price for such beverage. In addition, it was imported all the way from Japan.
I had a Matcha Latte. It was good but unfortunately, not hot at all. His brother's Ocha Japanese Tea was not hot as well.

My chawanmushi that came with a very cute angry bird fish cake on top of it! Kawaii!!
The fish cake tasted weird though. It was not fresh (It has the fishy fridge smell).

That's me, adding a little bit of shoyu to my chawanmushi. Ok. I lied. Hahaha I was just acting!! lol!
That's Mr Polkadot!

Another main course, Dragon roll!!! Yummy and highly recommended!

Oh I spent my Valentine with 3 guys this year. Muahaha! His brothers were in Batam last week.

Here's a glimpse of their menu.

As shown, everything is priced in SGD. That's weird to me.
Are they trying to say "It's not that expensive. It's only SGD 4.90" through their menu?
Muahaha! SGD 4.90 is Rp 40.000. For a plate of small tofu, Rp 40.000 is expensive.

Click the photo to enlarge

But hey, trust me, your money will be well spent! The food, the service, everything is good!

They have this KPHBell in the room! Save the hassle to call "mbaaa" LOL!
The total of the meal was SGD 159.84 or Rp 1.273.925. We decided to pay in SGD as the conversion rate is not so good.


Kazu Japanese Restaurant
Address: No. 1-5 Komplek Harmoni Plaza Blok B 2nd Fl, Batam. Indonesia
Telephone 0778-455153
Facebook Page HERE

Alright! Here's the gift exchange time! Here's my Maltese Bouquet!! Oh so cute please!

What do you think? It looks like Gucci and Mayo or not?

Bf gave me a Christian Dior Bag for Valentine.

Light Coral Canvas 'Dior Panarea' Shopping Bag / Medium.
Price: SGD 1750 (Haha I forced him to tell me the price).
Well, I have ever told him that I love this bag and that's 5 year ago. Muahaha!
I like big-sized bag and that's also 5 years ago. Now, I prefer smaller bag.
The colour is special but hard to match with outfit. The size of bag is huge! So big that it looks like a diapers bag to me.
Muahahaa why is this girl so picky one!!! LOL!

When I said that it looks like a diapers bag, he replied "Yah! That's my purpose..That's for our future baby!"
He was very upset when I said that I dislike the bag. I even asked him if it is possible to refund the bag! LOL!
 He replied "Alright then, you can return the bag to me" and I asked "What are you going to do with it?
He replied "I will keep it and give it to my future daughter. Vintage mah." MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! 
At the end, he finally smiles when I said "I accept the gift, unwillingly" =P

I am sorry readers, yes, you can call me picky, call me too straight. When I don't like something, I will say I don't like.
I won't act and say I love it so much and thank him. I will tell him how I feel about it honestly.
I want him to learn and understand me better.

For him. I ordered a Givenchy Statue of Liberty T-shirt from Mr Porter.
Nah! This is what I called sincerity. Muahaha!
I am poor and for me, to spend about SGD 450 to buy a T-shirt is a VERY BIG DEAL.
I used a part of my hard earned money to buy this T-shirt for him man!
That's a big sacrifice! LOL!

P.s: I guess this is the most expensive present he have ever received from me too. #rare

I ordered the shirt months ago and in fact, he received his Valentine gift very early this year, about a month before Valentine.

Luckily I did that though. Guess what? The shirt is now out-of-stock everywhere! =D
#ProudOfMyself #WellSpent
You can check it at Louisaviaroma (left with only xs size) , Ssense, Mr Porter or Polyvore
I heard Givenchy store in Singapore is selling it at about SGD 600+ and it is out-of-stock too.

He likes the gift!!
I just asked him! (P.s: He is sitting right besides me while I am typing this.)
"Do you like the shirt that I gave you?" "Yah! I like!"
"But I don't like the bag that you gave me" "Throw it away then!" Muahahaha!

I love you, Dot! I really do! I want to live with you forever.
But first, please quit your job as a Pokemon master. =P
Let's go, sell some satay, earn some money and take Gucci and Mayo to school.
Next year, please don't give me anything expensive. I only want some home made meatballs and a hand written Valentine card.
That's it! If you think it's too troublesome, just give me angpao lah! At least I can use it to buy toys for Gucci and Mayo Haha!

With love,
Gucci's and Mayo's Mum


  1. i'm shock when you said you both have in relationship for 7 years :)

    i agree with you married it's not about pregnant only, is about having irresponsibility forever with the same person, and if you not ready for it better dont try to married :)

    wishing you happy together and God bless you both.

  2. Love your post and love how honest you're being! Following your blog now :)

  3. Looks like you enjoyed your Valentine's Day celebration with a new Dior Bag, Flowers, Dinner and all. You look so sexy & chic in your Black & White dress. Try
    online fashion shop,they have nice dresses too!

  4. Wish my girlfriend got me a givenchy t shirt I would mostly likely have a heart attack lol

  5. hehe no need to heart attack lol!


Thanks for your lovely comment!