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23 February 2013

South Korea: Day 2- Vidal Sassoon Pink Angel Asia Global Competition at Times Square Seoul

Date: 6th of December, Winter, Seoul, South Korea.

I decided to skip my breakfast and went to the rehearsal area directly.
I was a little bit behind the schedule as I decided to do my make up myself before meeting them.

The weather was extremely cold that morning!
We walked to Times Square to see the venue of the event and rehearsed for about an hour.

Pardon my extremely sleepy face =P
That me, contestant from Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan + Organizer (the one standing in the middle)

Meeting the little pink angels! These pink angels are professional okay! They have their own manager!
I heard they are specially trained for event, advertisement, drama and etc.
One of the pink angels couldn't join the rehearsal because she has a drama assignment that morning! #amazed

Now, the rehearsal finally starts!
Each of us were assigned with a little pink angel. They will walk on the stage with us.
The rehearsal went smoothly and in fact, nothing much.

Back to the meeting room! Time to prepare for the actual event! =D

Light snacks were provided for us but, I didn't had any of it though. I decided to skip them for lunch!
Makeup artist and hair stylist were there to help us with our makeup and hair do too.
As mentioned, I did most of the make up myself. The makeup artist only helped me with my eye makeup.
Luckily I did it myself though. The make up artist were all Korean and I can't speak Korean Zzz..
I only know "annyeonghaseyo".

Tadah! Here's a picture of me with the sweet and pretty contestant from Taiwan, Toro!
She's lovely and friendly! I am really glad and happy to know her from the event.

Here's my hair do of that day! The hair stylist did a very loose braids for me - before I style it again myself on the stage later on.
Ombre hair colour done by Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313

It's lunch time!
A picture with Stilly from Malaysia, Toro from Taiwan and Fenny from Indonesia.

Here's the feast!
My appetizer consists of...I don't know..! Muahaha!
I guess there were prawn cocktail, cheese, eggplant, mushroom, salad, etc.

The main course of that day was yummy seafood pasta!! *drools*
Kya I skipped the desserts! #regret

More picture with the ladies..

After lunch, we went back to the meeting room. It's time to change our outfit!
Oh btw, we were sponsored with USD 100 to buy our dress and shoes! #wohoo
I had hard time looking for my pink outfit though. In the end, I ordered all my outfit online.
Except my heels. I got my nude heel from Charles and Keith.
The moment I saw all of the dresses of other contestant, I was like O_O
Their dress are so prom party kind of dress! Compared to them, I felt extremely under-dressed lol.

A picture of us and our little pink angels! All ready in pink outfit!
That's Thailand contestant on the extreme right. She's very pretty and her gown wow-ed everyone!

A picture outside the meeting room while waiting for the rest.

Here are some of the pink angels! SO CUTE!!! I told you! They are professional. They know how to pose!

Here's the crowd before the event starts.

See that? It gets more and more crowded!

Spot me? I am contestant No.6 ! #wink

My banner! Yes, I was representing Singapore that day. On the right, that's a picture of me and my little pink angel.

It's showtime! =D
When I was young, I have ever performed ballet *ehemph*, played piano and even sang on stage.
So, It was not my first time!

I was actually not nervous. All I need to do was only to introduce myself and style my hair on stage.

While we were styling our hair, the presenter came and asked us some questions such as
"What's the current hair trend?" "What kind of hair style is popular now?" "How do I protect my hair" etc..

Oh btw, Stilly (the one on the right) kindly borrowed me her pearl necklace!
Thanks for saving me! Muahaha! I really think that I dressed too casually that day.

Here's some candid pictures taken by my manager from Singapore. Thanks Angeline!

The event took about 2 hours if I am not wrong.
We were divided into 2 groups! Contestant 1 to 4 went on stage first and we, contestant 5 to 8 performed after them.

I didn't won any title but, I HAD SO MUCH FUN! =D
Honestly, I didn't expect to win anything too.
Look at their outfit  gowns!! I will definitely lose one muahaha! Outfit was one of the judging criterias.

Contestant from Korea won the 2nd prize!

Contestant from Thailand won the 1st Runner Up prize!
Contestant from Malaysia won The Best Camera Face title!

Contestant from HongKong was the Champion!

Not only that, she won "The Most Popular" title and "Best Pink Look" title too!

P.s: The organizer of this event is Vidal Sassoon HongKong. *coughs*

That's all for the event! I really had a lot of fun! =D

However, I am quite sad for some of the contestants though. They put a lot of effort into their outfit and hair.
I love Fenny's (contestant from Indonesia) dress! and I think she should have won the "Best Pink Look" title.
I think Toro from Taiwan should have won the "Best Camera Face" and
Stilly should have won "The Most Popular" title instead - She's really popular btw! =D
and I........
I just went there to play. Muahaha!
I seriously didn't plan to win anything too. Maybe that's the reason why I didn't feel nervous. LOL
I am very pleased with the sponsored trip that cost thousands of dollar already.
What's on my mind were "I want to meet my boyfriend asap!" "Is he here already?" "Where should we go after this?"
*evil laugh*

A group picture with all of the contestants and VS managers from different countries.

DONE! DONE! DONE! I am finally done with the competition!

Here's an official schedule from Vidal Sassoon;
9:00am Going to 1/F Times Square for Rehearsal
11:30am Lunch MOMO Café at 5/F, Hotel Taking Lunch
12:30pm  Preparation Meeting Room 3 Hair, makeup preparation
2:30pm Final check up Meeting Room 3 Final check on the preparation
3:30pm  Stand by - From Meeting Room 3 to 1/F Times Square
4:00pm Pink Angel Competition 1/F Times Square Pink Angel Competition
6:30pm Transportation 1/F Times Square Limousine Bus will be arranged to pick up to the Party
7:30pm Party XS Club (B1/F VIP Room) Food will be arranged

Nah! This is the part where I went missing! Muahaha!
After the event, we were all invited to join a party at XS Club! See that? V.I.P room some more..
I am supposed to stay with them till the next morning too. Instead, I eloped with my boyfriend.
He has arrived in South Korea since in this morning + I don't feels like to go to the nightclub with them.
So, I decided to give it a miss and left.

Now, I officially announce that "My South Korea Trip" starts NOW! Yay!

Bf came and picked me up *big hugs* #relieve

We decided to have our first dinner in Korea at this something something Hanilkwan 1939 restaurant? located in the Times Square.
I am not sure. I guess that's the name? or maybe not! That's the only word I can read from the board Muahaha!
I think that a name of a place. Whatever!

We ordered 2 set meals and we only found out that we ordered too much after everything were served.

Btw, the waitress was a Chinese lady, luckily! We ordered our meal in Mandarin.

That's my handsome boyfriend and our meal..
See! That's a lot right!! We spent about SGD 150 for that meal. Pretty pricey yeah!
Btw, Times Square @ Seoul is something like ION @ Orchard. So, we kind of expect the price.

Overall, the food is not bad. The BBQ beef was good!
There were pancake, octopus, some other raw seafood that we don't know what that is!

A picture of us with the Christmas Tree at Courtyard by Marriott Hotel.

After dinner, we went up to the hotel, which is located just beside the mall
to take my belongings and transfer to another hotel.
 I wrote a long letter to inform my manager about it before I leave. I couldn't contact her as she didn't loan the phone.

We went to another hotel by Taxi and we found out that Korean taxi drivers are mostly rude *I am sorry but this is the truth*
Usually they'll refuse to take tourist (Especially Caucasian) or annoyed when they found out that the passengers are tourist. LOL!

My story: The Taxi driver made several calls before knowing the exact place that we wanted to go.

He called the hotel, he called his friend, he called I don't know who!
Fyi, we showed the taxi driver the exact full address of the Hotel / Hotel name card to him already.
He was very frustrated like it was our mistake! -_-? Anyway, we finally arrived at our hotel safely.
Then, he said something like "The total is $12", bf gave him $15 and he replied
"No change, I made some calls just now, you have to compensate me" *Oh well!*
That concludes my first experience and impression of Korean Taxi Driver.

Not all Taxi driver that we encountered were rude though.

That's all for today!
I am so excited about the Skypark hotel at Myeongdong!!!! Stay tuned for more exciting posts!


  1. I have 'bad experience' with taxi driver in Korea too.

    When I went to Seoul Tower from the Hotel, the taxi costs me around KRW 3.000. But when I went back from Seoul Tower to Hotel with the exact route, it costs me KRW 20.000.

    1. Ya!! I hope they can at least learn a lil bit of English.. =)

  2. kamu kerennn..maaf saya comment berbahasa indonesia, saya tidak lancar berbahasa inggris, saya harap jika kamu punya waktu luang kamu bisa jalan2 ke blog aku, aku sudah follow blog kamu...

  3. Heyyyy contestant from singapore :D
    This is Mercedes ( 2012 Pink Angel from Hong Kong ) ^^
    How are you?
    it's nice to see you having this full description of the whole event!
    do u have facebook?
    my facebook is Mercedes R Pair
    let's keep in touch!


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