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05 February 2013

Review: Organix Awapuhi Ginger - Instant Recovery Mask & Dry Styling Oil


I was sent with two products by Organix for review. They are the Instant Recovery Mask & Dry Styling Oil.

Here's some information for your reference:

The Awapuhi Ginger Extract is an ancient Hawaiian beauty secret, which instantly mends and softens coarse hair.
Rich in Keratin Proteins, this collection repairs and strengthens each strand from root to tip, resulting in soft and silky hair.

The Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Instant Recovery Mask restores hair’s beauty and
health by infusing moisture and elasticity to dullest tresses.
Besides being sensationally scented with a fruity flavor, it leaves hair bouncier and shinier instantly.

My Review:

Let's start from The Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Instant Recovery Mask.
My hair condition: Colour treated hair and dry hair end. The product came in a tube as shown.
From the name, I thought the product is gonna smells like ginger.I was wrong. It smells very sweet instead.
As what the name suggest, it is an instant recovery mask. I could feel the smoothness of the mask once I applied it on my hair.
You could you this product as the replacement of your conditioner (leave in for 3mins)
or use it as a mask (leave on for 20mins, cover it with a shower cap).
After washing the product away, my hair experienced an immediate obvious result. My hair smells great, refreshing and super soft.
For the price given, I would say that this product is worth the investment.
I would definitely recommend this to those with dry and tangled hair.

Now, Dry Styling Oil
The Dry Styling Oil repairs and restores moisture to damaged hair by heat and styling tools
and kick out the frizz and dryness while making hair shine.

My Review:

Firstly, let me share a secret with you. Sometimes, I don't wash my hair everyday.
Reason? I don't want my bright hair color to fade away so fast.
Usually I would experience terribly tangled hair or super messy hair-end when I wake up in the morning.
I tried to straighten or at least comb my hair with water to detangled it - FAIL.
My hair remains dry, tangled and messy! I usually wake up late too (Messy life) haha!
I don't have the time to go and wash, and condition it, and blow it, and comb it.

This Dry Styling Oil works like magic. It is not greasy, sticky and too oily. It keeps my hair well-moisturized for a whole day.
The moment I apply it on my hair, my hair naturally detangled and I can feel that my hair turns smooth and silky too.
It soften my dry and coarse hair and infused with secret ingredients instantly.
It is quite easy to apply. However, I wish the product came with a pump too. Other than easier to get the product, it is more hygienic too.
In addition, to me, the price is considered quite affordable. Overall, I would repurchase this product.

These two Organix products retail at $15.90 each exclusively at Watsons.


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