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11 January 2013

Teras Cafe Batam - Romantic Dinner for Two Please!

OMG! Valentine's Day is coming very soon! It is only about a month away!
Guys, you should start to book for the dinner and look for gift now! Before it is too late!
Girls, let's start to plan too! Maybe you want to cook for him? A candle light dinner at home? Bento?
Well, I think I want to bake brownies or make some cookies for him =)

Anyway, guess where did we went to have our dinner last night? We went to somewhere romantic!
We randomly visited The Teras Cafe, a restaurant where we had our first Valentine's dinner 7 years ago.

I asked the waiter some questions about the restaurant while bf excuses himself to the restroom.
I wanted to know more about the owner of the restaurant, the waiter told me that the owner is someone from Tg.Pinang.
It surprised me, as I thought, it must be some westerners or somebody from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya or from other big cities.
Honestly, not a lot of western restaurant in Batam manage to survive for so long.
Teras Cafe has been around for about 8 years already! That's an achievement.

Here's how the exterior of the restaurant looks like! A very simple and romantic house, agree?

Upon entering the venue, we received warmth welcome from 5 to 6 of the staffs, that's interesting.
Oh btw, I almost forget about how the interior of the restaurant look like.
Reason? It was super crowded when we had our dinner on the Valentine's day 7 years ago.
It was so crowded and dark that I almost don't remember anything! LOL!

Al fresco dining experience for you? We decided to sit inside the restaurant instead.
This is Indonesia! You don't want to feed mosquito while having your dinner yes?

After last night's dinner, my perception of the restaurant has changed though!
The ambiance is cozy and comfortable.

Guess what? We sat at the exact same place where we sat 7 years ago =D * reminiscing*
For drink, I ordered mixed berries smoothies and bf ordered ice lemon tea!


For main course, I ordered Salmon Teriyaki and bf ordered sirloin steak *If I am not wrong.
They are well-known for their steak and the steak taste much better than years ago too!

Btw, boss just had his Psy haircut *again*! muahaha!
He always go to Sibel salon located at Nagoya Hill for his haircut, if you wonder!
or in case, you want a Psy haircut for yourself or your boyfriend LOL!

He's always very frustrated when I use flash in restaurant with dim lighting. *Understandable*
Usually I won't do that too! The flash is indeed too attention seeking. I agree.
But, it was dark! I just have to use flash for good picture and it was only US sitting at the corner. Nobody else.
So, I ignored his comment and even took a picture of him with flash! Hahahaa! Look at his face! =P
Oh! I also forced him to take a picture of me, with flash! Hahaha! 2x =P

Now, here's a quick review!
The salmon was too thick and dry. I find it quite bland too.
However, the teriyaki sauce is good. I love the sauce.

We ordered mushroom soup and chicken cordon bleu too!
Hm..The mushroom soup was watery (Ps:I prefer creamy type of mushroom soup)
and the chicken cordon bleu that came with plum sauce is below our expectation.

Overall, I will definitely go back for the steak and also to try more items from the menu.

The total bill was about almost IDR 400.000 or SGD 50, if you wonder.

Baloi Kusuma no. 23 Penuin, Batam 29432 Indonesia.
Telephone: +62 778 459552

Commercial Break:
He bought a Tory Burch leather bracelet for me =D
It was my Christmas gift. Thank you sayang!

Tory Burch Saffiano Double Wrap Logo Stud Leather Bracelet in Pretty Violet/ Shiny Gold - My fav colour!
The price is SGD 170. He got it from Tory Burch - Wisma Atria outlet.

After dinner, I went to his place to visit my two naughty babies! *cuteness overload* =D

I miss them sooooo much! Have I mentioned that I suspect that Mayo is overweight?
Hahaha! She is only about 6 months old and she's as heavy or maybe heavier than Gucci now!

As shown, Gucci looks so skinny! Perhaps it is also because of his haircut!
On one fine day, I decided to trim his fur myself! Haha he was very dirty and his fur were all tangled.
No choice but I have to chop all of his fur off!

Alright, last picture before I leave!
Bf sent me home afterward! Hiks! I want to take them back with me!
But, I hate it when they are naughty! They always bark at my dad and mum's guests. =(

Thanks for reading.

With love,



  1. Hey,
    Love the bracelet -I have had my eye on it for awhile now.Hope you enjoy your purchase :)

  2. Anonymous18 July, 2013

    I was randomly using google to search for places of interest in Batam. I wanted to cycle the Barelang bridge as well. Then I found your blog. I realised you are an interesting writer, blogs are more personal than facebook.

    I can't promise you I will follow your blog but I want you to keep up the good work. I am someone who never believes in facebook. Have a good life!



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