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02 January 2013

My Amazing 2012 in a Blog Post (Recap/ Summary)

Hellow ladies and gentlemen, we are officially in 2013 already!
Happy New Year my dear readers! I love you! =D
Thank you so much for your support, comment and compliment throughout the year.

Today I am going to do a summary or recap of what happened or events that I attended to in 2012!

Ps: Words in PINK can be clicked as it linked to the blog post related to it.


Let's start from January! I attended two events in January. I
t includes;
Pretty in Pink Charity Fashion Show by Pink Dolphin and Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Media Briefing

Chinese New Year starts in late January! I did a 12 day to CNY advertorial for 12 popular blogshop in Singapore! =D


I reviewed these products;

And other random stuff:


Then, JUNE!

The awesome, SEPTEMBER!


  1. wow yar awesome hairstyles and the colours you have used are all superb
    Grocery Apparel

  2. Great momment.
    from your pictures and stroy it's tell us that u have blessed family and colorful life.
    i come here often just never drop comment since i shy :(
    i afraid u didn't read my comment :(

    2013 wish u shining like star and more good thing come into your life.

  3. Happy new year ce :D
    enak banget jalan2 teyuss :3

    followed your blog, follow back?

  4. Okay I have followed back rhea =) Dear Susan, thank you so much for reading my blog. Do comment often I will read and reply you ^_^

    1. Ce, i've read your messages on my blog. Hmm, follow button di GFC nya ce, di sebelah kanan atas2 ada 'join this site' :)


  5. I'd prefer your hair in curls.. <3 looks more mature and fresh IMO. :)
    Really love the colors tho. Either red, purple, or the peacock one. xD

    follow me back ya

  6. Happy new year! :) Looks like 2012 had been an amazing year for you :) seems like a lot of fun! :D
    I love your ombre hair, especially when they're curled <3 hihi..

    Im a new follower! :) follow back? :))

  7. Wow... Your wedding photos are my favorite and the second is your ombre hair ^.^
    So lovely!



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