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08 January 2013

Last Christmas: Greetings from Sally Hansen, Apivita, Sasa and Burberry Beauty Vintage Gold Counter Party + Resolution for 2013

This is another late blog post! LOL! Today I am going to talk about last year's Christmas!
Well, I didn't celebrate my last Christmas! #SoSad I don't even remember what I did on the day.
If I am not wrong, I went for groceries shopping with boyfriend that night. #Guessing

Anyway, I was surprised with several Christmas gifts and parcels from some of my lovely sponsors last December.
So generous of them *LOVED*

Let's start from this parcel from Sally Hansen Singapore! Joy to the world! *teary eyes*
I am hardcore nail polish collector and...look at what I received!!!! #jumpjumpjump
They are adding more Diamond Strength nail polish to my collection wohoo!

OMG! I am so gonna do a nail art tutorial with these..Stay tuned okay!
I also received the some airbrush legs sprays!
I have been eyeing on this airbrush sprays since years ago and finally I got the chance to try it! *yay!

Move on, I also received a Apivita hamper form the PR company. Just in time! I need masks right now!! #period
Btw, this is my first encounter with the brand Apivita. Recently, I noticed an Apivita concept store at Vivo City too!
I did some research on it and here's some information for your reference.

Apivita's Holistic Express Beauty Masks (22 types) Price SGD 95

Inspired by the philosophy of Hippocrates, they use only the finest and purest 100% certified organic essential oils
that are beneficial to our body, mind and spirit. Their main principles include: Products are inspired by Hippocrates’ philosophy
for a holistic approach to health and beauty (care for the body, the mind and the soul)
APIVITA is the first company to insist on the use of organic essential oils recognizing the high value of their active ingredients:
To rejuvenate the skin
To tone spirit and mood 
To remove stress and tension in a holistic way 

Products contain 100% pure organic essential oils in order to create and maintain physical, mental and emotional well-being
APIVITA products promote an alternative, natural and balanced way of life 
Products clean, protect and care for the body (physical well-being) 
Products emotionally elevate consumers with the use of essential oils (emotional well-being)

In short, it is a brand that uses only high quality organic and natural ingredients. I like this! It sounds so comfortable!
Btw, I am invited to their media party that's going to happen on 10th of Jan and I am so sad that I am not available on that day! #Hiks
Oh! Don't forget to check out their facebook page okay!
Check out Apivita Boutique too! -ION Orchard #B3-45/46 and Vivo City #01-04.

Next item I received is this very beautiful, perhaps, the prettiest calendar I have ever seen! =D
It's from Sasa! Thanks to Kiyora too! =)

Last but not least, the Burberry Beauty Vintage Gold Counter Party that I attended last month!

Have I mentioned that the beauty guru of that day was Larry Yeo! =D
Yes! That famous celebrity Makeup Artist!
I am so happy to be a part of The Burberry Bloggers' Party for the launch of its festive 2012 collection, Vintage Gold.

I learnt a lot of new trick such as using the lipstick as blusher, the latest way to draw smokey eyes and a lot more from the presentation!


Here's the final look! Look at the eyes! So smokey yet not too strong!
Instead, she look sweet with the makeup! #Magic

I love Burberry Makeup product! Not only that the packaging is very interesting, the colour are very safe to use too! #Classy

COMPLETE EYE PALETTE – 4 Enhancing Colours
This 4-shade Burberry Beauty Sheer Eyeshadow palette is formulated with : 
Sheer buildable finish 
Lightweight, natural formula for a customisable smokey finish 
Spectrum of textures blended with silicones for smooth glide and easy application
Micronised satin smooth pigments for long-lasting vibrant colour 
Colour-true finish Palette contains an illuminating base, 
two blendable shades to add structure, and a liner to define and enrich

Move on to the next featured product! The Burberry Lip Velvet Lipstick!

Burberry Lip Velvet is the latest lip collection that gives a perfect matte color with high emolliency.
This new matte yet hydrating lipstick, offers a vibrant finish, is a mix of lightweight emollient oils and jelly
like structure that makes the texture glides easily without any discomfort or dryness.
It contains silicone cross polymer that provides ultra flexible, comfortable all day wear with a true rich powdery-like finish.
It offers a weightless and fine texture for sophisticated and protected lips.

The goodies bag is generous yeah? I will do a makeup tutorial with the Burberry Lip Velvet soon!

Alright, that's all for today! Let me finish off with a list of my RESOLUTION! #QuickOne

1. I want to be slimmer (This is forever on the list) Haha! I think I am lighter than last year. I used to be 49 and 50ish.
My post-Christmas weight or current weight is 48.1 kg! I want to be 45kg by this Chinese New Year!!

2. I want to donate my blood away! I always wanted to do it! But it just never happened!
Reason? I was on long-term medicine and blood donation during that period was a no-no!
But, I have quit and now, other than doing it as a charity, I have more reasons to do it!
Watch this and this videos! Muahaha!
Not one but two masters suggested those whose zodiac is snake to donate blood! #nonsense lol
But, yeah I told my mum and dad about it. They were against the idea. I wonder why! =( 
Well, Imma gonna do it anyway! #Secretly haha!

3. I want to be healthier! No soft drink! More water! Eat less, but more!
In short, eat moderately and eat more veggies and fruits, so that my first point will come true!

4. Earn money! I have to really start to earn some monies man! I am so old already #duh
Hopefully my boutique will open soon! Someone kick my ass please #slacking

5. Travel more! I want to go to Taiwan this year!

6. I want my skin condition to be better! I have tons of skin care and mask at home now!
Both from sponsors and from my South Korea haul. Task: I have to finish using all of the product by this year!

Btw, try this app by The Body Shop!! 
This skin diagnostics tool will recommend you a tailor-made regime to help you achieve the perfect skin that you are looking for.
Try it HERE

I personally wish to have brighter (not whiter) complexion. Hence, here's the result I got! =D

How about you?

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  1. Wow~ Your Sally Hansen hamper is making me envious!!! Really wanna know how long and how u took to acheive so far.. I want to do so for my own travel theme blog.. hope to be featured in travel mags and have my own books published someday...


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