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01 December 2012

South Korea Visa Requirement and Application for Indonesian

Today is 30th of November and time now is 4.30 am!
It's last day of November and the day after tomorrow is December already! That's crazy! Time flies really fast.
I can't sleep now, worrying about my visa =( Oh ya! Have I said that I am *fingerscrossed* going to Korea in December?
I am going to South Korea for a competition. Well, I will take it as a holiday trip instead.
Since, my flight and accommodation will be fully sponsored by the company. *sounds awesome yeah!*
But wait! I am still waiting for my visa T-T

What if my visa application is not successful? OH! It would be a nightmare like seriously!
The sponsored trip is going to be from 5th to 8th of December and I requested an extension to 11th of December.
Bf have bought his ticket to accompany me too. In fact, he will join me on 6th of December.

Anyway, I submitted and applied my visa via a local travel agent last week and there's no update since then.
We were told that the application fee is about Rp 650.000 (If I am not wrong) / about SGD 90 which is quite expensive.
Regardless of the result of the application, reject or approve, we have to pay.
Initially they told us that the application fee is Rp 800.000+, we bargained and got lower price.
Then, my travel agent friend told me that they charged about Rp 580.000 only! about SGD 10 lesser *regret*
This is mad-rush! I have to be in Singapore by 4th of December. We have less than a week left.
Actually no! minus travelling time and weekend, we have like only 2 working days left! Omg! I hate this!

Talking about visa, it's really a complicated and tedious process for an Indonesian to apply a visa!
I had hard time gathering all of the documents required.

1. Passport
As usual, it needs to have 6 month validity.
We have to submit our original passport for the application and it has been sent to Korea Embassy in Jakarta to process.

2. KTP or Identification card.
I just found out that my IC has expired 3 years ago. LOL!
Mum applied a new one for me and the waiting process takes forever! In Indonesia, money talks! Zzz...
That's still okay. After spending so much money, I still received my IC very last minute (after hundreds of call).
That's still okay. Fine. Finally I got my IC..Guess what's next? Wrong name! I really felt like to stab myself on spot.

3. Photo with white background (size 4x6)
I only have photo with red background.
Instead of taking another picture, I asked the photo studio staff to photoshop the background for me. Zzz..

4. A copy of Kartu Keluarga / (I am not sure what you guys called it in Singapore) Family Certificate?
Again, wrong name! wrong religion! wrong father's name! wrong wrong wrong!

5. Akte Lahir (Birth Certificate)
I have no problem with this.

6. A copy of Bank Statement ( period: 3 month)
They need to see if you have money to travel. I believed they want to make sure that you won't go to Korea to find a job and live permanently there too.
If I am not wrong, you need to have at least 40-50 million rupiah in it (about SGD 5-6000).
But, to play safe, I requested more than that amount from dad lol.
Some says 20 million is enough. There's no requirement on this.

I thought, my bank account (local bank) is still active. Bf and I went to the bank last week to deposit some monies into it.
Carrying million of cash is really really scary in Indonesia! Haha! Bf even requested to help me to carry my bag!
Wah! Miracle! Usually if I ask him to carry my bag for me, he will refuse.
After about an hour of queuing, the teller told me that they have closed my account. =_="
OMG! Another problem! Then I asked them if I want to open a bank account now, is that possible?
They told me that, for visa reference, my bank account needs to be 'at least' has been active for 3 months. - Kill me!

Ps: I don't have my passport or IC (was sent for amendment remember?) with me anyway! Open a bank account with what? *faint*

Another option?

Dad's bank account - Alright, I thought it shouldn't be a problem. I called dad's assistant and asked him to prepare one for me.
To my surprise, my dad do not own a saving account - double stabs, by this time, I should have died.
Hahaha! At first, I thought that it was sooooo impossible! However, after knowing more about it.. I went Ohh!! Ehemp! (secret) =P
Anyway, after searching and searching, finally I found an active account that's use to pay bills.
It should work! *all fingers crossed* LOL!

By submitting dad's bank account statement, I need to submit dad's IC and other documents as well.

7. An original / a copy of letters of employment.
Hm..Blogger is an occupation right? So, I wrote my own employment letter for myself lo! Muahaha! Of course NO!
I am working (ehemph!) in dad's company. So, I typed a formal letter and requested the director to sign! =)

8. A copy of NPWP (Nomor pokok wajib pajak) / Tax Identification Number.
Dad have it and I have submitted it too. No problem on this. We are good citizen. We always pay tax *wink*.

9.  An original / a copy of invitation letter
I got it! It was provided by the organizer of the event.

10. A copy of Flight Ticket and Hotel Voucher
I am so lucky! I will fly to South Korea with Singapore Airline and will stay in JW Marriott for the competition! =D
What a five-star treatment!
Bf bought his two way ticket for SGD 1157. Which is quite expensive. I think it is because of December (Peak season).
We decided to book Skypark Myeongdong III via Initially we paid  SGD 800+ for 4 nights.
Luckily they have this lowest price guarantee policy. Later I found out that other is selling the room at SGD 578 +/-.
and as promised, they refunded about SGD 222+ to my card. =D That's a lot of money man!
In the other word, we paid about SGD 145 nett per night. Skypark Myeongdong III is a 3 star hotel in Seoul.
We booked this hotel because, it is very very near to the subway and also near to the airport limousine bus station.
Best of all, it is located in Myeongdong! Shopping paradise wohooo!

This is Myeongdong map! OMG! I am getting really really excited by just looking at this map!
Our hotel is located near to subway (bottom right).

Initially, we thought of Skypark Myeongdong 1 or Skypark Myeongdong 2 too. They are cheaper.
However, after reading reviews, Myeongdong 3 seems to be the best one.
I will review the hotel once I am back from the trip (if I managed to get my visa) >_<

11. Other documents
I submitted a copy of verdict statement as I changed my name before.

12. Application form
If you are applying the visa by yourself, you need to submit a form.
In this case, the travel agent fill the form for us.

These are some other documents that you might need to prepare but unnecessary, I suppose.
We didn't submit (or the travel agent didn't ask us to prepare) these;
13. Salary payment slip.
14. Original name card.
15. If you are married, you need to submit a marriage certificate.
16. If you are an owner of a company, you need to submit a document to verify.
17. If your company is paying for your trip then you'll need a sponsor letter.

Click here to download the form

I am still alive after so many times of heart attack! Hoho!
Guess what? Mum and Dad do not need a visa if they want to go to Korea! So fun! I also want!
They have this APAC Business Travel Card - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.
They don't need visa to Australia, Brunei,  Chili, China, Hong Kong, South Korea,
Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Thailand, United States, Taiwan.
They have special queue at the immigration check point too! Shorter waiting time! I want!

Well, I know, being a Singaporean is much easier! They don't need visa to many countries.
Maybe I should just consider to change my nationality instead. Muahaha! No! I love Indonesia.
It's okay. It's fun to have wrong name on IC, it's fun to have wrong religion on IC,
It's okay to receive important document last minute..
It's OKAY! Zzz...

All I want is just to get a VISA to Korea...Please!

South Korea Embassy in Indonesia
Address: Jl. Jenderal Gatot Subroto Kav. 57 P.O.Box 4187 12930 Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Phone: +62-21-520-1915 Fax: +62-21-525-4159

Update: Time now is 11.26 pm.
I doubt my boyfriend lied me! He called me just now about 4.30 pm (I was still sleeping) =P
and said "Let's go to the travel agent and rush them" I was like.. "What for? It is useless!"
Bf "Just get yourself ready, I will pick you up soon"
Zzz...So I took my bath, applied my make up and went to the travel agent.
He asked me to stay in the car. He told me that he would discuss the visa issue to them himself.
I thought "No way! I will join you! (Reason is simple, I am more fierce than him!)"
He insisted me to stay in the car! Zzz...! After about minutes of waiting, he have finally done with it and..
He surprised me with my passport! and also the visa of course!
It means, they have informed him on the status of the visa days ago and he kept it from me.
GAH! I hate you! =(

Anyway, here's my visa yehey! I am so excited!

I can't wait!!! =D
I will design our very own itinerary by tonight and I am going to Singapore tomorrow! =D


  1. Hi Irene,
    may I know which travel agent did you go?

  2. can't wait your posts about Korea, rene ^^

  3. I went through Hanita Travel Agent, Batam =)

  4. FYI Korean embassy in Jakarta only charged usd 30 for a single entry visa valid for 90 days. mine just got approved today. the travel agent you use is overcharged you.

  5. >_< I am unlikely to visit Hanita again =( all of their visa fees are overpriced.

  6. I want to go their.....


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