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26 December 2012

Chloe Sunglasses CL2227 by


Hey guys! OMG! I am really sorry for not updating my blog for quite some time already!
As mentioned in my previous blogpost, I went to South Korea for a competition and holiday weeks ago.
It was a fun trip, I can't want to share about it on my blog. (p.s: follow my instagram at @ReneOct for some sneak preview)
In addition, pardon me, I am totally on vacation mode! Btw, I know I am late but I still wish to say Merry Christmas to everyone!
I have been slacking at home, watching movie and running man! I love my December! =D

Anyway, I received several awesome Christmas gifts from my awesome sponsors this month.
Here's one of them!

I received my parcel together with International Guarantee Certificate and Guarantee Booklet as shown.
Not only that, I also received a free lens cleaning kit. =D

Here's my new sunglasses! You like it?
I love it so much! Oh! I love over-sized sunglasses! It make my face appear smaller.

Who says sunglasses can't be worn as a headbands too?
Who says sunglasses can only be used when there's sun?
To me. sunglasses can totally be a hair accessories too! In fact, I find it classy this way.

SmartBuyGlasses really have a lot of brand and glasses/ sunglasses type to choose from.
I was totally pampered with choices!
I even found several models that I have been searching for, on their site!
Those models are mostly sold out in the retail store.
I can't wait to share about it with my sister and friend.

The shipping was considered fast as it was shipped to me all the way from overseas.
The customer service was indeed unbeatable. They answered my reply promptly and professionally.
Don't forget that they offer 24 month warranty, guaranteed authenticity and international shipping too!
Looking for affordable and authentic glasses or sunglasses?



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