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27 December 2012

"Bye Bye Frizz" Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream and "2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo" by Marc Anthony

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I received some products from Marc Anthony for review weeks ago! In fact, I brought them to South Korea with me! 
I just dyed my hair (again!) and decided to wash my hair only once every two/three day!
To be honest, I hate it! Usually I wash my hair every single day.
However, after I dyed my hair, I was advised not to wash my hair too often (to maintain the brightness of the colour).
Sometimes it irritates me. My scalp is kind of sensitive and fragile! Gah!
Anyway, here's some information of the product for your reference;

"Bye Bye Frizz" Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream (Pink Tube)
140mL / 4.7oz., for STRAIGHT, WAVY or CURLY hair.

Get a perfectly smooth blowout with this dual purpose Blow Dry Cream. 
It can be used on straight or curly hair for a fool-proof sleek finish blowout, or on curls for defined scrunching and diffusing. 
K-Silk Complex creates a ‘protein shield’ on the cuticle to absorb damage caused by external factors 
(styling, hot tools, UV rays, etc.) leaving your own hair intact and stress-free. 
Smoothes frizzy hair, locks in moisture and adds shine. Blocks humidity for ultimate frizz-control.

Pro Styling Tips
Apply evenly to damp hair from roots to ends.
For curly looks: scrunch and allow to dry naturally or diffuse. 
For straight looks: blow dry as usual.

My Review:
I have been trying the product for almost 3 weeks already. I can see the visible improvement of my hair-end.
The end of my hair (blue part) was frizzier than the rest because it was bleached and chemically treated (rebonding) recently.
I diligently applied the cream every time I need to blow dry my hair and purposely apply more on the hair ends.
My hair is now less frizzy and smoother than before (yay I am on my way towards healthy hair). 
It has pleasant smell and doesn't leave greasy or sticky finish like other hair cream.
What I love about this product is that, it actually creates a protein shield
that protects my hair when I blow dry my hair or style it with hair tong.
Will I repurchase? Definitely yes!

2ND Day Clear Dry Shampoo by Marc Anthony

Beautiful Hair Is Now Just A Spray Away! Wouldn't you like to run miles away from a bad hair day?
Well, with Mark Anthony's 2nd Dry Shampoo you may never have to face one!
Cleanses hair without washing Helps hair get rid of excessive oil Leaves hair smelling good
Mark Anthony's 2nd Dry Shampoo is a residue-free spray that keeps your hair feeling fresh and beautiful all day long. 

It makes dull and lifeless hair feel full of life, instantly. 

Just for you: All hair types 

A Closer Look: This shampoo was developed with nanotechnology and zeolite,
a micro-porous mineral that cleanses hair without leaving any residue on the hair. 
Its extra absorbent formula takes away oil from greasy hair adding volumes to your hair. 

Get Started: spray lightly concentrating more on the roots. This will add lift to your hair. 
After spraying, allow to dry for few minutes, then brush through to get the desired hair style.

My Review:
To be honest, this is my first time trying dry shampoo!
This 2nd day clear dry shampoo by March Anthony has refreshing smell and easy to apply.
However, the fragrance doesn't last long. The scent disappear in less than an 15 mins.
This dry shampoo doesn't leave white residues though. It is sensitive scalp friendly.
Yes, it does add some volume to my hair and at the same time,
my hair feels slightly stiffer after use (which is something that I don't like).
Well, I still think that my hair is not really that clean after using dry shampoo.
(Maybe it's just me, a first-time user).
Will I repurchase? I will consider.

Marc Anthony True Professional will be available in Watsons Singapore
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