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01 November 2012

Update: My Life in Indonesia, I am Jealous Mayo is Sexier Than Me!

This is an extremely overdue post!
Hahaha! As you can see from my boring brown hair colour! =P
I don't remember exactly when was this photo taken.. I believed it was around June or July?

We're in November already? Omg! This is really fast man!
Anyway! It has been more than 6 months since I moved back to Indonesia.
To be honest, I am not used to it! Really! and I am still trying to adapt! Haha sounds weird right!
I am an Indonesian and I am trying to adapt living in my own country LOL!

The problem is, I used to live alone (with bro and bf) abroad for about 5 years and now, I am back with my family.
To me, it feels quite uncomfortable. I think I need some space and privacy. =(

Anyway, as some of you might have already known, I am not living with my boy, Gucci anymore!
He's staying with my boyfriend (In fact, Gucci is my bf's dog (Hahaha running away from responsibility))
No choice, Gucci can't get along well with my brother's dog. click here to watch their video

So, I have been visiting Gucci (which is now, no longer alone but he has Mayo too) regularly! =D

Initially it was really hard for me !
He always look for me anxiously when I need to leave him.. T-T and I often miss my boy!
So miss him that I have ever ridiculously requested my bf to bring Gucci to me in the middle of the night!
He refused of course! You think this is 6 years ago meh? He is a bad boyfriend now! =P

Anyway, I am kind of get used to this fact already. In addition, Gucci is no longer alone. 
Oh! Guess what? Since we got Mayo for him, he is always in a VERY BUSY mode!
Haha wherever Mayo goes to, he follows!
So cute right! I don't know what he wants or is thinking about..

Here's a short story:
Gucci and Mayo will stay at my place when bf and I need to go to overseas..
There was once my brother and dad tried to bring Mayo out of her cage and Gucci went angry!
Hahaha Gucci, why so protective? LOL!

Now, when I leave him, he don't even look for me or care about me anymore!
The only person he cares about is Mayo! I am jealous! =(
Hahaha! Alright! That's all for today's blog post.

Thanks for reading =)

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