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12 November 2012

Soft Rebonding and Peacock Ombre / Dip Dye Hair By Shunji Matsuo

This is a story about my hair and I !
Since I was young, the length of my hair has been really long. Let me repeat, really LONG!
In fact, I think I have the longest hair compared to all of my friends back then.

Yeaps..I used to be that long-haired sadako inspired girl!

Then, I went into the college and finally start to work.
That's when I finally decided to cut my hair shorter (still long) several times before
as it was really heavy and troublesome!
In addition, I was working in Hospitality and Tourism industry where grooming is very important and strict. 
Fyi, I have a ridiculously thick hair and it was really time-consuming to manage.
I always expect the stylist to comment "Woah, your hair is so long and thick!" when I visit a salon.
When the stylist asked me "How short?" My answer has been always "Not too short!"
Sounds familiar? Hehe! I feel you!

Here's some photos I took before going to the salon.

After years, this time round, I decided to go for short-short hair!
I told the international director, Caely to "Go ahead!" Muahaha! 
It might be still long according to some of you.
But hey! This is the shortest hair I have ever had in my whole teen+20ish life.

Let me tell you why I love Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon.
I love them not because they are my sponsor. I love them because, they are well known for their service!
I mean, Shunji Matsuo is a popular brand not only in Singapore but also in Indonesia, Japan and many other countries..
In addition, all of their senior stylists have at least more than 10 years of experience in this field.
Even if they are not my sponsor anymore, I will still visit them for hair service.

Best of all, they are "UPDATED". They follow the latest trend!
Follow them on facebook HERE and witness it yourself.
Their stylist joined and won in several competitions recently.

Other than that, I am really impressed with their attention to detail procedures.
They always do a consultation before doing my hair and without hesitate, I told Caely about all of my concern.
I have a very sensitive scalp and I love to bleach and dye my hair! I am so naughty right? Haha!

Before doing anything to my hair, they cleanse my scalp and apply a layer of protection to both my hair and scalp.
Nah! That's the reason why my hair remains not so dry despite the number of dye and bleach I did before this.

Oh! Caely decided to straighten my hair too!
Simply because, I have this ugly curve on my hair. How come?
I was very irritated by my long hair and I always bun up my hair whenever I am at home.
In fact, I often sleep with it. I believed I have ever mentioned about this on my blog before.
In addition, oh my neck was aching badly! That's the reason why I finally decided to CHOP my hair OFF!

The fact is, the curve would look more obvious when my hair is shorter. That explains why rebonding is recommended.
The last time I rebonded my hair was 2-3 years ago, I believed.
To be honest, initially I hesitated as rebonded hair is seriously boring and I afraid that my fringe would look weird.
I wished to do a Japanese soft perm to the lower part of my hair.
However, seems like that's not a good idea at the moment as I bleached my hair before.
I told Caely that I don't want flat straight hair and she said "Rest assured. Leave it to me."

and.....*I am very pleased with the result.*
It turned up that the soft rebonding she did on me is super natural! Not flat at all!
She always know what I want without me explain further! That's love! Haha!

Move on to the next step, I dye my hair on the same day too!
Decided to go for darker shade for the upper part of my hair.
At first, I suggested black but Caely said no! Haha! She recommended dark brown instead.
Luckily I didn't go for black as black hair is difficult to get rid and I can't dye any other colour over black hair.

Move on to the lower part of my hair.
Initially I requested for purple and blue just like what I did before.
Caely said, there's a new colour! It is the new "Turquoise" colour!
and she asked me if I want to try it?
That sounds exciting to me! So I replied "Well, let's do it then!" happily. =P

I can't wait to see the final result!!! =D

Oh btw, it reminds me of peacock feather colour! Purple Blue and Turquoise !
Just like this!

A whole new world! =D
Do you love my new shorter, healthier and prettier hair? I LOVE IT!

Even though, to be honest, I am still not used to it..Haha!
I told my friend that I am feeling insecure >_<
I used to cover my boobs with my hair..Shh!! and now, I feel naked. HAHAHA!
Okay. This is so ultra not important.

How my new hair changed my life?
I am saving a lot of money on my shampoo now!
I don't need to spend an hour drying my hair anymore!
My neck is feeling better and...
I think I lost 1 kg because about 30cm of my hair has gone! Hahaha!

Washing and drying my hair became so so much easier now.
Thanks Caely. Thanks Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313.

Girls, CHRISTMAS is coming!
It's time for a makeover! Head to Shunji Matsuo @ 313 now!

or call them at +65 6238 0226 / +65 6238 0227 for more information.

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313 
313 Orchard Road, #03-26,
313 @Somerset, Singapore 238895
Located just above Somerset MRT

Have a great hair day, muach!


  1. Love fhe colors! I have always loved all the different colors you dyed your hair with! They are all gorgeous and you are gorgeous too! :)

  2. Its totally unrelated 2 this post but ur really pretty and i luv the shape of ur nose.. Reminds meof dara xD great great blog.. Curently reading most of ur posts

  3. Ur so pretty, im really jealous T.T im trying to grow my hair its currently just pass my shouldr i wanna grow it long till my waist then try to make it look like enma ai haha. Great post btw, i really like ur nose its so cute like dara's T_T unfortunately im born wid a short nose.. Just found ur blog, xD reading most of ur posts right now.. Btw, can u recomend any hair serums to make the hair softer? Just colored my hair to so im wondring how u take care of ur hair as well

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments ladies =)

  5. Hi how much did your hair dye and rebonding costs respectively? (:

  6. Hi, you can check the price here

  7. My girlfriend did her hair rebonding at Soft Rebonding Singapore and I think it was a great job! Now she has no more complaints about split ends etc, let's see how it turns out in the next few weeks =)


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