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14 November 2012

Pokemon Bento Easy Tutorial by ReneOct

It was his Birthday! My little brother's birthday! Muahaha..
He is one month smaller than me and I seriously do feels like his older sister.
Not a good thing. *sigh!*
Anyway..while he was still sleeping, I secretly went to the kitchen to prepare a surprise for him.
Hm..not really a surprise as we bought the ingredients together at Takashimaya the night before.
I told him that I wanted to make a bento for him and he kept saying "No please..."
Hahaha! He knew that I am not a good chef. But hey! It is only egg and sausage.

Btw, he wasn't aware that the bento that I was planning to make was his favorite POKEMON bento!
So childish right! Haha He a full time pokemon master/ pokemon trainer / pokeball catcher.

Whatever you called it.Yes! That's his current occupation! Zzz..

Anyway! Here's all of the ingredients I bought..
The total was about $29+ and a pack of seaweed from Daiso $2.

1. Eggs (6pcs)
2. Baby carrots
3. Quail Eggs (15pcs)
4. Japan mini baby mixed tomato (Yellow and red)
5. Naruto Maki (Japanese boiled fish cake)
6. Honey baked ham
7. Salmon teriyaki
8. Chicken cocktail sausage
9. Seaweed from Daiso or Black sesame (Better but I couldn't find it)

 Naruto Maki is perfect for bento because of its beautiful and interesting shape and its PINK colour!

Prepare the ingredients..

1. Eggs
Separate the egg white and egg yolk (What for?) I used the egg yolk for the Pikachu!
In this case, I think only 4 eggs are enough.
Unless you are not confident and wish to prepare more. Fry the egg yolk!

2. Baby carrots
Boil some baby carrots.

3. Quail Eggs (15pcs)
Boil the quail eggs.

4. Japan mini baby mixed tomato (Yellow and red)
Eat them fresh! Just wash!

5. Naruto Maki (Japanese boiled fish cake)
Boil or fry them. Up to you!

6. Honey baked ham
Fry the hams.

7. Salmon teriyaki
Fry the salmon teriyaki (Do it later when you are almost ready)

8. Chicken cocktail sausage
Fry the sausage.

9. Seaweed from Daiso
Open the packet. Haha!

Wait for everything to cool down first..About 30 mins to 1 hour?
Then, peel the hard boiled quail egg shell.
Oh! The process was annoying and irritating duh! You have to be very careful!
It wasn't easy! Try it yourself! Haha!!
I injured many quail eggs and decided to just eat the ugly one during the process haha! *excuse*

Next you need a small knife, a scissor and toothpicks!

Let's start from The Pokeball!
Cut the quail egg into half and tomato into half.
Use a toothpick, put them together as shown..
Using a scissor, cut the seaweed and paste them in between the tomato and egg.
That's it.
The difficult part is the seaweed.
You need to make it a little bit wet so that they can attach on it.

Ps: See those pink thingy? They are naruto maki! Pretty right!

Then move on to these mini cute chicks and chicken!
Haha..cute overload! In fact, it was not too difficult to do too..
You need eggs, seaweed (or preferably black sesame) and carrot..
and also tomato (for the bow on the chicken) and naruto maki (for the blush on the hen)

Let's start from the chicks...
Just cut the egg (ONLY the egg white) into half with small knife (zig zag motion)
and open it very that the egg yolk remain attached.
Their eyes were made from seaweed (Save the hassle! Get black sesame!)
and for the mouth, cut carrot into small pieces and just attached them on the egg yolk.

For the chicken and hen, same thing, eyes were made from seaweed and mouth from carrot.
Cut the pink part of naruto maki for the blush on the hen and
Cut tomato into triangle shape and make a bow and attach it on the chicken.
Lastly, cut a thin layer of carrot for the comb and attach it on the top of their head.

There you go! The Chicken Family! =D

These are Dugtrio.
Honestly, I have no idea who they were..
I did some research and decided to make them because..
They are easy to do! Hahaha!
As shown, eyes were made from seaweed and mouth from carrot.
That's it. Muahaha!

Last but not least, the most difficult part!
The pikachu!
Luckily I managed to cut pikachu's head and body shape successfully on my second attempt.

Shape wise, I think picture speaks more than words.
Using fried egg yolk, cut the shape of pikachu's head and body as shown.
Eyes were made from seaweed and egg white, nose from seaweed, mouth from naruto maki and cheek from tomato!

You can cut some heart shape with the left over egg yolk.

I made some flowers with the ham as well (if you can spot it!)
One near the chicks and another one behind pikachu!
Easy, just roll the ham and secure it with toothpick haha!

Instead of rice (I don't know how to cook rice), I cooked Indomie goreng!

Here's the birthday boy with his latest hairstyle haha! He just woke up!
Comment from him?
"You think I am kindergarten kids ahr?"
"Look nice but confirm taste not nice.."

How sad right! Hiks! I spent about 4 hours doing it man!

Ah! I placed the salmon teriyaki behind (beside pokeball).

Camwhore with my first ever bento! =D
It was a success!

Alright! I hope this is useful for you! Happy trying!
Feel free to ask me any question! =)



  1. My!! That sure is a lot of work! I cook but even I do not want to do that for my kids hahaha Too much work and took too long for sure. It was very nice of you to do that for him. His response is exactly how my bro will tell me if I made something like that for him. Lol

  2. Yay! Loved seeing this! I made bentos for my husband on occasion, but havn't tried anything Pikachu yet (which he loves) because I didn't have the right ingredients and wasn't sure hoe to do it. This was wonderful and helpful. Thank you!
    -Isaki Tahashi

  3. wow you're so talented rene :D
    nice effort!

  4. agree rosdiana! hehe thanks for the comment everyone!


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