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02 November 2012

Kinohimitsu J'pan KilosCut (P12Xlim with probiotics and prebiotic) Review


It's November! It officially a DIET month for me! =D
I have a very important event that I need to attend in December and I have to be slimmer by then!
No choice!

These are my plans;
1. I will have SUMPTUOUS meal in the morning! I love breakfast!
2.  If possible, I want to eat low carbs meal (only half portion of rice or no rice please!) for lunch.
I want to eat salad as my appetizer for my lunch
(+It actually makes me feel almost full even before I had my proper meal)
3. No dinner (fruits only) or Supper!! Supper is a suicide - Do not try this at home! LOL

 Healthy tip: Recommended Portion (Per meal)

Most importantly,
I have to cut down on my sugar intake! I seriously think that I am very likely to have diabetes when I am old.

Anyway, actually I have been consuming Kinohimitsu J'pan KilosCut for more than a month already!
Here's some information of the product;

About Kinohimitsu J'pan KilosCut

Shape & Cleanse
Kinohimitsu J’pan KilosCut is made up of high quality proprietary blend of slimming ingredients,
probiotics and prebiotic that promote weight loss and fitness naturally.
It fits perfectly into a hectic lifestyle and can be taken anywhere,
whilst assisting to curb cravings and burn calories.

What's The Benefits?
Kinohimitsu J'pan KilosCut provides 7 powerful slimming actions: 
1. Curb Cravings
2. Increase fullness
3. Reduce fat & carbohydrate absorption 
4. Enhance fat metabolism 
5. Reduce body weight & visceral fat 
6. Reduce waist and hip
7. Increase good bacteria

I2Xlim™ is a proprietary blend of Tea Blossom Extract, Potato Protein Extract and Oat Fibre
that effectively blocks fat and carbohydrate absorption, reduces subcutaneous fat (fat underneath the skin)
and visceral fat (fat surrounding internal organs). It also increases fullness.
Consuming it before a meal reduces hunger significantly for at least 3½ hours.

Garcinia Cambogia inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates into fat and prevents new fat formation.
It also improves the signaling system that tells our brain - "I am full" and reduces calorie intake.
Wheat Dextrin (NUTRIOSE®) is a soluble dietary fiber where it can induce prebiotic effects.
It increases the proliferation of Lactobacilli (friendly bacteria) and decreases Clostridium perfringens
(harmful bacteria) which provides beneficial changes in the gut ecosystem.
Green Coffee Bean is rich in chlorogenic acid that blocks fat absorption and activates fat metabolism in the liver.
1 billion CFU (colony forming unit) of Bifidobacteria longum are encapsulated which protects them
against harsh stomach acid until they reach the intestines.
They promote shorter bowel transit time and smooth bowel movement which greatly enhance the slimming results.

Direction of use;
Take 1 sachet daily, 30 minutes before meal.
Open the sachet and pour it directly into mouth or mix it with 200ml water.
Serve with chilled water for delicious taste.
Do not use hot water as it will affect the live bacteria in the product.


My Review:

Before I start to review, here's some background information fyi.
I have been skipping my breakfast! Unfortunately! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! *sigh*
For lunch, I will drink one sachet of J'pan KilosCut 30-mins before my heavy lunch.
For dinner, depends, when I am hungry, I will try to eat fruits only. If still not full, disasters happen!

How does the J'pan KilosCut taste?
It's nice and in fact, fruity and sweet! However, the powder doesn't 100% dissolve in water.
The last few sips always taste powdery. It is still consumable though. I don't mind with this fact.

It works?
I have to say that it works! I do feels slightly full after drinking it.
I used to LOVE rice very much! I can have 2-3 bowl of rice for lunch and dinner!
and now, my body has slowly accepted the fact that I only eat half bowl of rice.
I don't need to eat a lot to satisfy hunger anymore.
Surprisingly, half bowl of rice actually makes me 120% full! It does lessen my appetite!

Did I lose my weight?
Yes! By consuming J'pan KilosCut, I am eating lesser now and I did lost some weights =D
In addition, it also improves my bowel movement!
To me, in order to lose weight, you NEED to eat- just control or lesser the portion. Do not starve yourself!
The important part is you need to get-rid of whatever you consumed and be healthy!

Will I recommend this? YES!
To those wish to lesser the portion of what you've been eating! Try J'pan KilosCut!
It will makes you slightly full before meal and therefore, you will eat lesser food and you'll lose weight! =D

Other than increasing your fullness, it also increases the good bacteria in your body!

Here's a report for your reference;

* Test on 200 Asian women and men between ages 21-40 under Derma-Lab Supervision in TOYO BIO TEC Lab, Japan. 
* Subjects take 1 sachet a day in conjunction with a sensible diet. 
* Results may vary according to individuals.

Product can be found in Guardian, Watsons, Nishino, SaSa, Venus, OG, John Little, Pink Beauty, Robinsons and Unity. 


  1. Hi did you continue to consume it after you loss weight? I have heard a lot of stories which they gain weight faster than before once they stop consuming those slimming products..

  2. saya baru 4 hari menggunakan kilocut saya berjaya menurunkan hampir 3 kilogram...saya berjaya..tq kinohimitsu kilocut...


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