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28 November 2012

25th Anniversary Celebration and Surprise at Bumbu Desa, Batam

It was dad and mum's 25th Anniversary! =D We decided to go out for a meal last night..
Some of the places that came into my mind were;
I knew that there's one Italian restaurant somewhere in Harbour Bay..
After asking around, we discovered that the restaurant is located in the Harbour Bay mall!
So, boyfriend parked his car and we went into the mall to find it. Still, we had no idea where the restaurant was located.
Then, I received a call from my brother telling me that the restaurant was closed (not sure if it's temporary or forever). Zzz..
Ps: I saw a Liverpool cafe that's opening soon! Hm..that's interesting!
Anyway, then I suggested Teras Cafe, a restaurant that's well-known for its steak.
Dad refused and suggested 'La Costa' instead, a restaurant known for its western food and seafood as well.
I thought, 'La Costa' is a bit too casual for the occasion. I want to dine in a restaurant that we haven't been to.
Smiling Hill came into my mind! However, again, we were clueless. We don't know how to go there.
Lastly, after discussing, we decided to change our western food plan.

We went to the newly open restaurant called "Bumbu Desa" instead.
For those who has been asking, it's located after pelita, before sungai panas, I suppose.
(After from the tunnel (terowongan), keep left. Then, you'll see some shophouses.
If you see a shop wih huge Yamaha sign. You're on the right track!)
Bumbu Desa Batam is located at Jl. Laksamana Bintan Ruko Bintang Mas Blok D 11-12 Sungai Panas, Batam, Kepri, Indonesia.

My outfit of the day!
My green bodycon dress was from Kissjane! I love it! Except that it's a bit tight! >_<

Yay! Finally found Bumbu Desa!

Here's some background information for your reference;

About Bumbu Desa
Bumbu Desa is founded as the implementation of dedication and appreciation
towards the old times expert chefs, housewives and maids
who have given contribution in enriching the treasure and flavor of Sundanese's recipes
so as to be part of the richness of Indonesian archipelago's diversity up to the present.

They are originally from Bandung. I believed I tried it before! when I was in Bandung years ago.
This restaurant serves one of the famous Local Indonesian cookings called SUNDA.
Before settling down, you need to choose your dishes over the food station.
They serve wide-spread and massive choices of chicken, beef, squid....the list is endless.
Some dishes are cooked only after you placed your order.

 What we ordered;
Ayam Bumbu Desa, Ayam Kecap, Ayam Cabe Hijau, Perkedel, Perkedel Jagung, Jamur
Tempe, Baby squid, Ikan Gurame (not in the picture), Nasi liwet - Must order!
and the rest, I don't remember already!

Review? One word..Indescribable!
Muahaha everything tasted GOOD! Dad loves it, mum loves it, everyone loves it!
Except, hm...some of the dishes were a bit salty for me.
Well, Indonesian food is well-known for its strong flavour and salty-ness.
So, this is normal. Haha!

One of the strengths of Bumbu Desa is a Team Murah Senyum.
I totally agree! The staffs were incredibly friendly!
Sundanese is well-known for it's awesome smile and hospitality! They are polite and humble!

Half way through our dinner, we were surprised by the team! =D
Watch this video;

Here's the story;
One of the staffs noticed that we brought a cake with us.
They thought, it was someone's birthday so, as shown,
they performed a live birthday song for..Hm..I don't know who..Hahaha!
Dad pointed my mum, so yeah..let's assume that it was mum's birthday LOL!

What a pleasant surprise! We had a great time last night!
It was unforgettable! They impressed me. I don't think many restaurants in Batam do that.
I am so happy that we choosed to have our dinner at Bumbu Desa last night.

A last minute anniversary cake that I designed. =D

Mum and a very interesting veggie necklace that was made specially for her.
Thank you so much Bumbu Desa!

Here's the official celebration! Happy 25th Anniversary papi mami!
You guys are awesome! More anniversary celebrations to come..

Let's end this post with a family picture taken by one of the staffs (with my smart phone) last night.
I brought my DSLR with me! But I didn't realize that the battery was empty T-T

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this blog post and thanks for reading!

Ps: If you are living in Batam, kindly suggest some interesting restaurants to me please!
Thanks in advance =)

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