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28 October 2012

Review: Ultimate Colla-Gen Plus (Product of Korea) is Available in Singapore!


Hellow! I am back with product review =D
Today's menu is something that every woman or even man will like.
It's Collagen related! Yay!

Why do we need Collagen supplement?
From the age of 25 years old, our collagen levels starts to drop at about 1.5% every year.
So by the age of 45, our collagen levels in the body will ave reduced by up to 30%!!
Whoop! That's a lot!
Daily pollutants such as UV radiantion, pollution, smoke and sources of free radicals
breakdown our collagen! Say NO to wrinkles !! >_<

Anyway, weeks ago, I received a cute box wrapped nicely with a satin scarf..
I love pretty press kit!

Yay! It is Ultimate Colla-Gen Plus !!! and it is from Korea! 
It has the lowest sized Nano-molecule structure in Collagen which means it absorbs better, faster and easier by our body.
Compared to other collagen products, Ultimate Colla-gen’s Nano-molecular collagen is 50% smaller.
Ultimate Colla-gen helps to supplement natural collagen loss in line with balanced diet, skin cares and sleeping habits.

In addition, Ultimate Colla-gen is also Halal-certified in Korea.
Each 38kcal sachet of Ultimate Colla-gen contains 5,000mg of Nano Collagen
combined with an optimum and synergistic mix of 6 other multi-nutrients like
Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Probiotics, Glucosamine, Acai Berry,
Real Blueberries extract, Chondroitin, Silica and MSM.

√ Korea’s No.1 preferred Collagen
√ Ultimate Colla-gen offers Korean nano molecular collagen derived 100% from fish scales &
laboratory tested to be more than 50% smaller than other commercial brands,
ensuring efficacious absorption & utilization by the body. 
√ Available in 2 formulations GOLD- for nurturing Bones and Joints and PLUS- for nurturing Skin, Hair and Nails. 
√ Each sachet is only 38Kcal and contains 5,000mg Nano Collagen plus 6 other nutrients. 
√ Halal certified in Korea, Ultimate Colla-gen taste light and refreshing on its own with no fishy after taste. 
√ Ultimate Colla-gen is developed and blended in Korea according to stringent Korean 
good manufacturing practices (GMP) regulations for health supplements. 
√ No preservatives. No trace metals. No sugar. No empty promises. 
√ Produced in GMP environment - a compulsory standard enforced by US FDA. 
√ Packed into individual sachets, convenient and hygienic.

How to drink?
You can mix it with water (200ml) or any other beverage you like.
Because its properties does not change despite various temperature,
you can have it hot, cold or even at room temperature.

My review:
Before consuming, I did a research on it and most of the review says that it taste nice!
I decided to give it a try and it is truly nice and light.
Mix it with a lil bit of water and tadah! It is a refreshing fruity drink!
I also love the idea that I can actually add Ultimate Colla Gen Plus to any drink at any temperature!
I can put it in my dessert, soup or any drink! =D This is really cool!
Fyi, I personally have tried several collagen drink in the market.
Some of the products were too sweet, too powdery or just taste weird.
This Ultimate Collagen taste just nice.
It is light and not very sweet and taste like blueberry drink (without sugar)

How about the price?
To me, the price is a little bit high though. However, I do consider this as a worthy investment!
As for the result, it is not obvious. I think for such drink, you won't see obvious result instantly.
It will be proven when you're older instead.

There are two types of Ultimate Colla-Gen Plus;
1. Ultimate Colla-gen Plus is for those in their 20s to 40s which nutures skin, hair & nails. 
2. Ultimate Colla-gen Gold is for those in their golden years as it contains glucosamine
which nutures the joints, bones and skin.

Price: S$88.00/ box (30 sachets) .

You can get it from Nishino Pharmacies, Robinsons at Centrepoint, Selected Sa Sa,
Pan Derma Clinique@Great World City, Pharmex Healthcare at Kembangan Plaza and Kaki Bukit.

Visit their website for more information

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