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18 October 2012

SuperStar Cruises and L'EGERE present Get Flawless with Kevin 老师


Weeks ago, I received an invitation to attend L'EGERE press conference that was held on board Star Cruises Virgo!
What an honor right!
Best of all, Kevin lao shi, a popular makeup guru from Taiwan was there too! I bet all of you know who he is!
Yes!! The one that often appears on your TV! The well-known guru from the show nu ren wo zui da!
Alright, now, let's "Get Flawless with Kevin lao shi" =D

After collecting our boarding passes, we were directed to the V.I.P lounge located just beside the check in counter.
We waited for several minutes before going on board the mega cruises.

I was very excited!!!
 Mainly because, it has been decades since last time I went on board Star Cruises and...
Kevin lao shi !!! Meeting Kevin lao shi is something worth to brag about! =D

I had my hair done at Shunji Matsuo @ 313 before going to Harbour Front. =D
It was a good hair day! I received a lot of compliment from my blogger friends that day.

Anyway, here's some background information for your reference;

Few years ago when Kevin老师, the Taiwanese makeup artist and celebrity stylist,
first came across L’egere in Taiwan, and since then, he have been an ardent fan of the brand
for its efficacious products and medical innovations. 

He created waves of excitement in the local beauty shore
by making his first-ever appearance in Singapore for L’egere in year 2009. 
Kevin老师 have also highly recommended L’egere on Queen (女人我最大) as
he strongly convinced of its skincare benefits to women.

Since L’egere was first unveiled in Singapore,
Kevin老师 have been sustaining support through a series of L’egere skincare and makeup live demonstrations 
to share & imparts his beauty tips & tricks in year 2009, 2010 and 2011.

And without fail, he came to Singapore again for L'EGERE in 2012!
This time round, together with L'EGERE, Kevin lao shi even organized a get flawless itinerary with Star Cruises.
"Kevin 老师 Flawless Beauty Cruises (26 & 28 September 2012)"

Star cruises, the leading cruise line in Asia pacific unveiled "Kevin 老师 Flawless Beauty Cruises"
on board SuperStar Virgo on 26 & 28 September 2012.
This is L'EGERE and Star Cruises first successful collaboration for an exciting series of inaugural cruises 
with beauty regeneration workshops for ladies who desire a perfect transformation at sea.

SuperStar Cruises is beautiful =D
It is really an awesome experience to be on board Star Virgo for a beauty themed itinerary.
Passengers can get an up, close and personal with Kevin 老师 for a rejuvenating workshop showcasing L'EGERE products.
Apart from live makeup demonstrations, passengers also get to master the new beauty
tips and tricks achieve flawless skin and an alluring radiance.

Closed for Private Function *wink!*


The L’egere research-based centre is rooted in Korea. 
The beauty philosophy behind L’egere and the key for L’egere’s global appeal and success is its commitment
to bring effective skincare and makeup solutions rooted in the latest medical science and innovations
at value-for-money prices to women all around the world.

L’egere’s unique selling point is its “Quasi-Medical for Home Skin Care”
approach that brings to life sustainable beauty through its advanced medical science
and close collaborations with the most authoritative dermatologists and plastic surgeons
in the medical beauty field which makes L’egere stand out from the rest of the Korean skincare brands. 

Alright! NOW! Are you ready Are you ready?
Here's the well-known makeup guru from Taiwan!!! Kevin 老师 !! =D

It was a very informative session! =D It felt like I was watching Nu Ren Wo Zui Da *LIVE* =D
I learnt a lot that day! He shared about the season's hottest makeup looks and trend as well as beauty tips and tricks..
He also recommended some L'EGERE products that's suitable for Singaporean.

The essential L’egere products that every Singaporean woman should have are:

L’egere BB Cream, which evens out skin texture and conceals pore for a flawless look,
L’egere Waterdrop Aqua Shiny Pearl BB Cream,
which is an Oil-Free BB that provides your skin with much moisture, rejuvenates skin for a radiant finishing,
Legere Double White O2 BB Cream (SPF30 PA++),
the all-in-one BB cream provides a double whitening effect, lightens pigments & spots,
reduces the production of melanin that causes pigmentation, 
L’egere Double White O2 Water Gel Cream, 
a water gel-based cream with a high moisture content that keeps skin moisture and
help skin to retain moisture, resolving all dryness, dehydrated and dull skin problems, and 
L’egere Ice Toner, 100% Alsaka Glacier Water which contains natural herb extract.
The 3 Celsius polar chillness instantly awakens and vitalizes the skin.

Here's a picture of Kevin Lao Shi demonstrating the L'EGERE Aqua Ice Toner!
He highly recommended the product! It is a cosmetic water that turns into frost!
It controls and regulates oil level, tighten pores and moisturizing, leaving skin revitalize, cool and refreshing.

Yes! Those are ice! =D
It refreshes your skin instantly!

He also recommended some other products that's sutaible for oily skin!

Oh! Btw, at the end of the event, we get to interview Kevin lao shi too!
I was the first one to ask him my question =D
I asked Kevin Lao Shi about his opinion about plastic surgery!
A video will be uploaded soon! Stay tuned!

Last but not least, we were presented with a sumptuous spread of brunch!
Thanks to Star Cruises for the yummy food and also the hospitality.

The set up is beautiful! Agree?

Look at those desserts! =D
I decided to purposely forget about the fact that I was on diet for a second! Haha!

A picture with the girls =D Yvette, Charlene and I !

A picture of yours truly and Kevin lao shi!
It's hard to believe that he's already at his forty-ish.

I can't wait to try all of the L'EGERE products!
Especially the BB cream and also the Aqua Ice Toner! =D

Thanks M.O.S.S, L'EGERE and Star Cruises for the amazing evening =D

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  1. Wow! I wnat to be on that ship! So gorgeous and the food looks amazing! I def want to try that toner but i dont lnow where to get them here in the us. I am a new fan of bb cream. I know now why so many ppl in asia love them.


Thanks for your lovely comment!