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30 October 2012

My Birthday : Minions 3D Cake, Orchard Road Shopping, The Marmalade Pantry at ION, Miu Miu, Home Cooked Dinner =D

Yay! Finally blogging about my birthday! =D
As usual, bf ordered a cake for me! Before this, he has been asking me..
"What do you want for your birthday?" Without hesitate, I replied "Money!"
He refused to give me money! So I said "Give me money-shaped cake loh!"

I just watched "Despicable Me" movie recently and I fell in love with those stupid minions!
If I am not wrong, I requested minions soft toy for my birthday.
He didn't get what I wanted. Instead, he ordered a 3D minions cake for me.
The minions were cute and funny!!! BUT!! T-T
Why 3D cake? I told him I hate fondant million times already! Hiks!
I think even my readers know me better than him loh! I blogged about it before right?
I know I should accept or thank him for what he have done.
I just can't! He always get me things that I don't like. He never listen!! Why oh why!!

If you were me, what's you thought? Please kindly share...
You know your bf is gonna buy a birthday cake for you. You remind him you don't like 3D cake..
and surprise! he ordered a 3D cake for you... T-T

I don't get it. I just don't.
In my previous post (last year's post) somebody scolded me and said it is me being too picky.
Well, I seriously don't think so. I won't say I am picky. Instead, I blame him!
He knew or I should say, I always tell him what I want! But I don't why, he just never seems to listen.
I am so angry! I don't want him to spend money on useless things! =(
We have been together for about 6 years and counting.
I am still trying my best to lower my expectation! Because, I love him!

Anyway, this cute cake came early, before our sponsored Bintan trip.

Well, I don't even get to taste the cake! It was like..
We need to depart at 10am and he surprised me with the cake at 8.30am! What a good timing!
Okay, it was my fault, I decided to go to Singapore one day earlier than what we initially planned.

4th of October - We went to Singapore (from Indonesia)
5th of October - We departed to Bintan
6th of October - We were still in Bintan and it was my birthday!


The only thing we could do was to take some pictures with it.
First family picture with Mayo! She's so small! Gucci, look at the camera pls! =D

My parent and brother finished the cake on my behalf haha!
So sad! The only cake I had this year was the cake I received from Touch Comm peeps..

Move on to 7th of October. We decided to go to Orchard road for shopping! =D
We had our breakfast at The Marmalade Pantry!
Ordered two portion of Chicken Caesar salad! It was GOOD! Bf agreed too!
I don't know how to describe. I know, salad is just a salad. In most case, they taste the same.
But no! The freshness, the dressing, the combination, everything taste perfect =D

Bf ordered Roasted Red Snapper and I had risotto!
The fish was okay. The risotto was good!
But L'Operetta's risotto taste better! Oh I miss their risotto !

Last but not least, we ordered Coconut Custard Spongecake and Sticky Date for dessert.
I love the sticky date!! It was yummy! =D
You should try it! Really!

After we had our breakfast/lunch, we went to walk around Orchard road!

I managed to buy a dress from Mango, a long sleeved top from Forever21, leopard gloves from H&M.

I was looking for leather bracelet that day and he suggested Miu Miu.
So, we went to the Miu Miu store that's located at Paragon.

I have ever tweeted this..
"@ReneOct #deservedtowearbranded if you've just won a lottery."
and indeed, bf just won some monies that day. Hahaha!
He was feeling generous! He bought not one but two Miu Miu leather bracelets for me. Zzz..
Miu Miu - bracciali st.cocco lux antico in champage and pink.

We went to Shaw Lido for a movie that night!
Well, I don't remember what we watched already haha! Waste money! LOL!

The next day, we decided to go to Clementi area for lunch.
He miss the pad thai from one of the coffee shops near to NTUC! Haha!
Then we went to Clementi mall for groceries shopping.
I want him to cook for me! =D

He is a good chef! =D I love everything he cooks!
Especially the steak cooked by him - with secret recipe! =D

Yehey! Here's our dinner!
Haha! I knew it right! The steak looks black and dry!
It was the effect from the black pepper. Trust me, it was really nice.
Don't judge a book by its cover. Haha!

A cup of chrysanthemum tea after a heavy meal is recommended! =D
I got those dried flower from a traditional Chinese medicine shop beside OG Chinatown.

That's all for my birthday blogpost.
Ohya! Sad! I didn't manage to celebrate my birthday with my family this year.
 It's okay. Still have next year, next next year, next next next year.. =P

Thanks for reading!


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