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16 October 2012

Mayo - The Cutest and Most Talented Maltese Puppy (Youtube)

Yes! Mayo got talent! Hahaha!
We bought a lot of chewy toy for her and seems like, the plastic waterbottle interests her more. =D
So I thought maybe dogs love to play bottle? as Gucci love it too! #Weird

Anyway, watch this extremely cute video of her!

She's so cute #OMG hahaha! She picked up the bottle, and brought it to her cushion to chew! -Always!
and look at how small she is! She's only as big as the bottle, agree? Isn't it funny? Muahaha!
Feel free to share the video if you like it.

I called her "The talented Karang Guni" muahaha! Y U so Cute, Mayo?

Oh! Btw, guess what? Remember Mayo's sister? Click Here We found her!!! or They found us!
I was contacted by the owner of her sister via Facebook!
I think they saw us at the pet shop and saw picture of Mayo on my instagram and decided to drop me a msg on fb.
That's how it linked. I am so HAPPY! =D
In case, if Mayo wants to go for a high-tea session, I can contact her sister's owner. Haha!
Anyway, her sister's name is Bella! What a sweet name!
She's very clever and smart! Omg! Within a month, she managed to master some tricks already!

Here's what Bella's owner posted on facebook;
15/9/2012 - Reached her new home
18/9/2012 - Knew to potty on her designated spot
19/9/2012 - Taught her how to 'sit'
20/9/2012 - Mastered 'sit' and learning 'come'
21/9/2012 - Mastered 'come' and learning 'shake hand'
22/9/2012 - Mastered 'shake hand' while Uncle was visiting her

Watch this video an be amazed!
The Smartest Maltese Puppy, Bella!

Here's Mayo's version;
15/9/2012 - Reached her new home
18/9/2012 - Poo and Pee wherever she likes.
19/9/2012 - Taught her how to 'sit' and she barked back at me
20/9/2012 - Finally knows her name is Mayo - Omg!
21/9/2012 - Damaged my newly pasted wallpaper
22/9/2012 - Chew his love, Gucci

What a good girl, see! =D
Hahaha Here's the fact, we haven't really sit down and taught her anything yet.
We tried to teach her to 'sit' several times (randomly) and she told us, she knows it already. Muahaha #Kidding
I hope in my next blog post about Mayo, I can post a video of her doing tricks too.

Thanks for reading! =D
Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.


  1. Great blog! Mayo is so cute and active! hahaha... Bella likes to play with bottles too. Maybe it's a maltese thingy?

    Anyway, we should let them play together sometimes. Maybe we can meet up for the next vaccine or something =)

    Thanks for sharing the story!

  2. omg Mayo is so cute and small!

  3. Both Bella and Mayo are adorable.


Thanks for your lovely comment!