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25 October 2012

Halloween Special: Cat Woman Inspired Makeup Tutorial, Lacey Costume or Dress and Halloween DIY Props!

Halloween comes early this year!
Instead of 31st of October, I believed most of us are going to celebrate Halloween on 27th of October!
Simply because, 27th is a Saturday and 31st which is the actual day of Halloween falls on a Wednesday!
It is not fun to celebrate Halloween on a weekday, agree? Not cool at all!

Anyway, last year, I dressed up as a spooky vampire
CLICK HERE with all of the sponsored Halloween props from my ex advertiser.
This year, I decided to DIY my own prop, costume, hair, heels and makeup myself!
CLICK HERE if you are interested to know more! It was easy!

Cat Woman is what I decided to dressed up as! =D Omg! She's so hot and sexy!
Btw, let me clarify first! I am not a fan of cat but I do love cat woman! Haha #weird!
Actually to me, a tiger woman inspired look should be quite sexy too..or maybe leopard?
However, the same time, those options may be too fiery, wild, loud and ferocious. =D

Maybe one day I'll try to be a tiger woman?
since my bf always says that I am too loud and fierce just like a Barbarian. =(
He said he'll love me even more if I can at least *act* like a lady in front of him.
Ops! Sorry! I CAN'T =P Muahaha!
When I am with you, my naughty side naturally shows up by itself. Haha!

I tried to google for pictures and found several catwoman inspired looks.
After considering, I decided to come up with my own version of Cat Woman!
As some of you know, I love purple colour and, when it meets black, it turns up to be undeniably sexay! =D

What you need to use are liquid eyeliner (K-pallete and Sasatinie) and eyeliner pencil (K-pallete)!
Silver colour eye pencil by Silkygirl and eyeshadow (Purple Obsession Infallible eyeshadow by L'Oreal) !
Alternatively you can slap some orange colour blusher on your cheek too!


This "Cat Woman" inspired look is really easy to create!

Firstly, you need to draw a really black and very thick eye brow.
I personally draw the shape of the eyebrow by using a liquid liner and fill it up with eyeliner pencil.

Then, use your brush, blend the black eyebrow colour to the center part to contour your nose.

Next, draw a medium sized dot on the middle of your nose and blend it with your brush.

As for the whiskers, as you can see, all you need to do is to draw three lil lines on your face.

For the lips, you can try to apply a very red lipstick or maybe pink-ish colour? I'll leave it to you to decide! =)

The tricky part is actually the eye make up!
Firstly, draw the shape of the cat eye with a liquid liner. Then, fill it up with a pencil liner.
Next step is to highlight your eyes with a silver colour eye pencil so that it looks bigger.
Lastly, blend it out with purple colour eyeshadow!
Draw some fake lower lashes if you want to! I was quite surprised when I edit my photo.
My fake lower lashes look Natural and REAL!

So!!! How's my cat woman inspired look?
I personally quite satisfied with the result! It doesn't look too scary and it is cute in a way..
and It actually gives a slightly sexy and naughty perception too, don't you agree?


Alright, maybe not on me! Haha!
I can't jump from building to building or disappear randomly within seconds because, I am too fat !
Muahaha! I am a FAT Cat Woman..So, don't expect too much! LOL!

A mask is another solution or option if you don't want to put on too much make up on Halloween! =)
I love my lacey masquerade in gold colour! So elegant right!

Let's talk about my dress! I LOVE THIS LACEY DRESS OF MINE!

However, to be honest, the material is a bit fragile and as you can see, it is a little bit messy!
That's how it looks like originally though..the hem is supposed to be uneven like what shown.


You know what? My dream wedding dress is actually something like this!
I have a picture on my mind already! Don't copy me k! =P

Last option that you can try to create another different type of cat woman look!


Bun up your hair!
Like what Anne Hathaway as catwoman does when she was dancing with
Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in the ballroom in Batman's The Dark Knight Rises movie.
This look is totally gorgeous!

I bun up my hair like what I did in my past blogpost HERE

Alright! That's all for my Cat Woman Inspired look blogpost!
Let's end it with a picture of my ombre nail colour!
I tried to make some stripes to make it less boring - a bit fail though. The stripes are not obvious. 

Anyway, I hope this blogpost is useful for you!
Happy Trying!

UPDATE: Cat Woman Inspired Make Up Tutorial Video can be found HERE

and of course, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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