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01 October 2012

Hair Scalp Treatment by Shunji Matsuo at 313

Last week when I was still in Singapore,
I decided to drop by Shunji Matsuo at 313 Somerset for a scalp treatment.
Now, surprise! This is how I looks like when I arrive in the early morning afternoon. =P
Luckily I didn't scare anyone. In fact, messy hair is a trend now, no? haha!

It has been more than a month since I dyed this dip-dye purple and blue ombre hair colour.
It has faded and turned into pink-ish and ashy colour which to be very honest, I love it! =D
If you realized, you can spot some green, brown, orange and blonde colour too!
That's my very own #Rainbow hair. Hehe!

Secondly, I am really surprise with my current hair condition!
As you can see at the photo above, my hair ends is not dry at all!!
You know how often I dye my hair right? Impressive! =D
One of the issues I have now is hair fall problem as I bun my hair every single second when I am at home.
Sometimes I even leave the bun or tie overnight #VeryWrong! It damages and breaks my hair!
Huh! I really have this urge to cut my hair short soon! I *hesitate* soon! =P
Okay. Maybe not. Not so soon as I have not done experiencing all of the awesome hair colour yet!

This time round, I decided to try their scalp treatment.
My scalp deserved a pampering session after all of the torture =P
In case you don't know, I have a very very sensitive hair scalp.
I believed it is caused by the long-term supplement that I used to take.
It makes the skin of my whole body, including scalp, very sensitive!
My scalp often feels itchy and irritated. In short, my scalp is very stress haiyo!

Before the treatment, they examined and choosed the right product that's suitable for my scalp.
Some people have normal, oily, dry or sensitive scalp.
In my case, I was told that I have a dry and sensitive scalp- unfortunaly =(
Anyway, they decided to apply Scalptherapie product by Bio Matrix on my scalp.

Firstly, my hair stylist washed my hair with the scalptherapie cooling mint shampoo!
Oh it felt like I just went to heaven! It was very comfortable, cooling and refreshing!
After washing my hair, he applied the invigorating balm on my scalp.
Followed by the second heavenly session, the massage! Wohoo!

Last but not least, the steaming process! Look at the smoke, it looks like I was really in the heaven isn't?

Now, here's your angel! Muahaha! Ok. Maybe not. =P
My scalp felt extremely relaxed and breathable that day! I am definitely going for a second scalp session!
Anyway, don't you love my gorgeous hair? I received tons of compliment that day! Good Hair Day Rocks!

Here's how it looks like when I was in the taxi! Isn't the colour interesting? =D

I am a happy girl!
Pardon my swollen eyes, unfriendly stare and creepy smile LOL!

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YOU can have a good hair day too! Kya!


  1. aww... your hair look smooth after treatment ^^

  2. wow i love ur ombre hair, Rene!! asdfghjkl;' >,< it looks brilliant after the treatment!
    glad u had a good hair day :D

  3. hmmm,rambutmu bagus dan terawat sekali. Padahal rambutmu proses kimianya buanyak seperti pengecatan rambut, kriting, smoothing.
    Cara merawat rambut proses kimia seperti itu caranya gimana?


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