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13 October 2012

Gone Missing

IKR = I know right!
It has been weeks since my last blog post.
I am lost. My brain is blank, empty. I am feeling useless.
Everything is simply not right! *sighhh*

I have piles of advertorials queuing, products waiting for me to review, emails to reply and tons of work man!
I am busy and I choose not to do anything. I just don't want to. IDKW = I don't know why! Zzz... #SuperLazy
I used to read and stalk at least 20 or more blogs a day - to keep myself updated - and yes, I am so outdated now.
I used to blog every single day! or even two blog post in a day.
I used to attend at least 2-3 events in a week and now, I just don't feels like to RSVP any of them.

I am stuck! I have this bad habit.
I have a plan. A big plan and I kept thinking about it.
Only think. No action.
Before I get really serious about it, everything pending has to be done first!
I have to finish and clear everything before I start my next plan...

and I think I am stuck. *sigh*

Anyway, by typing this means, I am back! I will clear all of my pending post and organize my life NOW.
Hey future! Wait for me!

Stay tune for the next big thing!

1 comment :

  1. Jia you Irene...
    i like to read ur blog
    keep it up..
    and you can do it..(smile)


Thanks for your lovely comment!