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24 October 2012

Day Two: Bintan Lagoon Resort, ATV Ride, Beach and My Birthday!

Trip sponsored by Bintan Lagoon Resort and Journeyful

Yehey! Good Morning World !!!! Rise and Shine! I woke up very very early that morning! *rare*
Know why? Because it was 6th of October! It was my Birthday! =D
Haha I had a very nice sleep the night before. The bed and pillow were soft and comfortable!

After from the shower, I slapped some makeup on my face.
Then, I forced him to get up from the bed! Haha! He was annoyed!
No choice! I was hungry!! and I can't wait to explore the breakfast area!

We went to Kopi-O restaurant located near to the lobby for our complimentary breakfast!

About Kopi-O

Commanding a prime location just off the lobby, Kopi O provides a casual all-day dining experience.
Whether it is buffet or a la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner, every meal is accompanied by postcard worthy seascapes.
Immerse yourself in a global gastronomic adventure where feasting spans East and West. 
From the rich culinary heritage of Asia to familiar international dishes,
Kopi-O is an idyllic mix of taste, warmth and genuine Indonesian hospitality.

Kopi O is also the venue for the daily themed evening buffets complete with live cooking stations.

The breakfast was sumptuous!
They have any kind of egg, pastry, noodle, pan cake, fresh fruit and etc..
They have everything I need.

Here's what we picked up! I love the scramble egg and bacon! =D
The main course was delicious too!

After from the breakfast, we went to the beach located within the resort with buggy car.

The beach was surprisingly very clean! I didn't expect beach in Bintan island to be so clean! Hoho!
To me, the beach, the view and the landscape is comparable to Bali!
Why travel so far when you can enjoy it in Bintan? It is just 55 mins away!

We decided to sit on the bench for a while, dating and enjoying the beautiful beach view before the next activity. *love*
Aw my boy looks so smart here! =D

We were asked to choose one of the activities to enjoy!
A. Beach activities: Banana boat and kayaking (snorkeling based on response).
B. Land activities: ATV, driving range.
C. Massage by the beach, hang out at the pool.

For full list of recreation activity list, you can click HERE

All of the option sounds good!
But, maybe not beach activity for us, as you can see, I even wear long-sleeved shirt to the beach. Haha!

Instead, we decided to go for an ATV ride! =D
We were provided with helmets and a short tutorial on how to ride an ATV before the fun trip.
It was easy!

Here we go! It was an adventurous experience! We went into the forest! =D
It was very exciting!

An ATV is a great way to explore the back roads and trails in Bintan!
Look at the landscape! The forest is simply beautiful!

The weather was quite hot but we enjoyed it.

The ride took about 30 mins.

Half way through, we changed our position, so that, I got to ride the ATV too!
It is easy to learn to ride an ATV and I enjoyed the ride very much.
It was fun!

A picture of us on the ATV taken by the guide in the middle of the forest.
The guide was very friendly and approachable!
He asked us to stop for 2-3 times during the journey and offered to take some photos for us!
It was so nice of him! I love people who enjoy their work!

Commercial break:
Explore Bintan Lagoon Resort's long, white Pasir Panjang Beach,
make a splash with more than 30 water sports or enjoy over 20 activities such as
tennis, soccer, volleyball, archery, darts, table tennis and golf. 
Bintan Lagoon Resort allows you to choose to do everything or nothing at all. 
Fun in the sun and the sea abounds at Bintan Lagoon Resort. 
We have an extensive range of activities both in and out of the water.

Alright, here's another picture of us before we leave the beach.

The weather was getting hotter and hotter.
We decided to go back to the hotel as he also wanted to take a shower and change into his usual outfit.
Yes, boring polo shirt, long pant and loafer - He always want to look tidy and formal - forever duh!
He is not comfortable in short. Weird right?

At about 2 pm, we went to RICE for our lunch, as usual, generous spread of buffet!
and guess what's next?

I was surprised with a little cake and birthday song by the event organizer! =D

Thanks to Eileen from Touch Comm and Bintan Lagoon for the awesome experience.
It was indeed an unforgettable trip! *Ultra Happy*
Eileen secretly asked my bf  if it was my birthday - to double confirm.
Then, randomly Eileen announced to everyone that it was my birthday!
I was a little bit shocked and definitely delighted with the arrangement. Can't thank them enough for it!

Oh! What a happy day!

Best of all, I had my lunch together with all of the awesome people.
Popular blogger LadyIronChef, Melody Yap, Zoe Raymond, Silver Ang, Sixpegs, Nadnut and Dawn Yang were there too!
It was my first time meeting Brad and Melody. They are so sweet and friendly.
We didn't take a lot of picture together on that day as my battery was on low-batt mode *sigh!*

After lunch, we went back to the hotel and collected our passports and boarding passes
from the Mozaic Ferry Tickets counter that's located just around the lobby area.
I can't believe that the process is so fast and convenient!

Enjoying the fresh air from our balcony before leaving our room and check out from the hotel .=)

Once again, thanks to Bintan Lagoon Hotel and Resort, and Touch Comm for the amazing trip!
We would definitely go there again in the future. *wink*

Artistic Ceiling - photo taken at the lobby.

Till we meet again, bye Bintan!

Here's the only group picture I have with me;

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  1. Look like its a great resort! Happy Birthday by the way! :)

  2. Your trip to Bintan Lagoon sounds amazing! And the ATV road trip is really an exciting activity. You get to treck the road and have a race if you want to! And what’s best about it is that it’s easy to learn and use, which makes it convenient for beginners


Thanks for your lovely comment!