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07 September 2012

SIM-RMIT University Degree Conferment & Awards Ceremony 2012

Finally oh finally! It has been about 5 years since I first moved to Singapore. 
Here's some information about my education journey for your reference;
Again, I am actually an Indonesian-Chinese that's been staying in one of the amazing cities in Indonesia, Batam.
I am a proud and loyal Yos Sudarso Kindergarten (2yrs), Secondary school (6yrs),
Junior High School (3yrs), Senior High School (3yrs) graduand. 1/2 of my life happened in Yos Sudarso. =D
After graduating from Senior High School in Indonesia, I decided to further study to Singapore.
Initially my parent, bf and I thought about going to Australia too. But at the end, we still choosed Singapore.
Simply because it is very near. It takes only less than an hour journey from my place to Singapore.
It is also because, Singapore's education has been describe as "World-leading". Well, in short, they offer quality education.
Thanks to God and my parent (Of course!). I am very blessed to have supportive and understanding parent.
Btw, I was very puzzled at first. I honestly had no idea what Polytechnic, University, Diploma, Bachelor, Degree, etc means.
Hahaha! Those terms really sound very messy to me. Later on, I learnt that, alright!
So, by studying in a Polytechnic, I will get a Diploma which is D3 in Indonesia.
Then if I want to further study, I can choose to enter a University which will give me a Bachelor Degree or Sarjana 1 (S1) in Indonesia.

Okay. Maybe it's me that's too slow lol.
Guess what? After learning those terms, it still doesn't really help. I was still very puzzled. Haha!
Some say I can enter a university without getting a diploma, some say I have to get a diploma first before degree.
Oh man! Where should I go? It is now even messier! Zzz..

Anyway, without further thinking, I decided to start my journey by going into a polytechnic.
Ah! I just have to say this - It was the BEST decision I have ever made in my life.
I learnt a lot of thing from there! My eyes were opened to a whole new world! =D
Maybe it is because of the fact that I actually pursued a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Business (Temasek Polytechnic)

Oh! In case you don't know, It usually takes about 3 years to persue a Diploma in a local polytechnic.
Btw, I am special. So, I choosed to enter a special school. MUAHAHA! I only spent 2 years to get my diploma! =D
Actually it could takes only 1 year or less than a year IF I choosed to enter private institute like MDIS or SIM.
But, of course, a local- govt school is preferred. I think after graduate it is easier to find job too.
So, if you didn't plan to work in Singapore, I think a private institute diploma is good enough.
Best of all, my campus was not located at Tampines, Instead, it was at Sentosa! #wohoo!!
However, unfortunately, the campus had moved back to Tampines a year after I left.
I think the reason is because it's too expensive to have a school in the middle of a tourist attraction island.

I miss running our very own restaurant! Well, it is actually one of our projects.
We were tasked to decorate the restaurant with our own theme.
We are the staff, the manager, the cook, the menu designer, the bartender and sometimes the customer. =D

Oh! In case you don't know,
we had to memorize the name of different type of spoon, fork, knife, glass, plate, bowl, everything.
We also learn about wine, cocktail, mocktail, food hygiene, Spa, Tour and travel, Hotel, Airlines..

And of course the basic business management, accounting, micro-macroeconomics, business 
computing skills, organizational behavior, communication skills, marketing etc etc..

We had a lot of hands on and field trip to major tourist attraction places (Hm..yes..sounds more like a holiday).

Last and my favorite part is The Student Internship Program! =D
We were taught with interview skills, where to find job and how to approach the company, what to wear bla bla bla.
I got my first job in my life through the internship program. It was the best and unforgettable moment!
I was thrilled when Royal Caribbean Cruises contacted me! and more surprises came along..
Met the most FUN Singaporean friends or colleagues. Awesome bosses that were very very kind to me.
I was transferred to Malaysia for a business trip.
I went on board the cruise for 8 nights - went to Phuket, Port klang, Penang!
Received my first compliment from the customer.
OMG In short, my internship was very happening! I miss the fun people Mag, Joe, Rue and QL
the market place's food, teh peng, arcade fruit juice, my drawer, 5pm ice cream, and also my colleagues
Eric, Terence, Leo, Angela, Hsien Li, Phyllis, Joey, Allisa, Amit, Evon, Jocelyn, Sharan, etc etc
Ah and of course my two lovely bosses Sam and Kelvin.

I have 3 words to describe TAS - Fun Fun and Fun!
The friends are fun, the lecturers are fun and the course is FUN!
We were like a big family. Everyone was very friendly and approachable.
Imagine, learning about tourism in a resort destination. It is like learning about flower in the garden.
Everything we experience, we witness, we see, we hear, we touch are all about tourism!
Best of all, my classmate was from all around the world! Mongolia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Malaysia and etc.
There were a few Korean, Australian, Indian and of course Singaporean too.
In short, it was the best place to learn about TOURISM.

Oh this is so ugly >_<"
After graduating from Temasek Polytechnic, I was upgraded to the last level (You think Mario Bros ahr?) Haha!
I went to search for universities. Well, to be honest, I don't think I can ever get into a local university
and in fact, I don't want to! Because, it takes at least 3-4 years to graduate! =OOO
Hm..Btw, it is actually a miracle for me to graduate from a local polytechnic! Haha!
Well done Irene! *pat my own shoulder* Haha!
After doing my research, I decided to go into SIM for its Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree
by Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
Reason is very simple. I LOVE MARKETING and the course only took 1.5 years to finish!
(As I am a business-related diploma holder) yay!

And so, here's my university life...Hais...Oh well...Boring..!
The lecturers are passive. I can't even tell you ONE of my lecturers name.
Well, maybe I remember one or two, only the humor one. But still, I don't know their name.
Surprise? Yes! I don't know any of the lectures. =) How do I manage to graduate?
Ehemp. I truly think that I could complete my studies because, I am creative. Muahahaha! #nonsense
Seriously. I didn't buy ANY of the textbook! (Oh yes! I bought one and I regretted. Because book is useless)
I didn't study from textbook nor touch that one and only book. I learnt by going around the mall and shopping! Muahaha!
You will learn and see a lot of marketing related issues or example while walking around the shopping mall. *excuse* =P
and I ALWAYS study last minute and it works. =D
Exams are actually easy. Basically I just give them whatever answer that I think is possibly right.
Vomit all of the knowledge that I learnt through daily slides provided and make related and sense-ful story.
There you go. Graduation. LOL

I always late to school as I find it quite useless. Yes, I think I am a genius.

Muahaha! I seriously think that I can graduate without attending those classes.
Even if I go, usually I will stay for 1 or 1.5 hours only (by right it is a 3 hour class).
Yes, I was often the earliest to come out from the class.
No one will care what time you come what time you go! Oh actually have! The machine! Zzz!
You can ask my classmate, I didn't really pay attention to what the lecturer said in class.
Everytime my friends turned to me and asked "Eh what were he saying?" I always replied "Hm.. (smile)"
Hahaha of course I don't know lah!
Btw, I did tried my best to go to school early and listen to the story in my last semester.
I tried. I really tried.

Yes. I only have these "University life" picture to share with you.

It was all about tapping my card, sit down, relax, wait for break, buy fried chicken and drink, go home.
To me, the painful part is the group projects and group works.
Conflicts happened quite often and I always try my best to be as neutral as possible.
I rate myself Hm.. 7/10 - It's either me; I don't like to do group project - I prefer individual work
or it's the feng sui or maybe ba zhi bu he. Muahhaha Zzz..

Anyway, after flipping the book, taking exams, sitting down and listening for 2+6+3+3+2+1.5 = 17.5 years !!!

Let me officially announce that, it's finally the time!! The time!! The time!!!
The time to...Hm..I don't know what's next *gubrak* muahaha!


Some asked if I want to further study? I reply "You xiao ah?" Muahahaha!

I have had enough. It's time to move on to something more interesting in life.
Such as earn money, start my own business, travel around the world, repay my parent and HAVE FUN! =D
Now, I want to do things that I like, things that I enjoy doing - EARN $_$

Nah! Move on to my convocation ceremony..It actually happened two weeks ago.

I went to Shunji Matsuo in the early morning to wash and style my hair =D
Here I am in my formal attire..

Caely wasn't around, so Masa-san did the hair braid for me. Aw..I love this waterfall braid!

On that day, I had no idea what should I do to my hair as I need to wear the trencher or graduation hat.
I did Google for "graduation hair" too! Unfortunately fail. I couldn't get any related image.
After discussing, I decided to go for waterfall braid and Masa-san amazingly did this style within minutes!
With his style too! As you can see, usually the braid ends at the center of the hair.
Masa-san finished the braid slightly on the left side which is amazing. So that I can flip more hair to the front.

Visit or contact them +65 62380226 for appointment! =)

Quote "Irene" to get 10% discount on all service except haircut from all hairstylists

Aw blur >_<
Anyway, here I am in the taxi on the way to SIM Headquarter.
I did my make up myself that day! =D

Picture taken by Adeline..Muahaha thanks babe! =D
The Serangoon Broadway staffs were helping us with the gown and also the hat!

Done yay! First picture taken with Christine and Adeline.

My parent and Bf came! =D
Bf brought this bouquet for me. It is in Purple yay!
Sadly it is not the artificial flower that I wanted huhu! He ignored my request T-T
I have told him since decades ago,
if he ever wants to give me flower, get the fake one, so that I can D.I.Y and re use them.
He refused. He said artificial flower is not sincere huhu but I want !!

Picture taken from my seat! =D
Luckily my right side was an Indonesian. I talked and chatted with him while waiting for the ceremony to start.
Yes. This is how funny it is. We are classmate and we don't know each other =)
Left right front back, everyone just sit and stare because most of us don't know each other zzz..

Nah! the ceremony finally going to start soon!

Picture credit to Serangoon Broadway

It was very very crowded.
Luckily dad mum and bf managed to sit not too far from the stage as I saved some seats for them.

Here we are, the graduands..

Alright, so, the SIM-RMIT University Degree Conferment & Awards Ceremony finally starts.

As usual, some opening speeches from the professors.

Again, finally! =D Thanks bf for this picture.
That 30 seconds of fame! Haha!

Done with that 30-seconds? Here's a performance for the closing.

I am officially a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Degree holder. Muahaha! Sounds so easy lol

A picture with the heroes behind everything happened to me.
They are my angels, my guardians, my lovely parent.

With Min Ru!
We only found out that we are classmate after we graduate. Haha!

Class of 2012

With that one and only bf =)

Yours truly,

Papa and Mama!

With my lovely classmate, Adeline!

There were buffet! But yeah..didn't really eat anything as it was very crowded !! >_<

Last picture!

Alright, I think that's all about my convocation.
3.5 yrs polytechnic and university life in Singapore have been fruitful (ehemph)
It was seriously an awesome opportunity. Singapore is a good country to gain knowledge and experience.
I think I have made a right decision to further my study here. I didn't regret. =)

Congratulation, Gucci! Follow him on instagram please..

Thanks for reading and bye! =)


  1. Hi,

    Could you share about the interview skills, where to find job and how to approach the company, what to wear? Woud appreciate if you could share some.

  2. waa.. it seems very fun, ce!
    anyway, i also love to work individually, or at least in pairs!
    rather than work in groups...
    sometimes it bothers me bcoz some people are selfish... :(
    o yea, 1 more thing, you and your mom are very very beautiful, ce!! <3

    congratulations for your graduations! all the best and success for you.. :)

    warm regards,

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