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07 September 2012

NEW: First Ligtening Intimate Wash Introduced in Singapore! Lactacyd White Intimate and Revitalize Review


Look at what I recently received! =D
A lovely parcel from Lactacyd! I love pretty press kit!

About Lactacyd

Lactacyd is the trusted daily partner for women who understand that
feminine hygiene is essential to stay healthy and confident. Lactacyd is the feminine hygiene specialist.

Unlike brands that provide intimate hygiene care as a supplementary range to
body or facial products, Lactacyd’s heritage is in dedicated intimate care.

At Lactacyd we truly understand the needs of women when it comes to intimate hygiene
and provide products across the entire continuum from prevention to treatment giving you solutions to your everyday needs for freshness and comfort.

Beyond cleansing, our range of products also provides benefits including enhanced moisturizing, long-lasting freshness,
whitening, youth reviving, cooling, as well as sensitive care.
Lactacyd goes beyond wash, for on-the-go protection with convenient products such as wipes and leave-on intimate products.

In short, Lactacyd is a woman's best friend.
I personally used intimate wash everyday. In fact, I have tried several brands before this.
I noticed that Lactacyd is the lightest and gentlest intimate wash in the market.
Unlike other brand, the liquid is in pearl white colour and the foam is very gentle.
I actually have ever tried intimate wash that's in pink or blue gel liquid form.
They generally look harsh to me.

Anyway, these are what I received;
1. Lactacyd White Intimate Feminine Wash
2. Lactacyd Revitalize Feminine Wash
3. Oatmeal for me to D.I.Y at home
4. A glove!

OMG! As most of you know I have some skin problems on my arm and on my back
at the same time, I have a very sensitive skin.
I seriously think that this oatmeal method might lesser my skin problem.
It is an amazing idea. An affordable and gentle scrub option too! I would definitely try them!
Thanks for sharing Lactacyd!

Back to the main point of the day!
How many of you use intimate wash to wash your intimate area (Vagina)?
I bet some of you have been using it.
 Well, I did asked some of my friends around me (I know this is awkward)
To my surprise, some of them are still using body wash to wash their intimate area.
You need to know that actually body wash is too harsh for that delicate area.
It is not recommended to wash your intimate area with body wash.
Vagina is a very sensitive part of our body.
Body wash will dry up the area and it may leads to irritation and effect the natural pH of the vagina.
Then problem like bad odor, infection, itchiness and etc will come along.

So, please, stop using body wash to wash your intimate area.

Now, why do we need to clean it daily?

Our Vagina produce discharge everyday. It is important to keep that area clean to prevent infection.

Especially during period.
During the menstrual cycle, woman intimate organs are more humid than usual.
We should pay more attention to the health of the intimate organs during the menstrual period.
It can get infected easily.

Here's one of their new products;

Lactacyd White Intimate (read more here)
It is the first intimate wash with lightening properties to be introduced in Singapore.
Made with natural ingredients, Lactacyd White Intimate is the natural and effective answer to intimate fairness.
It has been proven effective in skin lightening of the intimate area and provide a pH balance of 5.2.

Price and availability: S$13.90 for 250ml, available at all leading pharmacies

Lactacyd Revitalize (read more here)
It is a youth reviving feminine wash, containing natural ingredients such as Vitamin E,
Collagen and Trehalose.
Stay young and refresh your femininity daily with new lactacyd revitalize as it leaves your skin firm and supple.
It has been proven effective in firming and moisturizing and also provide a pH balance of 5.2.

Price and availability: S$13.90 for 250ml, available at all leading pharmacies.

My Review:
As mentioned, feminine wash is really important.
To find the suitable and gentle product for feminine area is even more important.
If you choose the wrong one, it might worsen the problem.

So far, I am very pleased with the result I get from using Lactacyd White Intimate.
It lighten my V zone area.
Have I mentioned that Lactacyd is actually the first brand that came out with feminine product that has whitening properties?
Sounds harsh but amazingly it is made of natural ingredients!
I think this is an brilliant idea. I believed many of us experience dark bikini area.
Lactacyd is here to help and the result is proven!
Now, I can finally have the guts to wear bikini =D *Waiting for holiday*

I personally prefer Lactacyd Revitalize as it is more related to me.
As many of you know, I have extremely dry skin as I am consuming accutane.
I have dry skin, dry scalp, dry lip and of course dry V zone.
It is really uncomfortable. I do experience itchiness and irritation too.
Thanks to Lactacyd for this amazing product.
It soothes my V zone area! It contains of Vitamin E, Collagen, Trehalose and other natural ingredients!
I am using anything that contains Vitamin E from shampoo, toner, moisturizer and etc.
I have never seen any feminine wash with Vitamin E in the market! I think Lactacyd is the first one?
Anyway, whatever it is, thanks Lactacyd for such an amazing invention!

Both products came in pearl white liquid form. It is easy to use and it foams quite quickly.
The fragrance is refreshing and light too.
I just have to rave about how gentle and soothing this product is!
They didn't irritate my V zone and instead, it makes my V zone clean and comfortable.


Go the application Page:
Enter Referred by: "" to redeem!

Have a great day girls!


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