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21 September 2012

Let's Welcome Gucci's New Friend, Miss Mayo!

Yap yap! So we ended up choosing this cute little Maltese and we named her MAYO! =D
Let's welcome Miss Mayo Hilton! Haha Hilton is her surname LOL #nonsense!
We debated for a while before decided to name her Mayo.
Bf suggested Hilton, Belle or Bella, Minaj etc etc..
I suggested several names too..Hm.. I don't remember which are the name. Zzz..
Anyway, we decided to call her Mayo instead! Because it's nicer and it's my idea- of course! Haha!
I think it sounds cute and easier to pronounce..
Hilton is a good and nice name..It sounds branded too..But it also sounds like a male name to me.
Mayo here means Mayonnaise! I want Mayo to become sweet, creamy, fluffy, white and fat when she grow up.
Interesting name right? #creative #libra muahaha!

So, on last Friday, 15th September, we fetch her home from the petshop! =D
That was for the first time Gucci interacted with a female dog!
Initially we thought maybe Gucci would reject her, bark at her or maybe fight with her.
Surprisingly, we were wrong! Instead, Gucci was scared of her! Haha!

Mayo is really really small compared to Gucci. She is 2 months old only!
Her teeth are still itchy and she bites and chews on anything, including Gucci!
Haha she bites him sweet LOL

Gucci was annoyed and turned angry. He barked back at her.
Nah..we got a situation here..haha! Mayo was scared of his loud noise.

I wonder what technique my bf was using..Muahaha..
He looks like he was praying or casting spell on Gucci LOL

After hours, Gucci still ran away when he saw Mayo..
Mayo would chase Gucci whenever she sees him. She wanted to bite him..
Yeah! Romantic? That's mayo's way of flirting LOL

To be honest, puppy is cute but at the same time really really hard to take care!
Just look at Mayo! She's so small omg!
What if I accidentally step on her or accidentally kick her and she flies away? Zzz..
She's just so tiny and fragile. In addition, she needs extra care too!
We feed her three times daily. We need to add some water to her food to soften it too.
We have to feed the right amount of food to her!
Recently I realized that her stomach is a little bit bloated and warm.
I googled and suspected that she may have worm Or..She's simply too full.
This could be both serious and not so serious problem as puppy always have this issue.
I remember that we fed Gucci some deworming pill when he was still a puppy too.
So, for now, we just need to get Mayo some deworming medication.
In fact, we are planning to bring her to the vet for a health check too.
Female dog squats to pee and we couldn't differentiate.. Is she peeing or just sitting? LOL
This is disgusting but...when we were at the pet shop, we saw her eating her own poop!
We wasn't surprise though.. Because our friend's dog used to eat her own poop too.
Btw Mayo was shipped over from other places..
So, I believed, during the journey, she wasn't well taken care of.
She was left hungry and starving. That's why she ate her own fences. #PoorMayo
I googled for answer too! There are many many reasons why a dog eat her own poop!
It could be because they want to keep their own cage clean, lonely, lack of nutrition, etc etc..
After from that incident, we always take her away from her poop immediately after she poo.
We gave her nicer and higher quality pet food and treats. In fact, I bought and carried her food all the way from Singapore.
I think she has learned that she's not suppose to eat poop already. YAY!
We have to always keep our eyes on her..just in case she bites cable or chews and eat dangerous item.
We have to walk slowly to prevent kicking her away..She loves chewing our feet and I hate that.

I won't blame her though..
I just have to accept the fact that she's still young and her teeth are itchy!

In short, we have to babysit her! Ahr troublesome! >_<"
We recently realized that Gucci is a VERY GOOD BOY!
He knows what to do, what not to do, he won't eat his own poop, he always poo at the right place,
he won't fall from high, he is very strong, you can even play smack down with him..
Aiyoh! Mayo! Please grow up quickly! =D

I have a lot more cute picture of Mayo!
Stay tune okeh! =)

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  1. I love puppies... now all my dogs are all grown up (7yrs and 5yrs) though they still look so cute and baby like... but.. but but but it's different still.

    I especially love to watch them learn how to walk... milk feeding them.. teething period!! I miss all those thing!!!


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