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14 September 2012

Genting Malaysia: Shopping, M spa and Fitness, The Bakery, Restoran Genting Palace, Restoran Good Friends

Trip sponsored by NuffnangSG & Resort World Genting

Here's my last blogpost about my Genting trip!
In case you don't know, Genting is a shopping paradise!
There is a lot of premium or factory outlet for you to discover. =D

Our first stop was SASA! Simply because, it was on SALE!!!
I did some comparison on certain brands and yes! The price is cheaper! =D
On top of the cheaper price, it was on Sale! Madness!
If you are thinking about getting some masks or make up product, you can consider to shop here!

You can find some rare Japanese make up product here! =)

Complete skin care range!

And contact lens!!!! =D
This is the contact lens that was highly raved by Cheesie!
Rainbow Color - Cosmetic Contact lenses!

I saw this beautiful shop next to SASA and I can't help it!!!

I just have to take a stroll around the shop!
They sell victorian-ish and vintagey room accessories.

Ripley's Believe It or Not!
An interesting place that is worth a visit!

The Nike Factory Store that was just launched recently!

Artfestival booth! You can find anything related to art here!

From Figurine, Caricature, Keychain, etc etc..

What's happening? The Genting International Magic Festival 2012!

About the festival;

The magic is back at Genting with Superstars of Magic 2 as 8 new magicians are set to dazzle you with their spectacular acts.
Prepare to be amazed once again as they perform their grand illusions so fast, your mind will tell you they’re real.
Don’t miss these renowned award-winning magicians as they set out to amaze you with their
stunning and extravagant performance once again at Resorts World Genting.
Presenting the grand illusionists that will astonish you:
“The World’s Greatest Escape Artist” – Dean Gunnarson, 
“The Great Illusionists” – JC Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, 
the “World’s Best Variety Act” – Charlie Frye & Co.,
 “Europe’s Best Pickpocket Artist” - Christian Lindemann, 
“Stage Comedy Magician of the Year” – Chipper Lowell, 
“France’s Card Manipulation Champion” – Nestor Hato, 
the “World’s Best Quick Change Act” – Sos and Victoria Petrosyan, and 
“The World’s Youngest Manipulation Artists” – Sos and Tigran Junior.

There were booths selling magic props and also some on-spot demonstrations that wow-ed us!

After walking around for hours, we decided to take a rest at The Bakery Cafe!

They sell all sort of dessert that doesn't only look good, but also taste yummy!!!

They have cakes, macaroons, pies, cupcakes, donuts, breads, puffs - oh! any kind of western dessert!

Cindy and I bought some boxes of pastry home on the last day.
We spent most of our credit here!
It was like a dessert buffet session for us - Paradise!

Here are some picture of the pies and macaroons our friends ordered.

The macaroons are so lovely, don't you agree?
Usually macaroons are quite boring in terms of appearance.
But look at these! They put extra effort to make these lil macaroons prettier!

Wishing Well - Roll a coin, Make a wish!
I wish to have a lot of MONEY! =D

Guess what's the next pampering session? A surprise sponsored spa treatment!
I wasn't aware that spa is also sponsored in this trip until we were asked to book a slot! =D

We booked a slot at M Spa and fitness center!
In case you don't know, M spa is a part of the Maxims club! Maxims Genting is a very luxury and exclusive club.
I heard only certain are entitled to be the member of the club. See that? By invitation only!

I was so honored to be invited to try out their spa treatment.
It was indeed a heavenly experience!

Oh! M spa and fitness was also one of the few places that provide free wi-fi!!
Haha we were extremely delighted when one of us announced that "There's a wifi connection here"
Then, what happened next was.... *silent* Muahaha everyone turned to BUSY mode..
Some were checking email, some update their twitter status, instagram, etc etc.
We were BUSY! Zzz...!

Before the session starts, we were asked to put our leg in this steamer for several minute..
I think it was for relaxation purpose? Just nice!
we have been walking around Genting for hours since early morning!

After that, we were directed into the comfortable treatment room that looks like the picture below..
Isn't it spacious? =D
Next thing I did was to undressed myself and put on the disposal bra and panties (no picture of course! haha)
And then, the heavenly session officially starts.. I choosed Balinese Body Massage+ Orange scrub!
After the treatment, we took a shower and we're done!
The massage was really good. My masseur were very professional. She has years of experience!
  and my skin became brighter and smoother after the scrub! =D

There were Jacuzzi pool and sauna area too! The space was really huge!

The price of both services are considered affordable though..
Overall, it took about more than an hour for both massage and scrub treatment.

Last but not least, we were served with a cup of tea, hot towel and a fruit platter!
Thank you so much Resort World Genting for such amazing hospitality and luxury treatment.

For dinner, Cindy and I went to this restaurant called the Restaurant Genting Palace!

Initially I wanted to try the custard bun that was recommended by LadyIronChef.
However, unfortunately we went at the wrong timing. We were told that dim sum is not available during dinner.
That was so sad man!

So, Instead, we had a small little feast...

Oh! Btw, we ordered this horrible Healthy Juices 5in1 !
Actually without tasting, we know that it will tastes horrible already and.. we still order! Hahaha!
It consists of Green Apple, Celery, Green Pepper, Cucumber and Bitter Guard.
OMG! I wonder why I ordered that!
Hahaha we thought, alright, maybe we should drink something healthier..
Without further thinking, we ordered the juice! It taste really really bitter! But it's okay. It's healthy! >_<

We had pork belly, corn and crab soup, sea cucumber, prawn with fruit salad and last but not least, the fresh fruits!

We didn't really do much things the next morning.
We woke up pretty early that day.

We had out breakfast at Restoran Good Friends, a Chinese restaurant!

Here are the dimsums we ordered..cheng chong fun, egg tarts, fried dumpling, dumpling soup and....

The custard bun!!! OMG! Look at the egg yolk custard.
I just died and went to heaven! It was the best bun I have ever had in my life!
Muahaha...It taste really really good! So good that I wish to take some of it home with me.

I would definitely visit Genting again in the future...for its themepark, shopping and FOOD!!!
and of course the awesome natural weather!


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