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09 September 2012

Genting Day Two : Outdoor Theme Park, Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland and Ming Ren Chinese Restaurant

Trip sponsored by NuffnangSG & Resort World Genting

Move on to Day TWO! =D
We woke up at around 10am that day. We had our quick breakfast at a cafe near to the hotel lobby.
I had a bowl of wonton noodle and ordered a glass of pure juice, as usual!
After from the breakfast, we walked to the themepark booth to collect our wristbands!
The weather was awesome not too cold! I actually wore short on that day! Haha!

Here's the colourful entrance! It reminds me of what happened 6 years ago! 
I was there with my love one and we quarreled over something..
Haha not really a good memory but worth to remember.
Actually quarrel is needed! As sometimes it means, we care about each other. =)
I miss that moment very much.

Anyway, it was a happy day! =D
Honestly, I am really happy to meet this bunch of new and fun friends!
They are funny, friendly and awesome! We have a lot of common thing to talk and gossip about =P
It was very comfortable being with them. Thank you, Cookie (and bf), Eva, Alexa and Cindy!
and also Miyo (and bf) ! They didn't join us that day..I think they were addicted to the Casino hahaha! Kidding!!! LOL!
Without you guys, this trip wont be so fun! =)

The first area that we headed to was to the carnival game area.
We just had our breakfast, so we thought, maybe we should start with something gentle..

Such as fishing for duck..Muahaha!
That's cookie trying to get her lucky duck! =)
Pic credit: Cookie's blog

Aw a London Bus spotted!

A photo of us, inside the London Cafe! =D

Nah! Here's my attire of the day! Haha quite brave ya?
I looks like I am going to the beach or sort of..

Top less than $5 from Qoo10, Batik short from Bugis Street $12, Bag by Issey Miyake

Here's the colourful side of Genting!
There were some booths selling interesting items and apparels.

Then we hopped onto the Pirates Train.
A bit regret because it was quite boring haha! Initially I was quite scared!

Because I thought somebody will jump out or shout randomly when we were inside.
Luckily nothing happened. =D

A picture with the girls while queuing! =)

I really love the weather, the air and the ambiance in Genting!
Look at this! We found a mini waterfall in the themepark! There is a fish pond too!
Genting is one of the best places to release stress!
You can buy some fish food to feed those fishes, if you want to.

We also tried to sit on the antique car!
It was indeed antique! Haha the machine was very noisy.
We traveled by this car - to tour around and see the other side of Genting!

Nah! Finally something more exciting!
The flying chair - Spinner! =D
One of the exciting rides!

The Pirate Ship which we decided to give it a miss.

Then we saw this cute little paradise, The Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland!
Again, why such awesome place exists and I don't know? =D

Look at that cute little chocolate man standing there with the "Wokey?" pose! Haha so cute!

Here's another side of the strawberry chocolate tree!

This is beautiful! =D
I wish I can take my future pre-wedding photo shoot here haha!

Nice picture taken with Cindy and the cute, Cookie!
Yes, her real name is Cookie! So cute right!

Nah! Getting even more exciting!
We joined the queue for this corkscrew ride!
It a was very very fun!

Last and the most awesome ride we queued for was flying coaster!

The queue was LONG! I think we queued for about 20 minute! LOL
A picture with lovely Cindy! We received our balloon from a cute guy on the street!
He was really good at it! =)
I gave my balloon away to a little cute girl I met while queuing for the antique car ride.
I think and hope she likes it.

Wohoo! It was our turn! Finally! 
So, the ride lifts up to 20 meters high and fly over 391 meters with a maximum speed of 25.7mph!
It also turns 360 degree! It felt like we were really flying! =D
Haha! Here's an unglam picture of us!

Last destination that we visited was The Dinosaur Land!

We climbed up high and enjoyed the view of Genting from above! =D

The dinos blink, they breathe, they swing their tails and even move their heads and claws!

That is all about the outdoor theme park!
I am so sad! I didn't get to play the indoor theme park =(
I want to watch the 4D motion, play Euro Express and Flying Dragon! Huhu!
I will definitely come to Genting again!

Sampai Jumpa Lagi, Genting!

The rides are really fun!
How fun? Hm..THIS FUN! Haha!

We had our lunch at Ming Ren Restaurant! - A fine dining Chinese Restaurant.

The restaurant was spacious and grand-looking.

Here is our sumptuous lunch!
The signature dish is actually lamb. But, unfortunately, most of us didn't eat lamb.
So, instead, we ordered fish, prawn, meatball soup and chicken. =)

Guess what dessert is this? Lamb Ice Cream! Can you believe it?
Lamb - Ice cream- Dessert! =O
Suprisingly good! Luckily, doesn't really taste lamb-ish. =D

Here are our Healthy dessert - Coconut dessert, Ginseng jelly, I forget what jelly hoho
and my healthy fruit juice. It was horlick mixed avocado and etc..

Overall, the food was good! Service was okay. Price was affordable. =)
It was an amazing experience. Once again, thank you, Resort World Genting!


  1. That looks so much fun!! Where is that place?


  2. Beautiful pictures and this is a wonderful theme park. My children love peppa pig and can anyone tell me that where we can find pig theme parks?/


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