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02 August 2012

New! All-In-One Make Up Range by The Body Shop

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Hurray! The Body Shop is going to launch their new make up range =D
If you have been following my blog, you should know that I LOVE The Body Shop.
In fact, I am one of their star loyalty members.
I have been using The Body Shop foundation powder for... 6 years?
Yes!! Since I was still in High School!

Anyway, I was so honored to be invited to the preview session called the All-In-One Bloggers' Event.
It was held at The Body Shop office, Winsland House located near to Somerset.

It was a wonderful evening. Look at the beautiful and tempting corner.. =D

Everything taste great! Especially that little brownie sitting at the back. It was heavenly!

Hungry? Haha..grab some popcorn and come back here!
I am going to make you excited!

Here's a little information on the new Make Up and Skin Care "All-In One" range.
It consists of Vitamin E and CFT Marula for moisturizing effect.
These are exactly what I need!
Some BB cream makes my flaw even more obvious because I have a dry skin.
So, usually I will wipe and splash some Vitamin E Toner by the Body Shop on my face before make up.
Now, with this new range, my skin is going to look soft and flawless even without moisturizing product =D

All In One range consists of;

All In One, BB Cream! This is their second series of BB cream.
They launched the first one - last year? and It was only available in one shade.
This time round, they introduced 3 different shade!
01. 02. 03. Light Medium Dark.

Price: S$32.90 each

What's cool about this BB Cream? It's a colour adapting BB cream! =D
Here's the magic.. 
I was trying light/medium shade and from white liquid, it turned into nude colour.
I was amazed by this brilliant invention!
Application wise, it gets slightly sticky at first..
you need to wait and let it rest for a while before setting it with your foundation.
What I like about this BB cream is that, it's moisturizing,
easy to blend, easily absorb by my skin and it looks natural.

Next up All-In-One concealer..
Before I start, I just want to share that I am also a loyal user of The Body Shop concealer.
I have been using their lightening touch concealer for some years as well.
I was so extremely delighted when I was informed that they are going to launch the new All-In One Concealer.

Here's the gorgeous packaging!

Ah! The combination of skin care and make just LOVELY!
Look at that little white part in the middle. It moisturizes your skin!

All In One concealer came in three shades
01. 02. 03. Light Medium Dark.

Price: $22.90

Here are the swatches..
I am so gonna buy one! It was really easy to apply and it creates dewy and natural finish.
Good for under eye area and scars.

Here's their All In One Face Base.. It can be used wet or dry.
I personally have tried them and I have to say that they are AWESOME. Amazing!
My skin looks really flawless and smooth after application.
Here's their best selling shades 045 and 052.
I am in love and definitely will repurchase them after I have finished my current foundation powder.

Price: $36.90 each

Last but not least, we have the brand new All In One Cheek Colours!
The Body Shop Blusher always gives my skin a healthy glow.
You don't want to miss this one too!

Look at all of the New! Fun 6 shades!
Macaroon 01, Ginger 02, Marshmallow 04, Bubblegum 05, Amber 07, Cherryade 10

My current favorite: Macaroon 01 and Bubblegum 05
I love mixing these two colours. It gives my cheek this hotpink+orangey look.

Price: $22.90

It was a great great evening! Good food were served, fun friends at the event,
sneak preview of the new product, informative presentation
and also...a tutorial for all of us by a professional.
My version of tutorial is coming up really soon. You'll be amazed! =D
Stay tune!

We were presented with a huge box and a small pack filled with their latest
Scents of the World range and All In One products. #Happiness

Thanks to The Body Shop for the amazing session.

The Body Shop All-In-One range is available from 27 August 2012 onward.
For more information, visit their facebook
or website

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