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14 August 2012

Rene's Top 12 Favorite Make-up Products & Everyday Natural Make Up Tutorial + Tips

Hey hey! Today's blog post is gonna be long and informative!
I am going to share with you guys my daily make up tips and also my all-time favorite products!
For your information, I am not a professional make up artist or sort of. I am just a normal woman like you! =)
All of the opinions and tips are purely from my own experience.

Make up is not really a bad thing. If we could look better with make up, then why not?
But, to be honest, there's a price to pay to be pretty! As some of you know, make up is not good for skin.
Just imagine how difficult it is to remove waterproof eye make up!
If we rub our eyes with make up remover everyday, the skin tone around that area will turn darker!
Oh don't forget that it will creates wrinkle too!
And then, in the future, you will realize that you need more concealer for under eye area.
Worth it? Think again!

So, if possible, try to keep your make up as minimum as possible.
I, myself, always try my best to put lesser make up when I could.
That's the reason why I usually look quite different from my photo.
I only apply COMPLETE make up when I know I need to take photo. Haha!

Anyway, let's get started!
The first thing I would usually do is to moisturize my skin.
Use toner, clean the surface of your skin and moisturize it!
Remember to use product that is light and easily absorb by your skin.
If the moisturizer is too sticky or oily, your make up will become cakey afterward.
You can use product such as; Hada Labo or sort of.
In this case, I have been using Essential Mineral Concentrate Refresh Mist by Enavose before make up

Wait for several minutes before the next step. Be patient!
Always wait for everything to dry first before applying the next product.

Attention! This is my latest make up step. I am still learning btw!
I have a natural double eyelid. But, as you can see, it is not very obvious.
So, I applied double eyelid tape to make my double eyelid more obvious.
I am so addicted to higher double eyelid. My eyes looks much brighter with higher crease, don't you agree?

Tips: If you are like me, already have a natural double eyelid, try to paste the double eyelid tape
ON the line of your natural double eyelid or slightly higher (not too high) than your current double eyelid.
Remember you just want to make the crease higher - not too high as it may turn out to be double- double eyelid.

After applying the double eye lid tape, you can start to apply make up on your face.
I would usually skip the primer step. I just don't think it's necessary.
I will only apply make up base when I need to attend a party or again, when I need to take photo.
Oh! I also often skip sunblock step as nowadays, most BB cream in the market contains SPF.

Btw, when I need to apply light make up, I will use Leaders Medieu Sensitive Sun Cream ONLY!
This is one of my favorite products. It is a Make Up Base, Sun Cream as well as BB cream.
All in one! Actually it is not a BB cream but to me, it works as a BB cream as it has a light coverage effect.

My latest favorite product would be the NEW - All In One BB Cream by The Body Shop.
It works like magic! It is a colour adapting BB Cream! It is very light and moisturizing.
However, unfortunately it doesn't contains ingredient for sun protection.

Tips: Always apply double eyelid tape first!
So that you can cover it with your BB cream or foundation to make the tape less visible.

The next step would be to conceal the flaws.
I have serious eye bag problem. I am born with it and I don't really like it.
My all-time favorite under eye concealer would be this Light BB by Garnier!
Actually I have been using it for almost a year already - read about my haul here
This product doesn't only conceal my flaws but also has moisturizing effect.

Ps: I have a very dry skin. That's the reason why I tend to love products with moisturizing ingredients.

Tips: Try not to blend the concealer. Instead, spread the concealer gently by tapping it
around your eyes to cover the dark eyes circle and also to prime the eyelid.
It surprisingly looks very natural when you use the tap motion. - Try it if you don't believe me! =)

Moving on to eye make up! To be honest, I always use safe colour for eye shadow.
I used to skip this step but after my first application, I am addicted to eye shadow! =D
My eyes somehow look nicer with it. If you are first timer, try to choose nude colour
such as brown, pink, nude gold or sort of. I was using nude-gold-ish and brown - Twin Eye Color by Opera

Tips: Yes. I seldom apply mascara. I think it is harmful to eyelash and eye area. Especially the removing part.
If possible, try not to apply mascara everyday.
If you really need to, I will suggest you to apply fake eye lash - without mascara. Yes, it is possible!
You can use eyelash serum or similar product instead of black water proof mascara to curl your eyelash.
I know it! You still need to remove fake eyelash glue around lash line.
To me, it is easier to remove fake eyelash than waterproof mascara. Don't you think so?

How to apply eyeshadow? Here are some guides for your reference.

In short, apply the light colour all over your eyelid and
apply darker shade on the area along the lash line to the outer corner of your eyes.

Here is a picture of my eyelid after applying the eye shadow. As you can see, with eye shadow, my eyes look more 3D now.
The colour is very natural on my eyelid and the double eyelid tape also become less obvious.

If I had to choose only ONE make up product to use for the rest of my life, what would it be?
My answer is EYELINER! Oh! I can't live without eyeliner. I think it is really important.
To me, eyes are the most attractive part of a woman and I love my eyes the most. *wink

Eyes are the windows to the soul and I love to talk with my eyes.
Eye contact plays as an important role in creating first good impression.
Without a pair of beautiful eyes, I think am blind or mute.
Hahaha I seriously don't know what I am talking about now. - Forgive my randomness.

I was sponsored with this Real Lasting Eye Pencil Tattoo in Black by K-Pallete for review.
K-Pallete is an award-winning makeup from Japan, best known for its 1 DAY TATTOO eye makeup range!


It has been a while since last time I used black colour eyeliner.
My reason for using eyeliner in brown colour was because my hair colour has been quite light.
In addition, I think brown eyeliner creates less fierce and harsh effect.
Recently, I start to use eyeliner in black colour again as I realized,
it actually creates more defined line than brown colour. I can have a brighter and rounder eyes with black eyeliner.

As promised, this K-pallete Long Lasting Eye Pencil really works as a 1 DAY TATTOO eyeliner.
It is 8/10 smudge proof and 10/10 waterproof! - Amazing!

I think everyone knows how to apply eyeliner. You just need to follow your lash line and draw.
Draw a little wing at the end of it to create a lifting effect.
Thanks to my higher crease, I can draw thicker eye liner now! =D

Tips: I used to skip drawing lower liner as I think I looks like a panda with it. Here's what I learnt. 
Instead of drawing a full lower line, only draw eyeliner on the outer half of the bottom lid.
Applying eyeliner half way along the bottom lash line (Thick to thin line (as shown))
will makes your eyes look rounder and more defined.

Now, talk with me. My eyes will answer you LOL!

Here's a close up look!

I apply my foundation powder to set the base only after I have finished applying my eye make up.
1. I was waiting for the BB cream to be absorbed by my skin and concealer to be completely dry.
2. I wanted to clean the eye shadow residues that accidentally fall under my eyes before applying my foundation powder.

As mentioned many many times before, I have been using The Body Shop Foundation Powder for years.
This month, they will launch their new All-In-One Make Up base.
I am so honored to be one of the few bloggers that was given the chance
to try the product before it is even available in the market yet. Click here to read more.

I only have one sentence for the product "Amazing". I love the product very much.
Look at how flawless my skin is!
The difference is very obvious isn't? It creates shine-free and matte effect on my skin.

Let the picture do the talking;

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Body Shop All-In-One make up range.

Next step is to draw beautiful eyebrow.
Without a neat and tidy eyebrow, the overall makeup will look less perfect.
It’s a part of the face that seems insignificant, but makes a huge difference in your appearance.
In case you don't know, a good and perfect eyebrow shape can actually make your face looks brighter!

Story: There was once I went to thread my eyebrow. This China woman was very very experienced!
I love her work. She used to have a shop at Far East Plaza but has recently moved to AMK.
Btw, that was my first time threading my eyebrow too. It HURTS like hell! I cried.
But, the result was amazing! Mum asked me "Why you become different and prettier?"
I happily replied "My eyebrow! It is my eyebrow! It was nicely shaped by a China woman!!"

See! It does make a HUGE difference.

Ps:  It doesn't mean that if you have a thick eyebrow you can save your money from buying an eyeborw pencil.
It also doesn't mean that if you have a thin eyebrow you don't need to trim them.
Regardless of the thickness or thinness of your eyebrow, YOU NEED TO SHAPE and TRIM them!

Tips: You can pluck them with tweezers (hurt), wax them (hurt), thread them (hurt) or shave them (doesn't hurt).
I personally would recommend threading or waxing for maybe once every 1-2 month
and maintain the shape by shaving them with eyebrow shaver and small scissor regularly.

I am not good in shaping my eyebrow. I always leave it to the professional one to do it for me.

I personally love this K-Palette 2-Way Eyebrow Liner.
Look at how fine the brush is! I can draw very fine fake eyebrow hair with it.

Move on to the nose! I was using this Nose Shading Powder by Canmake.
Well, I don't think I can cut or trim my nose. Haha! Unless I go for plastic surgery.
What I could do now is to shape it with shading powder.
I am actually satisfied with my nose shape. But if my nose can look smaller and sharper, why not?

Here is the guide;
Use the highlighter on the center part and blend the darker shade on the both sides of your nose.

Hm..the difference is not obvious but I think I am prettier now. Muaahaha!

Next step is to shape my face. If you asked me which part of my face do I hate the most?
My answer is "My Face Shape!" I have a wide jaw! =(

My face shape is big and round - or maybe heart/ triangle. I am not sure. In short, I wish my face and jaw were smaller.

In this case, I was using Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder It warms up my skin tone and give it a healthy glow!

Here's a with and without picture. It does become smaller right? =P

Move on to my cheek! I always use two cheek colour to create interesting shade.

Tips: Pinkish colour on the apple of the cheek area and Orangey one on the side of your cheek.

There you go! Pink+Orange cheek colour!
Oh! Blusher is very important too! Without blusher you will look pale, agree?

Last but not least, the not necessary lip colour.
Hahaha to me, lipstick or lipgloss is so not important aiyoh!
Not only long-term use of certain lipsticks can darken your lips permanently,
it disturbs my meal and also kisses. MUAHAHAHA #Kidding !
In fact, lipstick or lipgloss is not good for health too. Moreover, lipstick mostly tastes horrible.
To me, food and health are more important than sexy looking lip =P

Anyway, if I really need to apply some lip colour or if want to appear sexier.
I will choose nude pinkish lip colour. My favorite lip product is this Candy Doll Lipstick - Rumune Pink

Tip: If you have dry lip, you can scrub it with sugar to remove the dead skin before applying the lipstick.

Nah! Sexy or not? Muahaha!

I become pretty with make up right? Yes, I look *decent only when I have make up on! =P
Oh! Btw, yes! I am 100% a woman even though I have mustache, I swear. Hahaha!

I can totally be much more different and prettier with mascara, fake upper eyelash and fake lower eyelash!
But no! I love my eyes more than how I appear everyday.
I don't want to hurt my eyes too often. Eye liner and eye shadow are enough for my everyday look.
I will only apply heavy eye make up when I need to attend important event.

Here is the summary;

Products Featured;
2. Double Eye Lid Tape (Random)
4. Concealer Light BB by Garnier
5. Twin Eye Color by Opera

I hope this blog post is useful for you! Have a great day babes!
If you have any tips, comments or questions, you can leave a comment in this blog post.
I will try my best to answer your inquires.


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