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20 August 2012

Love Story: Our First Overseas Trip was to Genting ! ♥

It has been a while since last time I talked about US!
Now, grab some popcorns and read about our short love story!

Today's blog post would be about our first trip to overseas TOGETHER...! ehemp with our friends. =)
Six years ago, we went to Genting to celebrate our graduation as well as Christmas!
It was the sweetest moment of my life. Do you know why? Because we were still not together yet. Muahaha!
Btw, he used to be my classmate. A handsome, smart, cute, popular and humor friend of mine.

To be honest, I had a lil crush on him before he said he likes me. But as a girl, I don't want things to be too easy for him.
I rejected him for several times..For fun..Because I knew, he won't give up! Hahaha! #DramaQueen
I was treated like a princess - wherever I go, he follows, whatever I want, he fulfills.. #Happiness

If I am not wrong, we stayed at a random hotel in Kuala Lumpur for several nights before going up to Genting.
I remember clearly, we travelled by coach and we had tons of fun on our way there!
He was a very naughty guy and is still naughty! I was telling him that I suspected the guy who sat in front of us was wearing wig.
He replied "Really? Lets proof it" He secretly sprayed some powder on his hair OMG! We laughed like mad!
See? He was THAT naughty! and I like it ! LOL! We talked and joked a lot!!! It was an unforgettable moment.

Feel free to laugh..Muahaha yeah..that's a picture of us, six years ago..

After hours of journey, we finally arrived in Genting!
The weather was freezing cool. Honestly, I wished he could give me a hug and I knew that he wants to hug me too.
But, NO! We were still not together yet! We can only take pre-dating photo..Muahaha #Childish
I refused to accept him because, I know, dating is not as fun as the wooing process and it is indeed TRUE =(

Anyway, here's the climax! Unfortunately, next day I got sick and I couldn't go anywhere.
Our friends went out to have fun and he decided to stay in the hotel to take care of me. #Awww ...
This is so sad. Because of this, we didn't get to explore the whole place completely.

If I have a chance to visit Genting again, I want to travel by coach again please!
Because, I want to recall those sweet memories with him. =)

I will make sure that I am healthy so that I can explore these exciting places;

1. First World Indoor Theme Park and Outdoor Theme Park.

Fun Theme Park+ Awesome weather = PERFECT!!
I can have fun in peace!! Without sunblock, without hat, without umbrella!
Think of paradise, think of Genting's theme park! =D


Genting Outdoor Theme Park
The cool mountain air makes it an exhilarating experience to enjoy the many rides at the Outdoor Theme Park.
Whether taking leisure drives in the Antique car or experiencing the adrenaline pumping Space Shot,
it's a magical adventure of fun and excitement for the whole family!

First World Indoor Theme Park
Hop on the dare-devil rides, get thrown in the air,get spun around, and tossed over, feel the adrenalin rush!
Like a moment suspended in the time, you are transported to a world where laughter and revelry abound. You will surely cherish every single moment that you spend here.

2. Genting Strawberry Farm

OMG! I never knew that there's a strawberry farm in Genting!
It must be very fun to pick my own strawberry! I want to go I want to go!

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm is the biggest strawberry farm in Malaysia and the first of its kind in the Genting Highlands region. A concept farm that combines the elements of farming, leisure and business, it provides the ultimate strawberry experience for the discerning enthusiast!

Conceived by professionals with decades of experience in the farming and the tourist industry, Genting Strawberry Leisure is designed to meet the needs of tourists – both local and foreign, strawberry lovers and just about anybody from all walks of life who wants to truly enjoy nature’s finest in its purest form

3. Casino of course!

Six years ago, we wanted to visit the Casino. But unfortunately, we were not 18 yet!
Now, we're more than 18 already! Old enough to take a stroll in it. =D

Located 6,000 feet above sea level, Casino de GENTING is the perfect place to be when it comes to sophisticated gaming and excitement.

4. Breakfast at The First World Cafe

A good day starts with a sumptuous breakfast and it has to be BUFFET !!
Hahaha it's the most non-guilty meal of the day =D


Breakfast at First World Café is a great way to start a new day with the galore of food displayed on the buffet tables
 Head on to the action counters to request for fresh farm eggs fried on the spot, if fried eggs are a must on your breakfast menu.
The action counters are opened for lunch and dinner too, where freshly cooked items are prepared right in front of the guests.

5. Lunch at Genting Palace Restaurant!

I want to try the dim sum and custard bun LadyIronChef mentioned on his blog!
Omg! Genting is a food paradise! I couldn't decide which one to visit!

The majestic Genting Palace Restaurant serves exquisite Cantonese Cuisine with an ambience to match. The main dining hall projects the grandeur of a palatial setting complemented by modern Chinese interior design. With a seating capacity of 700 people including 10 private dining rooms, the restaurant is the ideal venue for company functions, cozy private dinners and gatherings for family and friends.

6. Brunch at The Bakery

I want to have a tai tai kind of high tea and The Bakery is my choice!


Take a bite from our oven fresh pastries, cakes and sandwiches, made using traditional recipes and baked to perfection! The Genting Chicken Pie has made a name for itself, so much so that some visitors have been known to order it in bulk whenever they are at Genting. Ingredients for the pie include minced chicken meat, green peas and carrots cut into cubes. If sandwiches are more your cup of tea, you'll be spoilt for choice deciding between white bread, hard rolls, panini, foccacia, croissant, and many others. Most popular is the buttery croissant - so moist and fluffy it literally melts in your mouth! Lastly, do not miss the chance to try our specially brewed Colombian black coffee.
Signature Dishes: Genting Chicken Pie, Outlet Special (Day Menu only), Hot Chocolate !

7. Dinner at The Olive

A romantic candle light dinner for me and my love one please =D
Ahrrr!! I want to try their escargot badly!!!!!

WESTERN CUISINE - BEST 10 IN ASIA during the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2011 - 2013 Platinum Series.

Located at the Lobby Floor of Genting Hotel, this restaurant exudes a modern, arty design with a casual, welcoming feel in its 'olive' colours and warm lighting.Offering Continental cuisine served in a trendy yet elegant ambience, the food features a myriad of textures, flavours and stylesin a blend of classical recipes with contemporary ingredients and tastes. Among the choices on offer are prime cuts of meat,fresh seafood, crisp salads, delicious desserts, fine wines and so much more.Juicy, succulent Wagyu Beef is the house specialty. The promise of a gastronomic adventure awaits.

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