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17 August 2012

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia! =D

Love, it's Indonesian Independence day..We should celebrate...and appreciate.. Zzz..!
Okay..I am a bit siao right now..Time is 5.20am, I am sitting in front of my laptop, on my bed, typing nonsense.

Let's talk about Indonesia. As some or most of you know, I am an Indonesian. An Indonesian-Chinese.

#BRB googling about Indonesian-Chinese LOL. #random #curiousness
#Back Hm..interesting.. Read Here I am Teochew btw! I can speak Teochew but not fluent.

I don't know why, but when I tell people that I am Indonesian, they were quite amazed. 

I guess it's because I speak a fluent mandarin? #Ehemp #ProudOfMyMandarin Haha.
Yes, actually it's not common for Indonesian to speak fluent Chinese. However, in my area, it is a different story.

Thanks to this TV channel from Singapore called "Channel 8" Muahaha!
Since I was a baby, I have been watching Channel 8 like what most Singaporean do.
I live in this beautiful Island called Batam. It's located less than an hour away from Singapore.
Luckily, we can receive Mediacorp's signal too! That's the reason why we can speak mandarin fluently. =D

Other than that? Well, mum and dad have been speaking Chinese with me since when I was very young.
My mum told me that she actually went to a Chinese school. She can write, read and speak mandarin very well.
I believed my great great great great grandparent was originally from China?
Then, they sailed, escaped, swam, fled, were sold, transferred all the way to Indonesia.

This is interesting. Do you know why Indonesian girls are beautiful? #IamNOTtalkingaboutmyself

It is because they mix here mix there! Haha sounds very wrong! But, you get what I mean right!
Imagine Caucasian mix Chinese or Japanese mix Indonesian - Beautiful.
Here's an example, A famous Indonesian Chinese International celebrity, Indonesia's DIVA, Agnes Monica !

She is amazing! Her voice is powerful! You have to watch this interesting performance of her!
I am IMPRESSED! =D I love how she mixed her modern song together with Indonesia's Traditional Song!

Hee yamko rambe yamko aronawa kombe
Hee yamko rambe yamko aronawa kombe
Teemi nokibe kubano ko bombe koYuma no bungo awe ade
Teemi nokibe kubano ko bombe koYuma no bungo awe ade
Hongke hongke hongke riro Hongke jombe jombe riro
Hongke hongke hongke riroHongke jombe jombe riro

Btw, Indonesian itself is BEAUTIFUL!
I love how long their lashes are, black hair, dark sexy glowing skin colour. Oh! I want a tan! and I am serious about this!
If you are dark skinned and you don't like it, read this! You are beautiful!

Anyway, I am honestly happy to live in this island and glad to be an Indonesian too.
Not only because it's near to Singapore but also the people, the food, the culture, everything is amazing.
Although numerous of conflict happened throughout the decades, I still love and proud of my country, Indonesia.
I was originally born and made in (I think) Indonesia. Hahaha.
I have been living in Indonesia for about 19 years. (Ps: Another 4 years of my life happened in Singapore)
Woey! Do not count my age! LOL!
I live here, I went to school, I made friends, I celebrate Indonesia's Independence day,
I celebrate Chinese New Year, we have Hari Raya Idul Fitri holday too!
To be honest, Indonesia have TONS of holiday to celebrate! Hahaha! #MajorLove

To me, Indonesia is unique, rich and interesting! =)

We have Indonesian Chinese, Indian (not a lot), Arab people and Indonesian
(Jawa, Batak, Sunda, Madura, Flores..etc #Countless of ethnic group!)
We don't have USS or The Luxury Marina Bay Sands, but we have 13.487 Island. Amazing?
and EVERY Island has it's own story and history ! Luckily I don't have to study them when I was still in School. Hahaha!
Oh! Btw, I shamefully failed my Geography. Hahaha! So many province and Island to remember!
I bet, if you are indonesian and you are reading this,You don't know too!
Nah! No need to google, here's the answer! 

Source: Wikipedia

We are rich in natural resources!
We have mountains, we have seas, we have farms, we have oil, we have gold, anything except money.
Where's the money? You know I know, Everyone knows! LOL

Random fact: Our currency used to be called Oeang Repoeblik Indonesia (ORI) before Rupiah! I never knew that!
Or btw, I failed my history subject too! Hahaha! No wonder I don't know. LOL

Now, let's end this post with 10 reasons why I love Indonesia;
1. I love everything about Batik and Kebaya! I am so addicted to it. Indonesia have a very rich culture and it is amazing.
2. Indonesians are polite, humble and sweet =) Like seriously! 
Talking about hospitality? Come and witness it yourself. I am sorry but I had too much bad experience when I was in another country.
You might have bad experience when you were in Indonesia too. That's normal. Every country has its own bad and good side.
3. Love the food of course! Nothing beats Ayam Penyet, Nasi Padang, Gado Gado, Mpek Mpek, Ayam cabe hijo, Indomie, Teh sosro!
4. I love how cheap the price of the car is in Indonesia and also the traffic!
Muahaha don't throw eggs at me. I know this should be in the list of why I hate Indonesia.
I heard the traffic is horrible in Jakarta. I also heard, in 2015, the traffic will be totally stuck! Read here
But in Batam, traffic is so far so good. It is still acceptable.
5. Indonesia is HUGE. There's a lot of interesting place and I can't wait to explore them.
Other than the famous Bali, I want to explore Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and other interesting cities.
6. I heard, we are good in Mathematics and have won countless of awards and medals. Well done!
7. Guinness World Records recently named Borobudur temple in the Central Java town of Magelang as
the world’s largest Buddhist temple.

8. We are rich in Natural Resources.
9. The endless horror movie! Hahaha! Seriously, I don't understand WHY Indonesian love to produce horror movie.
Don't believe me? try to walk to any local cinema. I bet there's at least one or more local horror movie that is showing.
Jelangkung, Terowong Casablanca, Kuntilanak, Toilet 105, Suster ngesot. - We have any kind of ahemp LOL
10. Indonesia's policeman is very entertaining! They are too free..Muahaha!
Here's the story;
Briptu norman is a cop who suddenly become famous because of this video. He is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan :D
He was entertaining his friend who was sad because of his family problems (left side of Norman)
After seeing this video, his friend laugh..*he doesn't respond in the video because he often sees him doing it.
Norman doesn't get severe punishment because he has brought a new image in the police unit
which was known as arrogant, numb or awkward and unfriendly.

Source: Youtube information section of the video.

The punishment was to sing in front of everyone! Haha!

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Despite the severe corruption, chaos, racism against Chinese, hypocrites, messy politics, scam, bla bla bla..
I was born here. This is my country. Whatever happens, I am still an Indonesian and I am proud of it.
I love my beautiful mother land!

Happy Birthday Indonesia


  1. yeaaah I guess you're a singapore people before hehehe
    great post! love it totally! <3
    happy 67th independence day too
    pssst agnes always looks sexy and energic it must muehehe XD

  2. hahaa.. it's so true about chinese indonesian!! in jakarta no chinese people can speak chinese, all banned in orde baru, just some hokkien influence in some daily conversation words.. different story with chinese outside java like pontianak, medan, riau, ect. but we do have a lot of super big shopping mall! hahaha.. Proud to be indonesian! =p

  3. That's why I want to visit Jakarta! I heard the mall is GIGANTIC !

  4. "We have mountains, we have seas, we have farms, we have oil, we have gold, anything except money."
    This is so TRUE!!! hahaha..
    And Jakarta's traffic is very horrible. I want to escape from this town *I wish I could T_T* and yet you wanna come here. It's weird! LOL.
    Anw, nice post! :)

  5. hhahaha. yap the traffic is the worst but the rest is still ok.

    maybe u can try shopping mall like Grand indonesia shopping town-plaza indonesia-ex(the best), Central park-mall taman anggrek, Senayan city-plaza senayan-pacific place, Gandaria city, kuningan city-kota kasablanka, emporium pluit, mal kelapa gading, ect.
    (from the best one and location)

    for the restaurant u must go to SKYE at menara BCA Lt 46 for seight seing Jakarta at the night. or another cozy place at the malls above especially in plaza indonesia-ex like Immigrant, playground, ect. plaza senayan-union. ect. and the good thing is u can dress up at the mall. haha.

    for culinary trip u can find anything at Kelapa gading area like nuris warung bali, holycow steak, berbagai bakmi enak like bakmi bintang gading bakmi khek bakmi bangka, or good chinese food in angke resto or golden leaf.

    another food paradise is Muara karang/pluit area but all is chinese food. hehe.. =p

    maybe it can help your trip next time u visit jakarta. =)

  6. @Yanti I want to shop !!=D ah! thank you so much to whoever you are for the amazing list! I will definitely use them on my next trip. #useful =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!