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07 August 2012

Floral Short Inspired Easy D.I.Y Floral Nail Art Tutorial

Before I start, I just want to show you guys this new baby blue floral high waist short that I just bought.
I love the print on it very much!
This is the second piece of high waist short I've ever bought in my life! Hahaha!
I seldom wear high waist bottom. My wardrobe is filled with skirt, short and mostly dress.
I am a dress person. I still love all of my dress!

Ps: Kindly ignore my super messy room Zzz..

You know what, not all people can look good in high waist bottom.
You need to have flat tummy to wear high waist pant, skirt, etc.
If not, you will look funny? pregnant? just weird.
You have to choose the right garment. Not all high waist short can hide your tummy.
I finally have the courage to wear high waist short recently because, I've just lost some kilos! yay!
Alternatively, you can always hide your tummy with a shape wear or corset before wearing it.

Anyway, today I am going to show you guys a very easy skill that I learnt recently.
It is this floral nail art!
What you need are only some nail polishes and a toothpick!

Here are the colours I use;
Any kind of blue nail polish colour.
Glitter blue - this is an alternative colour and not necessary.
Light nude pink, Hot pink and Green for the floral and leaf.

Fistly, paint your base. Secondly, create dots (not necessarily round) randomly.

Use your toothpink just randomly draw some line around the dot with hot pink nail colour.
I am serious, just draw messy line and it will magically looks like flower!
Next, add some leaves with green nail polish.

And you are done!

Here are some floral print image for your reference.

Easy isn't?  I hope you will enjoy trying it! =D

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  1. kereeen nail artsnya >.<
    mau coba ah~~~ sekilah kelihatannya rumit yah :)

    thanks for the tutorial ka Irene :)


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