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05 August 2012

Collected My Academic Regalia from Serangoon Broadway

So, I actually went to collect my Academic Regalia (Gown, Trencher and Hood) from Serangoon Broadway yesterday.
Before that, I registered and fixed my appointment via student portal at and

It feels good to know that I am graduating soon. I have completed my studies since last December 2011.
It has been about 8 months of waiting? Oh! "Finally" !

Here's how the schedule looks like on that day. Session 2;
Date: 22 August 2012, Wednesday
Time: 12.00 pm - 1.00 pm (Graduates Registration)
1.15 pm - 2.00 pm (Graduates Briefing)
2.00 pm - 4.30 pm (Ceremony & Reception)

Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Full-time
Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Part-time

Here's roughly how the shop looks like.
It is located opposite of The Serangoon Fire Station.

I was greeted with a huge graduation bear upon entering the shop.
After that, I approached the receptionist to make my payment.
Oh! I will suggest you to make your appointment asap. I made mine on 1st August.
I was planning to book for the next day (2nd August) but unfortunately it has fully booked!
No choice but to choose 3rd of August and again, I only have limited choices 10.30am 11am or 7pm.

Here's some regalia for your reference:

Bachelor of Economy/ Finance
Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Design
Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Communication

The cost of the rental was $20 only. However, a $200 deposit is required upon collection.
To my surprise, guest tickets were not provided.
Because, previously, guest tickets were given for my parent to attend 
my convocation ceremony when I graduate from Temasek Polytechnic.

All of the students are entitled to buy only two tickets. Extra tickets need to be requested.
I requested mine and my request has been approved yay!
I have 4 tickets with me now, for my parent, my brother/sister and my boyfriend.
Ticket price is $16/each.

As for the gown, I chose size S via Serangoon Broadway website.
I chose the smallest size available not because I think I am slim enough for size S.
But, it is because from my past experience, cutting for graduation gown is really big!

and I am right!
I am 152cm and about 48 kg. My body is straight. Dimension is 38 38 38 hahaha! I am kidding!
The staff said, size S might be too big and long for me. I was given with a special gown.. size XS.
My respond was "Oh! I never knew that there's size XS!"
Staff politely replied "Yes, we only have limited XS size..".
Haha! Of course, there is only limited shortie like me as well! We are limited edition #muahaha #selfconsole
As for the trencher, 6 1/2 (second smallest size) fits my head perfectly.

Oh! Btw, I am sad and happy coz the staff thought I am a Japanese haha!

After the gown fitting session, I was invited to sit down..
Hm..Marketing people should understand what "Sit Down" mean..

She offered me a special deal. Well, maybe not that special. =P
I was suggested to pay a $100 deposit for graduation package and I will be entitled with a $50 rebate voucher.
The $50 can only be used on package worth $200 and above.
I have to make my decision immediately on that day to be entitled with that $50 voucher.
Nah! I hate marketing LOL! Friends, if you have not collect your regalia
and you are reading this, you still have time to think and do research before going down.

Here's some samples. Yes That's size 20R ! The smallest size for wall-photo.
Let's take that 20R as an example.
Btw, you dont have to chose the size of the photo on the day when you pay for the deposit.
You can chose it on the day when you have your photo shoot done at the studio.

Individual price (1 pax) for 20R = $280
Family price (More than 1 pax and up to 60 pax in a photo) for 20R = $380

If I decided to take a picture for myself only, it would be $280- $50 = $230 for only ONE photo.
If I decided to take family photo, then it would be $380 - $50 = $330 for only ONE photo.

Package includes -
Only ONE photo (selected size)- with photo frame. It is canvas photo - water and scratch-proof.
6 pieces of 4R (4″ x 5″) reprints of the selected photo
Complimentary make up for ladies, suit for guys (father), regalia for myself and sibling
(There's no charges for make up, suit and regalia regardless of the number of people).

Nah, these are what I think will happen if I decided to take family package;
1. I will take a photo with my parent and sibling = 1 family photo
2. Photographer will take a photo of myself only = 1  individual photo
3. Photographer will take a photo of my parent and I only = 1 family photo
4. Photographer might take photo of my siblings and I = 1 family photo

or maybe we will end up with 10 photos!! and I can only choose ONE! Zzz..

What if I want to buy all of the photo? Bankrupt. Haha!

Extra photo is also charge base on the price list !
Let's take the smallest invidual photo as an example.
If I have 3 nice photo of myself, I need to pay $120x3 ! that's $360 for 3 smallest size photo.
Is that a good deal? Well, I am not so sure because I don't know the market price for such package.

I, myself decided to take the deal.
I thought, a table sized photo - size 14R for family is $280 - $50 = $230 is not that bad.
Let me know what you think please?

Oh! I was given with a lil graduation - bird? Is that a bird?
after I decided to put my $100 deposit for graduation packages.

For more sample photo visit

These were what I got home..
Ps: Ignore that naughty boy! Hahaha he wants that plushie badly! LOL
He is just too lonely. Dear Gucci, Your wife is on its way. Be patient yah! ckck..!

I have a big problem here. As you know, I just dyed my hair and it's quite bright! duh!
It is not very appropriate for both convocation ceremony and photoshoot.
What should I do now? Hm...


  1. Use temporary hair colour spray! Or the famous hair chalk hehehe

  2. Hehe I thought about it too. Maybe I should do that.

  3. I took mine at Serangoon Broadway last year. Price is quite expensive but the result is okay.

  4. Oh! Thanks for the comment. I hope the photos will turn out good.

    1. The price for the photos are quite expensive even after $50 off on the promotional price. You can easily get a cheaper price elsewhere actually. I find the people quite forceful on us paying the deposit on that duy itself because they know the price is not cheap


Thanks for your lovely comment!