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12 August 2012

Ask For Sample Before Buying The Actual Product!

Hellow babes, how are you today?
What are you guys doing now? Working? After school? After party?
No matter what you are doing now, I just want to remind you to take care of your skin.
It is extremely important. No matter how good your make up products or make up skills are,
without a good skin to start with, it won't look perfect.
Before I start, I just want to share with you about my skin care routine.

These are 3 basic essential steps; Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize.

Always wash your face with a cleanser that suits you skin condition - sensitive? oily? dry? combination?
Oh! If you apply make up almost everyday, remember to remove it!
I always double, triple cleanse my skin when I have make up on my face.
1. Wipe them with make up remover
2. Use dry hand apply water based make up remover on my dry skin and wash them away.
3. Clean my face with my daily cleanser
4. Wipe my face with toner to make sure it is completely clean.

Secondly, use toner before applying any product.
This is to double cleanse and remove the dirt or make up residues on your face.
After using toner, the essence of the product that you will be using will absorb better too.

Thirdly, moisturize! I totally can understand that loads of us, ladies, are very lazy in this part.
Reasons are probably because the texture of moisturizer is usually quite thick,
it may cause blemishes, oily on skin, clog pores or it irritatingly stains your pillow.
Trust me, nowadays, there is a lot of good moisturizer in the market
they are pretty light and can be easily absorb by your skin!
You just need time to try and test them to find the perfect one for your skin.
Alternatively, use mask! They are usually more powerful than moisturizer.
You need to choose the right mask too. Some masks can get really sticky. =)

I believe a lot of you often watch youtube video or google for product review
that often leads to blog when you need to find a particular product.
Remember: Not all product works well on that person will works well on you too!

Tips: You can always ask for sample before buying the actual product.
This is actually a very important step. You might think that it sounds cheapskate.
But hey! If you are not suitable with the product, what are you going to do with it? throw it away?
It is always recommended to try a new product for some times before getting the actual size.

I will only ask for sample for product that I think is expensive or else, I will just try the tester available on spot.
My definition of expensive is product costs $50 and above.
I need to try and see if the product works well on my skin before buying it.

You can request for sample from the staff or usually,
tester can be found somewhere near to the counter for you to try.
After trying the product, you can directly decide to buy or not to buy it.
Alternatively, you can walk around first, feel the texture and observe how it works on your skin after hours.
This is what I would usually do as it takes time for some products to absorb into the skin.
In addition, I need some times to compare both the price and the brand too.
Is the brand reputable? Is the product too sticky and oily?
Do you experience any redness or itchiness?
Worth the price? Which brand works better on your skin?

Lastly, my advice is to THINK again! Oh! there is a lot of temptation out there!
Usually case: Before going out, you told to yourself, 
"I have to control myself. I just want to WALK and BROWSE around, I swear"
In the store: "Oh! This is the new product! Should I buy? OMG! It is on promotion
and member have extra discount! I have to buy I have to buy!"
Girls will usually end up with bags and bags of haul! - This is perfectly normal.

Here's the tips: always THINK before making your decision;
1. Do I really need this?
2. I will buy this after I finish my current one.
3. This is cheap but I don't need it now.
4. I have to control. I want to walk around and try other brand first.
5. Maybe I should ask for sample first.
6. and etc.

Always try to DELAY and POSTPONE your purchase. Buy them only when you really need them.

I hope these are useful for you.
If you are like me, in your early twenties,
you should start to find a skin care routine that is suitable for your skin.
Oh! The word aging is not very far from us. Start NOW!

21st Birthday - Yay! I am officially an adult now!
22nd Birthday - Nothing special.
23th Birthday - It's alright, not too far from 21.
24 Birthday - Please tick one - 18-24 or 25-34.
Oh my God! Next year I have to tick 25-34 !!! #Feeling old

Muahaha..This is just my random thought.
I am turning 23 in about 2 months time. Ah! I am so not looking forward to it. =(

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