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29 July 2012

We miss Japanese cuisine!

For those who have following me on twitter or instagram would have known that,
I just changed my hair colour recently!
Follow me if you haven't =D Twitter at @ReneOct and Instagram @ReneOct
My new ombre hair colour was done by Shunji Matsuo Singapore.
I am very excited about it and I can't wait to share with you about my experience!

Here's a sneak peek:

The colour is not very obvious when I am indoor and actually quite bright when I am outdoor.
You like it?

Boyfie and I were craving for Japanese food- Badly!
It is not easy to find a good Japanese restaurant in Indonesia, unfortunately.
I might consider to open one myself - muahhaa kidding!
F&B is a tedious business that I don't think I want to manage.

Anyway, we went to one of our favorite Japanese restaurants, Sakae Sushi!
The meal was heavenly! We ate like we just came out from the hell. Haha!

I might go to Singapore again next week. Not sure yet - to be confirmed. =P
Life is so far so good. I love Indonesia. I love Indonesian cuisine as well.
However, sometimes I do miss McDonald (Mc Spicy), KFC (double down, cheese fries and egg tart),
Wendy's (baked potato), Old Chang Kee (Curry puff and Chicken wing), Auntie Anne's and a lot moreeee.
They are like my family (what am I talking about). Haha! I truly miss them! T-T

Stay tune! Hint: A giveaway is coming your way! =D

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  1. I miss Singapore McD too.... Auntie Anne's also open their store in Indonesia at Taman Anggrek mall jakarta :D



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