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25 July 2012

Sponsored Review: Scents of The World by The Body Shop

Firstly, sincerely apologize as I have been missing.
Last week was an amazing and busy week. I attended several bloggers' events.
Anyway, here's one of the bloggers' events that I went to.

The Scents of The World by The Body Shop!
Do you like to travel?
Now, Spritz on a World Fragrance.Experience one fragrance on its own or 
blend two together to create a truly individual scent.
From the warm and exotic to the dewy and fresh, Scents of the World transports you to faraway places.

I was so delighted when I receive an invitation to have a sneak preview session over at The Body Shop office last weekend.
Look at what's on the table!
It is The Body Shop first fragrance collection containing 100% organic essence
and globally sourced natural extracts!

First up! Flora Seduction.
You can use the fragrance on its own or mix them!

Madagascan Vanilla Flower
Off the coast of Africa, the fragrance of Madagascar Island Vanilla travels on a warm, African breeze
with amber, frangipani and vanilla.
Madagascan Vanilla Flower smells just like a fresh-baked vanilla cake!
It is very gentle and warm.

Atlas Mountain Rose
“In Morocco, the scent of hand-picked Atlas Mountain Rose fills the air”
with citrus, spices and rose extracts.
This bright, dewy blend of floral accords was inspired by dawn in a field of blossoming roses.
It smells refreshing and also feminine at the same time! I love this one!

Aquatic Dawn - Are you an Inspiring, Creative and Energetic person?
Try to mix Atlas Mountain Rose and Amazonian Wild Lily!

Amazonian Wild Lily 
“Discover an oasis of fresh lilies in the Amazon with Amazonian Wild Lily”
with iris, orchid, papaya and Brazilian lilies.
This crisp, luminous blend of floral and aquatic accords is inspired by the rain-kissed cool of the jungle.
This is a fresh and lively blend- not very strong at the same time. Best fragrance to start a day!

Bold? Adventurous and Charismatic?

Japanese Cherry Blossom
This romantic, captivating blend of floral and hinoki wood accords was inspired by a spring day in Kyoto.
A gorgeous, feminine blend of apple, magnolia and cherry blossom.
A very girly and soft flora fragrance.

You are a Romantic, Passionate and Sensual Person?
Blend Japanese Cherry Blossom and Indian Night Jasmine to create your own fragrance.

Indian Night Jasmine
“In India, wrap yourself in Indian Night Jasmine as it blooms under the moon”; 
with sandalwood, violet leaf and orange blossom.
This seductive, feminine blend of floral and oriental accords was inspired by a moonlit night in a Mughal garden.
A comforting and welcoming blend of sandalwood, violet leaf, orange blossom and jasmine.

Overall, I love almost every scents introduced.
My favorite blend would be Atlas Mountain Rose and Amazonian Wild Lily.
These two fragrances are very refreshing and soothing at the same time.

The body shop scents of the world collection includes;
Shower Gel (250ml) that is refreshing and gentle to skin,
Body Lotion (250ml) that is as awesome as their current range,

Fragrance Mist (100ml and  Eau de Toilette (50ml)  that are very long lasting.
The fragrances contain organic essences, natural extracts and Community Fair Trade organic alcohol from Ecuador.

Not only that top, natural ingredients were used, it's eco-friendly as well.
I love the packaging very much, It looks simple, classy and pretty.

Perfume Oil (15ml) that's pretty strong.
A few dabs of it produce more that enough of the fragrance at the same time, easily absorb by skin.
It remains true and last for a whole with just one application. I am really amazed by the perfume oil.
It came in pocket-friendly size too.

The scents are surprisingly really long lasting. Best of all, they are affordable!

Last but not least, I would like to thanks both The Body Shop for the invite.
I was pampered with a huge parcel filled with loads amazing products.

Even though products are sponsored. I would like to highlight that my reviews are all honest and they are purely my own opinion. =)

The Body Shop will launch Scents of the World, a new natural perfume collection, in August.
Do drop by and find your very own fragrances! Check out their facebook for latest news too!


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  2. your room is so cute o.o this body shop product sounds great, esp the vanilla one :p


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