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30 July 2012

Sponsored: Erabelle Beauty and The Browlogy Event + Giveaway

I am so so so excited about today's blogpost!
Last week I was invited to "Beauty and The Browlogy" Bloggers' event held at Erabelle Prestige.
Oh! I never knew that such a beautiful spa boutique exists in Singapore!
It was like a wonderland! Keep reading and you will know why..

About Erabelle

Classic, timeless and elegant – that is how Erabelle defines beauty.
Erabelle seeks to enhance your beauty so that it looks natural, never overly made-up or fake.
Discover how subtly defined features can make you looksignificantly better,
without undergoing extrememeasures like surgery.

Erabelle Philosophy

Modern women juggle multiple roles. With family and career commitments jostling for her time,
Erabelle offers a solution to simplify beauty routines, allowing women everywhere to look good with minimal time and effort.

Erabelle achieves this through the use of semi-permanent colours to define your eyebrows, eyes and lips. Women emerge from our service with eyebrows that frame their faces perfectly,
beautiful eyes that captivate and healthy-looking, luscious lips.

And the best thing? Their newfound confidence stays, the day after, the month after and years after...

About Kimono-Clad Lady

Her grace is instinctive, her beauty - delicate and elegant.
With her natural good looks as a benchmark, Erabelle sets out to help our clients achieve the same classic allure.

Hailing from the land where the standards of customer service are legendary, this timeless icon has come to represent Erabelle.
Once you set eyes on our kimono-clad staff, expect a service experience characterized by warm hospitality, dedication and commitment.

Erabelle Story

Back in 2004, the owners of Derma-Aesthetics, a successful cosmeceutical company started 
Erabelle with the vision of creating fuss-free beauty.
Drawing from its rich background in the beauty industry, Erabelle pioneered the concept of instant beauty.
While the semi-permanent enhancement technique was already in existence,
Erabelle perfected it by customizing enhancements according to face shape and facial features.
With this Instant Beauty technique, Erabelle has since helped thousands of women to unveil their inner goddesses.
Through the use of artfully applied semi-permanent make-up, they are truly able to put their best face forward, allowing their confidence to shine.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with awesome and very friendly people from both Vanity Trove and Erabelle.
The environment was very cozy and comfortable. I made some new friends from the event as well.

I first knew about Erabelle from their Vivo City Outlet.
Have you ever seen some ladies in Kimono working at a beautiful store there?
That's Erabelle!

This time round, I visited Erabelle Prestige located 103 Penang Road #01-06 to 11, Singapore.
It is located mins away from Dhoby Ghaut MRT.


I was very honored and happy to tour around the spa boutique.
One word to describe..Everything is "PRETTY" omg!! It was like a paradise!
I kept smiling while touring around the area. All of the rooms were like a boutique hotel room to me.
It was very clean, comfortable and interesting.

Are you ready?

This is sooooo - my room right? You can imagine how happy I was when I saw these!
I wish I could bring home that black table! Haha just nice! I am looking for a side table for my room.
I love the dressing table too! I love vintage setting- French furniture!

Here are the comfortable bed. They have couple room as well.

Oh! They put a lot of effort on designing the whole place. #applause

Most of the room in Erabelle Prestige came with an attached bathroom with bathtub!

Another interesting room. Classic!

More beautiful furniture..

I love that pink cushion!

Anyway, here's the point of today's blog post;
Erabelle is well-known not only their facial treatment and massages but also their Cosmetic Artistry Service.

They offer Eraliner, Eralip as well as Erabrow service.

About Eralip

Healthy-looking lips bestow the bloom of youth. Rosy lips add a dash of colour that brightens up the entire face. 
Your skin tone, age and personal preference all come into play when custom-blending the ideal lip colour. 
Uneven lip colour, lips that are too pale or too dark can all be corrected with Eralips.
Using the SoftPink lip technique, a flattering, semi-permanent lip colour will be gently filled in.
Light up the world with your smile.
With naturally-flushed lips that give your face a healthy and radiant aura, you have every reason to do so.

About Eraliner

Subtly-lined eyes bedazzle all with their charm.The intensity of the colour, 
even throughout or tapered inwards, wingtip or not – these are considerations our artists make when they look at your eyes.
It’s a beauty science. Eraliner is finely drawn near the upper lash line to create the illusion of thicker lashes, resulting in more defined eyes.
Droopy eyes look more alert and single-lidded eyes appear bigger and brighter with well-applied eye liner.
With smudge-proof and precisely drawn eyeliner, maintaining a fuss-free beauty routine is a breeze.
 Just a swish of mascara and eyes will be reawakened with a sparkle.

About Erabrow

Elegantly-shaped brows for an exquisite look. Without a nice frame, a pretty picture looks incomplete. 
Let our experts customize the colour and shape of your eyebrows perfect for your unique features and face shape. 
Defined and uber-feminine eyebrows give you so much confidence you might just decide to face the world, bare-faced.
Fear not, Erabelle uses a semi-permanent technique which will not fade to a blueish-greenish tint.
The latest Soft Stroke Technique together with certified safe colours mimic the look of hair strands to give youa completely natural look.

Erabelle EraBrow - Naturally beautiful brows anytime, everytime.

Not only that they matches the colour and shape of your eyebrow with your unique features and face shape,
they also use high quality product together with the latest Soft Stroke Technique that will give you this 3D eyebrow effect
(definitely different with the traditional black or blue chunky eyebrow tattoo).

Other than those, they also use the latest technology by Noveau Contour.
The Nouveau Contour Intelligent, the first computer-controlled device worldwide
 the Digital 700, Nouveau’s digital device and the Nouveau Contour pigments are a unique 'state of the art' system.
It is a very precise process and is in most cases irreversible.
It is therefore important that one should apply permanent cosmetics with the best equipment available.

I am totally not surprise that they won the prestigious Best Brow Embroidery for Erabelle and 
Best Day Spa for Erabelle Prestige awards from Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine.
They totally deserved it.

I am sold! Oh! Wake up with beautiful face - nicely shaped eyebrow, pink sexy lip and charming eyes?
I want permanent make up too !
Some of my friends actually did such cosmetic enhancement service before at other places and unfortunately,
some of them actually regretted as they look quite thick and obvious.
But, with Erabelle, rest assured. I personally have witness the procedures myself. It looks really natural!
They are very professional and good on this.

"Choose the right one or regret forever!"

Btw, I was treated with an eyebrow design service at the event and I was quite surprised that my therapist actually did all of the services mentioned above as they look really really natural on her.
I really have this urge to try Erabrow, Eralip and Eraliner at Erabelle. Should I? =D

Anyway, last but not least, I was presented with a sumptuous gift at the end of the event! =D

Erabelle Long Lasting Brow Colour in Brown
This is a swatch that I did. As you can see, the colour is just nice and it matches my current hair colour.
Best of all, the line is actually very fine. Know why? Because it came with a magic sharpener! =D

I was presented with an Erabelle Brow Perfect set as well.
Promo price: $128.40 (u.p $191.80)

It includes;
Eyebrow comb brush Price: S$5
Eyebrow scissor Price: S$56
Eyebrow techno tweezer price: S$61

Eyebrow Sharpener Price: $10.00
Bro Pencil Price: S$34.24

Now, it's GIVEAWAY time! =D Specially for Irene's reader!

Stand a chance to win Erabelle Brow Pencil (Dark Brown) !
I will choose a total 4 winners.
This giveaway is open to Singapore and Indonesia residents only.
Winners will be notified directly by email and this giveaway ends on 17th of August 2012.

What you need to do is easy! Just follw step 1,2,3!

2. Tweet and tag
"Join Erabelle and @VanityTrove Giveaway on @ReneOct 's blog and stand a chance to win a  fabulous prize. Click here"
3. Leave a comment with your name, twitter ID and your email address in this blogpost
or email me at (subject: Erabelle's Giveaway)

That's all! Easy right? what are you waiting for?

For more information, visit


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