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26 July 2012

Pink Outfit from Cotton On and My Recent Haul from Sasa, Diva and Daiso

Here's my attire weeks ago. I am so in love with Cotton-On!
Their apparels are very affordable and fashionable. I bought my soft pink peplum blouse from them.
The price was $30 for 2! I got another one in Grey.
Guess how much is my chain skirt? It was 5 bucks! Can you believe it?
I remember that it was selling at $30 for 2 but over the counter I was told that,
this is $5 and another one is $19.90 so I actually save even more!
What a steal man!

I paired it with my Moschino belt and it looks perfect! Don't you think so?

A matching nail that I did it myself with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength (Colour:Something new)
and Sally Hansen Salon Effect to create this fabulous nail art. Do you like it?
Tips: This is one way to save the nail sticker. Do not use them all for only one finger.
Learn this! I only used one nail sticker for all 5 fingers! =D

I added an extra step in my make up routine recently. Can you spot the difference?
An -everyday make up tutorial will be published soon! Stay tune!

You like my overall attire?
Bangle sponsored by
Clutch sponsored by

Here are some items I received and bought recently.
Omg! Don't you love my pink Sasa VIP card? I love it very much!
You should get one too! It entitles you a 5% discount and can be used in any country!

I watched tried and tested on and was very tempted to get this
Skinlite nail polish remover pads!
I went to sasa and guess what? It was on promotion - Buy 1 get 1 free! =D
This is so amazing! How could I miss it right?
Without hesitate, I grabbed 2 and got another 2 for free.
They are cheap! $2.95 each (Qty: 36 pads/tube)
I have not try them but it should be good as Shu An said so =P

I love DIVA! They have a lot of weird and amazing accessories.
Here's what I got from them; Left+ Right bangle - 2 for $20.
The spikes bangle in the middle costs $13.

Another favorite paradise! Daisooooo!
I got these two very cute door hook at $2 each. They are very useful!
You should really get one too =D

That's all for my random post today. Stay tune for more blogpost. =)

Irene Octoviani Tan

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  1. wow sasa membership card >.< how can get it?


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