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16 July 2012

Pandudinatalya's Red-themed Wedding Reception - Tuxedo and Gown Wedding Planner, Indonesia

Ohay! Sincerely apologize for the super duper late update about my sister's wedding party.
Kindly forgive me =D Today's blogpost is all about the theme and decoration of the massive party.
If you have read the previous blogpost, most of the picture I posted are full of RED colour.
Such as;

From my sister's red themed bedroom and dowry..

Bridesmaids' dresses..

Red killer heels..

Merzy's red shirt..

Red- themed wedding's car decoration..

The wedding couple bear!

The red rose bouquet..

The Ang Pows (Red Packets) filled with cash!

The red umbrella;

Groom's home; 

Groom's Bedroom;
Btw, if I am not wrong, his room was designed specially for the beautiful bride.
Haha she loves red colour very very much lol - just like how I like black and purple =P

The wedding red luggage;

The red wedding bedsheet;

The tang yuan wedding bowls..

The red wedding lamp..

Second stunning dress or gown in red;

and OUR attire...

See? almost everything is in red colour! Tired? These are only the first part. =D

Here's the point of today's blogpost, "The Pandudinatalya's Wedding Party- Part I"!
Btw, in case if you wonder, Pandudinatalya is actually the combination of;
Pandudinata (Groom's first name) and Natalya (Bride's middle name)
There you go.. "Pandudinatalya"

Let's get started..
The wedding reception party was held at Pacific Palace Hotel Batam.

 About The Hotel;
The uniquely ship building with the greek mythology interior design
is now standing and determined to offer world class facilities and services.
Hotel is just 5 minutes from Harbourbay ferry terminal and
35 minutes from Hang Nadim International Airport, with an easy access to major shopping area.

With large grounds, totalling 11 hectares, in central business area, Pacific Palace Hotel 
features 180 Guest rooms with 61 Superior rooms, 57 Deluxe rooms, 
44 Executive rooms, 17 Suites and 1 Presidential Suites 
to offer different living experience to support your business and your family trip.

The reason why they held their wedding reception party there was because,
it has the largest guest capacity and venue for event in Batam - at the moment.

A total of 150 table wedding reception (Level 1 and 2) That's a lot yeah?
Both my parent and their parent have tons of family member, friends and business partners.

Tuxedo and Gown was their official wedding planner for the party.

Basically, they take care of the overall decoration of the venue.

Let's start from this corner;

Firstly, their wedding pictures are all gorgeous! =D
Look at the attention to detail and effort they put to decorate the whole place.

I personally love those furniture very very much! =D

This is a picture gallery corner;

They showcased some of their wedding picture here.
This is a brilliant idea.

Table was decorated with fresh red roses and candles..

Ah! this corner is so dreamy!

Photos were showcased on the branches.. so creative!

More Victorian-ish French furnitures...

Birdcage! I love how they organize all of the accesories.

Other than furniture, birdcage, accessories, fresh roses, photo frames, candles and etc,

 They were also in charge of the cloths (Red and Gold) all over the place!

Move on to the next section,

This is main corner - the place where you can take your photo here!

I love the bicycle and the vintage luggage!

Cute bear couple..

The photo album corner..

The sweet's corner with various cute mini snacks! =D

 There were chocolate, candy, tarts and a lot more..

Lastly, here's the decoration of the stage.
They decided to make it simple. You'll know why soon - stay tune for my next blogpost.

Overall, the place was stunning! I love it very much =D
Tuxedo and Gown's team was very hard working and very responsible.
They decorated the whole place a day before the event and they were very organized.
Visit and like their facebook page now!
Click here to view their previous work!


  1. WOW! What detailed wedding planning + decor that the company did. I didnt know dowry these days contains bags and shoes leh! Something new I learn ah! I love red color alot too! <3 <3 Nice new blogskin of yours! :DDD

  2. awesome photos ... such an adorable wedding dress. love it.Thanks for sharing all these blogs and phots are very useful to every one

    wedding planning education

  3. fantastic post and Thanks for sharing this info. It's very helpful.
    B&B in Jaipur

  4. This is really a great wedding plan. I absolutely like the wedding motif.


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