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13 July 2012

New Blogskin : Victorian Themed Blogskin and Recent Instagram Photos

Aw...New Blogskin! You love it? =D
I spent a whole night designing the whole concept yesterday!
I had difficulties making my blog header to the center, gif problem, html error, ah a lot more!
Anyway, does it look weird to you? haha! Somehow I think it's a bit weird..Hm..

Here are some pictures I uploaded via instagram..
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 Just a sleepy face of mine.    My New Samsung Galaxy Note Victorian Themed cover.   Hello Kitty Night Lamp! Cute?     
 I used nail polish to draw the frame.. 
The laces on the side were from Daiso!

Some cute wet tissue spotted at Carrefour Harbour Bay.         Little Merzy.                    Did some manicure for myself.              

              DecoPic Application is so fun!  New Heels from Cartino Sonea - BCS Batam.  Baby Gucci and my favorite Cadbury flake bites!

Bf bought a roll of victorian themed wallpaper for me =D   Christian Dior Pink Pouch.               My Long Fringe.                     


        When Baby Gucci came for a visit.     My Prada Satin Jewelry Pouch from Reebonz      Little Cute Boy Baby Merzy.       

Gradma's Stain Remover - Ace Hardware Batam.        Cleo July Issue.                    Choki Choki and Pasta Keju!    

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