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04 July 2012

My name is Irene Octoviani Tan

"I admire those who can be so kind to anyone unconditionally. They inspired me."

Fairness is another thing that I think it exists in me because I am a Libra.
I always try to be the middle person.
When my friends fights or quarrel, I will try to stop them and then, I will support no one.
Unless, one of them is really innocent or else, I just don't want to.
This is dangerous. My friend will think that I am a two faced person.
Well, again, actually I don't care. I just don't want to be involved.
I would listen to both parties and I would give no comment.
I am neutral. =D

Lastly, Yes, I was in a few relationships before my current boyfriend.
I've got 3 ex-es and all of them are still my friends.
But, NO! I didn't get married early and I don't think the word 'early' is still valid on me. =P

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