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01 July 2012

A Girly Affair by Ju and Mary Chia

Weeks ago, I attended a spa party organized by Ju for Mary Chia and #sba2012!
They are so generous! I was actually asked to bring a friend with me.
However, my friends were all busy with works and dates..
It's okay. I met some of my friends at the party too!

Look at the delicacies! Oh so sweet right?
The theme of the day was "A Girly Affair"

She got awesome sponsors that made these stunning dessert;
A girly Affair princess and cosmetic theme cake.

Ah! So cute! Look at those kisses.

There was a mini Cupcake D.I.Y session and I was very excited about it!

Our name tags;

Here are what we choosed;
Pink Cream Mine, White Cream Min Ru and White Fondant Herine

Haha a candid photo taken by Min Ru!
I was very serious okay!

Ohay! We're done! Look at our beautiful cupcakes!

Hihihi..Very nice right?
Herine wasn't confident with her work. Well, I think she was hungry! Hahaha..
She had her cupcake right after decorating.. =P

We took some polaroid photos and decorated it as well!

With my awesome friend or classmate Minru and my cool friend Herine.

Next up,

We had a cup of hiccup too!
Cocoa+ Fermented Brown Rice was the flavour.
Oh! It was very thick and filling. It's good to drink while watching movie. =D
Sip it once every 5mins hihi..

We can choose a complimentary manicure or massage service
and I went for the massage! I need it badly! My back and neck has been aching recently.
The massage was heavenly! It was quite painful pain no gain..
Haha after the massage, my neck and shoulder became much more relax! =D

A group photo with MFP team, Herine, Ju, Minru and Xinyi!

Thank you so much Ju x Mary Chia!
It was a fun event filled with fun people!

Last but not least, here are what I found inside my goddies bag! =D

I received some treatment voucher too! Gonna pamper myself at Mary Chia soon!

Pictures are all credit to : Min Ru and Ju Ann


  1. Wow - the expectations of a good spa experience has just gone up. Looks like a fun event. Wished I was there...

  2. Omg so cute and yummy hehe.. Love the pics


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