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08 July 2012

Qoo10 Review - Gifts for My Family : Happy Call Pressure Pan, Polo Shirt, LED Touch Screen Watch, iPhone Cover and Samsung Cover

Again, voting period for Singapore Blog Award 2012 has ended.
Thank you so much to those who clicked "Vote" for Ireneeeeeee. =D
I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you took to register and vote to support me.
The SBA2012 will be held on 21st July 2012 at Singapore Flyer.
I can't wait to have fun at the event! This year's theme is: SUPERHERO
So fun! I am trying to look for my costume at Qoo10. Hopefully I can get what I want from there.

Anyway, after the award thingy, I still can't control myself to order more items..
I simply can't stop myself oh! It's like a drug man..I am so addicted to it.
Which is good - I saved a lot of money from buying things from Qoo10!
(I will still shop when I am in the shopping mall anyway - nothing can stop me from shopping haha!)
Which is also bad - Duh! I have spent about $300 on Qoo10 this month!
It's okay. I called that a long term plan *ehemp excuse!!!!!!!*.
With $300, I bought more than 30 items - Clothes, Bracelets, Bags, Accessories duh! Everything!
Now, I can save my money, no need to shop for the next 5 month - till Christmas.
EHEMPH! #Cough - Possible? *hopefully* HAHAHA!  =P

Here are some of the items I got for my family.
Btw, before you visit and buy something, collect your coupon HERE first!

1. HappyCall Pressure Pan for My Cutest Mum!
If you are looking for HappyCall Pan and you are reading this,
It means, you've just won a toto! Haha! You're so lucky because,
I am going to tell you why you should buy Happy Call from Qoo10 !

in Singapore ONLY at !

After doing my research, the average price for HappyCall pressure pan on Qoo10 is $62.90.
Tips: try to find the $5 coupon at Fun Zone section here
If you are lucky and managed to get the coupon, it means, $62.90 - $5 you are paying only $ 57.90 !
Retail price outside is $160? $180? some are even selling it at $200!
Next, look for the seller with loads of free gift!
In this case, I bought mine from this seller- KETO Pte Ltd

What he promised;
[Happycall][1-2days delivery]happy call double pan/7gifts+special gift
and he also mentioned "100% satisfaction" guarantee too!

Yes! 7 GIFTS - Includes free delivery!
I received my HappyCall Pan the very next day after I ordered.
It was delivered right to my door step and it was extremely fast! =D
I am a happy customer.
As promised, I received;
1. Fast Delivery - I am satisfied as usually door to door delivery costs at least $5.00
2. Basic Sealer - Hm..Actually not considered as a gift ya?
3. Extra Sealer - Thanks! =D This is cool!
4. Range Mate for Hot Plate - Have not use it but it should be useful.
5. Fish Cleaner - Have not try to use it too.
6. English Manual - Other shop is selling it for $1 or more.
7. Knife sharpener - What a useful gift!
Mum has only 2 knifes at home and they are not sharp at all haha!
I need sharp knife to open my Durian lah! LOL.

I am satisfied with what was given - as some other shop only give one or two gifts.
As mentioned, it's auntentic!
See that? Made in Korea =D
Go to , search for Happy Call and Buy Now!

2. Nice Shirts for My Awesome Dad!
Hey guys, come on!
Qoo10 is not only for girls! You can shop on Qoo10 too!
Go to Men's Clothing Section and be amazed with the wide selection and affordable price.

Brands available;
Nike, Adidas, Abercrombie and Fitch, POLO, LACOSTE
Hollister sclo Aeropostale HOTBOOM TIME and A LOT MORE

Just type the name of the brand that you are looking for
on the search box provided on the top of Qoo10 website!
I bought these two short sleeve Polo Shirts for Dad in Blue and Purple.
I love shirt with interesting collar.
These shirts look smart and I like the colors very much!
I got them at about $25+ or $30? , I don't remember. It's actually not very cheap but hey!
Look at the actual price! It was $79.90 ! What a steal!

I am so happy as Dad love them very much!

4. New Abyss LED Touch Screen Watch for My Smart Brother
My brother is an extremely picky person.
He wanted a digital watch and we've been looking for it since ages ago!
The watches we found were either not very nice, nice but expensive, digital but the strap is ugly,
nice watch but not digital, ahrg! In short, it's hard to find the one that meet his expectation!

One day, I tried to search for "LED watch" on Qoo10 and I found this
" New Abyss - Japanese Inspired Blue LED Touchscreen Watch Snake skin textured leather "
and I clicked on it.

Here are the specifications provided;
Main Function: Japanese-inspired Blue LED digital touchscreen watch
Screen: Circumferential blue and white LED encircling the mouth of The Abyss! 
Color: Black- Material: Snake skin textured leather- Length: ~ 180 mm with 7 holes for wrist adjustment
Clasp: Buckled* Function Button (Touchscreen): display and changing hour and minute data
Settings: Hours, Minutes* Power: CR2016 (x1) pre-installedProduct Notes

Similar LED watches sell on the Internet for over 10x the Chinavasion price,
simply google "Japanese LED Watch" to see for yourself.
Gently touch the touchscreen to display the time on demand.
One Watch to rule them all, One Watch to find them,
One Watch to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

Package info.:* Elegant black package box* User manual* Warranty card
I thought, this is an interesting watch! =D
Moreover, it's actually a touch screen watch and it's selling at $21.50 only!
This is a "Why Not!, Right?" My brother love blue colour too! (Colour available: Blue or Red)
This is like a watch customized specially for him man!
So I ordered one for him. This is the information of the LED display!
I am still waiting for it to arrive.
The seller did indicate that the delivery will takes about 2 weeks and yeah,
I think I will receive it very soon *excited* =D

3. iPhone Accessories for My Dearest Sister.

If you are an iPhone user and you don't know about Qoo10, I have one sentence for you
"OMG, you are so outdated!" Hahaha!
Qoo10 is like a paradise for iPhone and iPad users. They have tons of accessories!
You name it, they have it!
From the cover, screen protector, battery, charger, headset, ear cap, oh! EVERYTHING!

Here are some of the iPhone covers or cases that I found it very nice =D
Pretty man!!

Rose/ Flower , Wood texture

Castle and Mechanic texture cover!

Moschino, Tory Burch
Agnes B, Juicy Couture, Marc by Marc Jacobs
This is the cutest one!
Vintage luggage iPhone cover! How about that? =D
Last but not least, ANNA SUI iPhone cover!!!! *Scream*
Duh! These cases are extremely nice!
I really have this urge to become an iPhone user just because all of the covers are all gorgeous =D
It was really hard to choose only one to give it to my sister.
At the end, I decided to order this one!!!
It can be used as a photo frame or a mirror and it's so extremely feminine! 
It came in 3 colours, soft pink, hot pink and black.
Price: $12.90
Here's the actual product in soft pink colour (It looks exactly like what shown above);
Here's another option, the frame is in round shape!
Visit and go to its - Digital and Mobile section or type "iPhone cover" to search!

5. Samsung Galaxy Note Cover for Myself!
I've changed my mind, I will stick to my Samsung Galaxy Note (HAHAHA So fast?)
You know what? It's EXTREMELY hard to find a cool, awesome Samsung Galaxy Note cover!
I have been looking for it everytime I go to places like Orchard, Far East Plaza,
Bugis, Lucky Plaza, Batam, everywhere!
Mostly, the cover for Galaxy Note is plain colour or boring polkadot- These are the only designs that I managed to find.

Honestly, I also tried to find it on Qoo10. Unfortunately, still, not many selection.
Until one day, I found this seller!
This seller is selling several designs and, this is the coolest Galaxy Note Cover that I found.

It's available in two colours (Black and White) and it's only $5.70 !!!

#ISlapYou #YouSlapMe
Yes it's $5.70!!! Unbelievable Right!? =D
And it's so so so pretty!
This is what I like about Qoo10.
Not only that I found things that I have been looking for or things that I like BUT
they also NEVER fail to surprise me with their price!
Click here if you are using Samsung Galaxy Note too

See that? Shopping on Qoo10 is EXTREMELY FUN!
Now you know why I am such a big fan of Qoo10. Shop for yourself and your love one too?

Visit NOW!
They are having a weekend SALE that you never want to miss. =D
Happy Shopping!

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  1. What a spree you've gotten here! I'm also a Happy Call user & have already posted quite a few recipes in my blog. Nice review!

    Thks for your entry @ Giveaway: Maria Galland Facials + Products At Phoenix La Beaute! Good luck & stay tuned for more Giveaways!

  2. Anonymous13 July, 2012

    Btw,wheres arifin rusli's gift ???

  3. I buy these but they never fail to surprise me with their price, better to send Eid gifts to Pakistan.


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