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31 July 2012

Celebration: It is My Baby Gucci's 4th Birthday !

Yay! Baby Gucci is turning FOUR today.
Hiks. Actually I am quite sad. He's getting older. T-T
I tried to count his human age using this Dog Age Calculator HERE and
I found out that his actual age is 32 years old.

That's pretty old! Gucci is now an old man!
Gucci's Birthday is like a countdown to me. The more his age is, the further he is from me T-T
Lifespan for small dog like Maltese is about 12 to even 16 or 18 years old - ONLY huhuhu...!
I want to leave this world together with him. I don't want him to be alone.
I always tend to think a lot! What if one day, Gucci's gone?
For sure, I will cry badly for weeks! I will definitely miss him very very much.
Although, to be honest, I don't like the 5% annoying side of him.
He barks at stranger, he is naughty, he scratches, he bites, he is simply annoying.
I really don't like it. But, I accept those flaws willingly. I love the 100% Gucci.
Without that 5% he's not Gucci!

Oh! Btw, he just pee on my bag yesterday! Good Job Baby!
Bf said "Your bag looks like a plastic bag that's why he pees on it"
Wah! Thank you so much for the compliment yah! Zzz...

Most of the time 95% of Gucci is amazingly cute, funny and adorable.
He knows it when you are sad or happy. He understand!
Whenever I cry, he will come and lick me. When I am happy, we fight! Haha!
I will disturb him and he will bite me! That's how we play.

I bought and brought those doughnuts, eclairs, pastries and cake all the way from Singapore!
Got them from Pet Lovers Center - US Doggie Bakery at Vivo City. All of them costs about $11 only.
Cake was about $6.10 and those doughnuts and eclairs cost $4.80 for 5. 
Click here for US Doggie Bakery - Pet Lover Center Cake Pastry Menu and Price HERE

Human's cake consists of sugar, cake, butter, flavoring, etc.
Dog's cake is salt and sugar free.
I think just consist of flour and some natural flavoring agent (Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Pandan and etc)

Here is my cute Baby Gucci and I =D He was very hyped and happy.
At the same time, he was very alert - protecting his desserts from Merzy (My bro's dog)
Haha actually I shared some of the pastries to Merzy - secretly. =P

Gucci! Good food must share! Merzy is your brother! You should be good to him! Haha!
Btw, I was the one who blew the candle for him. Haha!
I wonder if dog knows how to blow. Hm..

Oh! Have I mentioned that my stupid boyfriend trimmed Gucci's fur?
Damn ugly urgh! I bet Gucci is crying inside.
I asked Boyfie to take him to the pet shop and he refused. He said, he could do it himself.
He always have this perception that pet shop has loads of pet with ticks and bugs.
He worried that it might transfer to Gucci. Well, this may be true.
But still, bring him to a professional lah! Aiyo! Or at least, learn before practicing it Zzz...

Luckily he's still cute. No matter what! =D

He was waiting for his food to be served like a boss - wor!

I cut those pastries into small pieces for him. He will have his cake for breakfast tomorrow.

Baby, are you happy? I wish you can live happily and healthily.
I would like to say SORRY to you.
Mommy is guilty as I often leave you alone at home.
I have to go out for school, work or even to meet friends. But don't worry, we are now in Indonesia! =D
I can bring you to jalan jalan more often and you will get a sexy and hot companion soon *fingerscrossed*
Hahahaha! You are not alone. You have momi and popi!
We promise to take care of you, spend more time with you and give you the best we can.


When there's food. He won't look at the camera loh! LOL


Love Baby Gucci too? Spam him with greetings and wishes! =)


  1. so cute. happy birthday to your baby.
    kissses and hugs
    maren antia

    Can I invite you to my GIVEAWAY ???:

    *dogeared heart necklace*

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. awwww..he is cute happy birthdayy!

  3. thanks for share..


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