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05 July 2012

Auntie Irene's Favorite - Daiso Must-Buy Popular Products Haul Part One!

Hahaha! Yes, Today I am Auntie Irene LOL! Daiso is Sexy and everyone knows it! =D
It's my favorite paradise! A place that I always visit when I go to Vivo City.

For those who don't know,
Daiso is a $2 shop that offers various product from Japan!
Everything is SGD 2 ONLY *Scream*
I did some research (as always) before going there and
here are some of the items I purchased from my last trip to Daiso;

I bought some hand care products. The packaging are attractive, beautiful and it smell great!
I love the Rose scent - light and fresh. They are very soft and gentle on skin too.
I bought a hand mask as well but I have not try it. It should be good!

Next up, a must-buy product when you visit Daiso!
I read and heard tons of positive review on these masks and cleansing products;

Daiso Natural Nose Pack 50g
Natural extracts remove oils and all dirt and deeply clean the pore
leaving your skin clearer with less visible pores.
After cleansing your face, evenly apply on the nose area and let it dry for 10-15 min.
If completely dried out peel it off starting at the bottom, pulling toward the top.
Do not use more than twice per week.

Daiso Natural Cleansing Cream 80g
Small tiny halls of charcoal absorbs dust or pollution.
It helps to clean dust from skin pores and to make up.
Squeeze proper amount of the cleansing on hand and wipe out with tissue

Daiso Natural Pack 80g
Formulated wiht the natural ingredients from Oak trees,
it removes oils and all dirt and deeply clean the pore, leaving your skin clearer with less visible pores
After cleansing your face, evenly apply on the nose area and let it dry for 10-15 min.
If completely dried out peel it off starting at the bottom, pulling toward the top.
Do not use more than twice per week.
For sensitive skin, apply facial essence before using,
and slowly peel it off starting at the top toward the bottom

Daiso Cleansing Foam 70g
Small tiny halls of charcoal absorb dust and pollution, it clears dirt and sebum in pores.
Make bubbles with water, softly massage and wash out.

As mentioned earlier, I love charcoal as it is very effective for detoxification.
It absorbs bacteria, viruses, toxins, and etc.

These are extremely popular products in Daiso - Best selling!
I couldn't find the charcoal mask when I was there.
So, instead, I grabbed this Nose pack which is not bad too!
It works pretty well on me.
But, if you have sensitive skin, you might want to try on small area first.
Because, when it dries up it is very very adhesive. The peeling part was extremely hurt!
My nose turns red and but I like it haha! It removes some blackheads and fine hair on my face.
Before application, I use warm water to rinse my face- to open the pores,
then after removing the mask, I will use toner to clean the residues and
apply soothing and cooling mask after that - to close the pores.
It makes my face smoother and softer. Oh! Btw, the amount of the mask is only 50g!
Only less than 8 times of usage, I think.
So, of course the 80g charcoal mask is more worthy! =D 

When you see these in the store, don't think, grab!
They are often out-of-stock!

Next up, I bought some fragrance oils!
I actually bought some of it from Bali months ago. Mum said they were not long lasting.
So, I thought, why don't we give this a try?
Btw, $2 for a fragrance oil is not really that cheap yea?
Grabbed Rose, Lavender and Eucalyptus fragrance. They are quite good and long lasting.

Another must-buy items from Daiso;

It is an underwear Cleansing Lotion
Specially compounded for blood and vaginal discharge stains.
Perfectly removes menstrual blood and vaginal discharge stains.
Disinfecting and fragrance-free and contains no pigment.

Usage: Moisten the underwear, apply an appropriate amount of the product,
wash it by hand and then machine-wash it with other clothes.

I have been using this since I bought it and I love it.
Honestly, I have tried it on blood stains too! Haha *omg shy*
I believed other girls have this problem too. Especially at night! gah!
You know how irritating it is right! Unfortunately, it's not very effective on blood.
I still need bubble-ish soap to get rid of the blood stain.
It works perfectly on vaginal discharge stains though and it has disinfecting effect too.
It's a bit troublesome as well because we still need to wash it with other clothes after washing it with this.

It's up to you to decide. Buy or Skip?
I would repurchase it though as it removes stains effectively.

*Ehemp, no picture of course*
Well, if you really want, picture will be furnished upon request! Muahaha! JK!

DAISO DETERGENT (for puff and sponge)
Keep your makeup sponge, puff, and tools clean!
A non-expensive, specialized cleansing lotion for any makeup sponge, puff, and tools 
with foundation to remove dirt, baterial & odour instantly after long time using. 
Always keep your sponge clean & hygienic whenever apply foundation on face!
No fragrance. Colorless.

For sponge, apply a few drops of this product,
wash by hand and rinse thoroughly under running water.

It's pretty easy to use, and it effectively removes the foundation on my sponge. 

For brushes, dip the bristles into the mixture of 10% Daiso Detergent and 90% water
for about 10 seconds then wash the bristles with shampoo and conditioner.

After washing, leave your brushes and sponge to air dry.
I love both detergent and would definitely repurchase! =D

Next favorite item from Daiso - Hello Kitty Section! =D
I used to buy a lot of useless stuffs from this section (cup, bottle, etc) and I have controlled myself.
On my last trip,  I bought only things that I need.

Got this mini resealable bag in pink and red for my bracelet =D
Look at how organize my accessories are! Btw, these small bags are very useful!
I used it to store my cotton and cotton bud when travelling too..
It is a good buy! =)

Move one,
Things that I think are good, but I don't need it;

I saw this styling gel - Isn't the packaging sweet? =D
There were a styling mist or spray too!
I decided to give it a miss as I didn't really use hair product.

I spotted these beautiful fake eyelash case too!
I was thinking to buy one for my sister as she often use fake eyelash and have tons of it.
Again, decided to skip this as I gave her 2 or 3 Dolly Wink Eyelash cases and she's not using it. x_x

These deodorizer (rose and lavender) are very pretty! =D
So crystalize and nice. Not sure if they really work.

I bought wet tissue, cotton bud and dry tissue too! as the packaging is sooooo pretty!
Look at those laces and ribbons. It's in sweet hot pink colour aw~!

Stay tune for part two! =D


  1. Hi rene,just a suggestion for you when you're drying your make up brushes. It's a no no to have the brush upside down like in your pic cos water will get into the core where all brush hair is glued on and it'll damage the glue and so the brush will be damaged faster. So it's better if you hang it or put it on a towel in 45 degree position. Hehehe just fyi! :p

  2. OMG what a wonderful goodies!! love love their packaging!

  3. Yes babe, I actually dry them up by putting them horizontally on the top of cup..What you saw above is just for photography purposes =D Anyway, thanks for commenting.

  4. Wooowww $2 for each??? Heaven!!!!!!! #lovestruck
    Very2 nice review really enjoy while read it...^^
    Hope i could drop there as soon as possible...
    Btw,where is the daiso located?

  5. we also have daiso in Surabaya, but its not complete enough
    anyway, your haul is amazing ce :D


  6. It's available in Singapore! =D Maybe indonesia too! As mentioned by our friend above =)

  7. Totally agree...Love Daiso as well. Great haul btw :)

  8. daiso natural pack no why no exp?


Thanks for your lovely comment!