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03 June 2012

We Have Moved Back to Indonesia!

This is a random post that I decided to type in the middle of the night or morning?
Time now is 3.55am (Indo's time) which is 4.55am (Sing's time) and I need to sleep!
Today is Sunday and I need to go to church with my family later. Hiks. Insomnia.
Anyway, In case you don't know, I have moved back to Indonesia.
I came back here with my #BabyGucci (Maltese. Dog. Cute. Single)

I received a lot of question on facebook, twitter, etc on how did I bring my dog back to Indonesia.
Again, fyi, I am Indonesian Chinese living in a happy Island called Batam, Riau.
It only is approximately 45mins from Singapore.

Fact: Batam is a Rabies-free zone and from what I learnt, import of pets is prohibited.
I was quite sad and stress. I can't live without Gucci! and I want to go back to Indonesia.
Boyfie and I even thought about sending Gucci to Jakarta first then back to Batam.
Yes it's easier to fly him to Jakarta but Jakarta is not a rabies-free zone!
So, we thought It wasn't a good idea. Indeed that idea also means, we need to pay 2x coffee monies.

We decided to do more research and coincidentally, we found out that our friend's sister
have ever brought her dog back from Singapore to Batam! #Miracle #Hope
Without hesitating, I sent a private message to her and ask about how she did it.
She replied and explained every detail to me! Thanks, Vivian! I was super ultra excited.

Today, I am going to share how!

1. Your dog needs to have a legal licence from AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary)
You can apply the license
It takes approximately one to two weeks.
Not sure about the price but for Gucci, a small maltese dog, it costs us S$70.00.
The licence was sent via mail so you need to have a Singapore's address or alternatively,
you can try to contact them and ask if you can collect the license yourself.

2. The next license that you need to apply is Export license.
Again, you can apply it at
You need a dog license to apply an export license.
Gucci's export license took approximately 2 days only. Express option is available, more expensive.
I did Gucci's very last minute (on 28th of May) and we need to travel on 31st may!
The website states that the license will takes about 2 days and another 2-3 days of waiting time 
as it would be sent via mail. I was very worried as I thought we will not get the license on time.
I checked the status of the license on AVA's website on 30th May.
The license has been approved! So we went down to AVA to make the payment and collect it.
It was a wasted trip Zzz... You know why?
I was told that actually I can make the payment online and print the license myself.
Duh! I sent out 3 emails asking if I can collect it myself as I need the license urgently
and someone replied me, and said I can make the payment in person and collect it at the counter.
Why didn't you tell me that I can actually print it out myself at home? Aiyoh! Taxi very expensive ler! lol
Anyway, we spent S$50.00 on the export license.

3. Transporting Pet from Singapore to Batam (via Ferry)
Alright, I am going to mention the name of the company as I was pissed off by them.
I cried. Can you believe it? I CRIED. I hate it when people makes me feel helpless.
So, I actually called "Batam Fast" Ferry and asked if I can bring my pet along with me on 30th of May.
I requested to talk to their manager and a lady answered my phone.
She's very nice, polite and friendly. I know she's not wrong.
I was told that I can bring my dog on board their ferry and she also told me that she will call me again to double confirm.
As promised, she called me the next day, in the early morning when I was still in my dream.
I was told that "Hi Miss Irene, your departure today has been confirmed and you CAN bring your dog with you"
I was extremely delighted, of course. I kept saying "Thank you". BUT, in the afternoon (almost evening),
She called me again, she said "I am so sorry miss Irene, I have a bad news, I just being updated. Our T&C have changed, you can't bring you dog"
Woah! *firework please* Can you imagine how angry I was?
I should be departing in less that 5 hours and you tell me, I can't bring my dog? Last minute like NOW!?
#ExtremelyAngry I asked her to pass the call to the one that says I can't bring my dog.

A crazy guy answered my call.
I said "This is too ridiculous, your staff called me this morning to confirm everything and now, you said I can't bring my dog, what is this?"
He replied "Yes we're not allowed to have pet on board our ferry or else, our ferry will need to be quarantine for a month".
Seriously, Is that my business? If that is really the case, you should tell me when I called you yesterday.
Reject my request! instead of telling me now! 

I asked him "So, what should I do now?" Guess what was his answer?
"I don't know. Now, you should quickly go and find the solution.."
"Maybe you can send your dog via goods cargo?"
*Silent..I am speechless..totally speechless..*

Guess what's next? Gets your popcorn and witness this event!

*Round of Applause, please!*

You are wrong! YOU should be the one to solve the problem.
You pissed me off and YOU asked me to find the solution myself?
You are crazy and YOU hung up my phone?
You are the winner of the Singapore Best Service Award 2012!

I cried because, everything was too last minute!
In fact, we have arranged and paid someone to stand by in Indonesia (everything involves money).
In short, we have to bring Gucci back to Indonesia TODAY!
I think I cried because I imagined Gucci being sent over via goods cargo too!
#Dark #Dirty #Abuse Gucci #Cries #Alone #Lonely #Lost #Scared
Hahahaha! *silly me*

I told boyfie what has just happened. He scolded me, as usual.
Every time I cry he'll scold me and ask me to stop crying harshly!
If you are reading this, I hate you! You are a bad boyfriend! =(
You should hug me and ask me to stop crying gently..with love, bro!
You should say "Cinta, stop crying ya! It's alright, we'll find the solution."
Not "Hey, stop crying! Why cry? Are you crazy? This is a small matter, why cry? Stop it!"
He ALWAYS says these when I cry in front of him. It makes me cry even more!

Back to Gucci, nah! Bf called them back for the second time.
This time round, the lady earlier answered the phone and apologized.
Boyfie used these Singaporean method;
"Are you playing with me? I can sue you, you know? I want to complaint!"
It works! The answer he got was better than mine. Hahaha!
She was very responsible, she gave my boyfriend pet mover's contact and etc.
Even though actually those are not helpful. But it's okay. She tried.

From now on, I will never ever take Batam Fast Ferry because that crazy guy hung up my phone.
He's irresponsible. rude. crazy. harsh.
Dear BatamFast, I know this is not fair.
But I am so sorry and I sincerely feels sorry for you too! as you have such a lousy staff.

All these can be prevented if you reject my request responsibly and gently, 
provide me with other option that I can consider, help me to find solution and 
if the crazy guy didn't hang up my phone!

Tips: Popular ferry from Singapore to Batam according to me;

My top choice is Wave Master (Singapore - Batam, Hourbour Bay)
Most expensive but cleaner, bigger ferry, faster (45mins), arrive at Harbour Bay (near to the city)

Second choice is Sindo (Formerly known as Penguin)
Cheaper, quite big, quite clean, takes approx 1 hour, arrive at Batam Center or Sekupang (quite far)

Alternative: Batam Fast
No comment. The only option when both Wavemaster and Sindo are full. No choice.
+ Now, their staff hung up my phone, wor!
So, I think I will prefer to cancel my trip instead of going on board their ferry =)

At the end, I called another ferry and they said I can bring my dog on board their ferry,
Now, Batam Fast, Can you explain why I can bring my dog on board their ferry?

Move on to the next step!

4. Your Pet at Harbour Front Terminal
I was informed that I need to have all of my documents ready (point 1& 2)
If Indonesia's authority rejects my dog or anything that happens to my dog, it is my business.
In short, other than transporting your pet, they hold no other responsibility.
You need to call them and inform that you will bring your pet on board their ferry in advance.
Upon collecting your boarding pass, asked them to stamp on the export license.
Bring that export license to the baggage check in area and check in your dog.
Someone will pick up your pet and pass it to you before you go on board the ferry.
There's no charges at all.

5. In the ferry!
Oh my God! Gucci was noisy. He doesn't like to be in the cage.
Boyfie's brother accompanied me. We sat on the last row.
I was trembling as I afraid that the authority will kick us out.
No choice but I have to take him out from the cage and calm him down.

Btw, we did fed him some relax and calm supplements. It doesn't work Zzz!
He finally calm down after sitting on my lap.
I was sweating! It was a horrible experience. That one hour feels like one week to me!

6. Arrive at Batam Center Terminal.
No choice but I have to put him in the cage again.
We decided to be the last one to get down from the ferry.

Btw, Gucci+The cage is 7kg! #Heavy and I have to be the one to carry him.
When boyfie's brother try to carry the cage, he barks!
As usual, we went through immigration and got our passport stamped.
We have informed the authority before bringing Gucci's back to Indonesia.
Everything goes smoothly afterward.

In this case, I can't help you. You need to find someone that you can talk to.
My advice is, be prepared to spend some monies. =)

Finally! Merzy and Gucci met each other for the first time ever!
Both of them didn't sleep well recently because, they don't like each other!
Everytime Gucci walk pass by Merzy's room, Merzy will bark and vice versa.
They didn't get along well. They fight! =(

Boyfie is still in Singapore and he'll come back to Indonesia tomorrow.
He will take care of Gucci afterward. 

In short, we're settling down in Indonesia! =D
Both of us will start to assist our dad's business soon and meanwhile,
we are also planning to start up our own business too.
Anyway, Batam and Singapore is so near! I can go there anytime!
I will keep this space alive and I will still attend blogger's event too!
Stay tuned and keep reading!


  1. You are back in Indonesia?! Will we be able to meet soon?

  2. OMG it is one long story to bring Gucci back to Indo! Congrats to have successfully brought him back! Awwh Gucci is always cute >.< So now your boyfriend and you are back at Indo for good? Awwwh.

  3. Anonymous03 June, 2012

    Hey i love batam:)
    And i like reading yr blog.keep it updated more often pls:)

  4. Anonymous03 June, 2012

    Great blog today!!! A big applause to you..way to go, girl!! so proud of you being such a responsible owner and a true pet lover...Gucci is so so so lucky having you :) So, Gucci won't stay together with you?? but with your bf??

  5. Hi @Christina of course we will. I will go to Singapore regularly. @Vica yes we're back!! =D @anonymous1 yes thanks for reading my blog. Thank you so much! @anonymous2 Yes, he will stay with bf instead because, by right, gucci is my bf's property haha! I only hold 40% share LOL In addition, he didn't get along with my family's dog. So no choice. He have to stay with bf =)

  6. if i were you, i would definitely CALL that guy with attitude problem and confront him till he sincerely apologize! okay ~ think even he apologizes, i would still hate him because it feels like being cheated by a retard and why the hell they can suddenly change T&C? that's ridiculous. SEND THEM A FEEDBACK EMAIL TO LET THEM KNOW THEIR PERFECT SERVICE.

  7. Anonymous06 June, 2012

    Yes! How can they changed the T&c last min like this. Even if your dog was sent by cargo, they should be the one to cover the cost as it is their fault. I can't believe they that they even dare to hang up your phone. I will avoid taking Batam Fast from now on.

  8. Yes! Absolutely ridiculous right! I am thinking about to confront them too. They are too irresponsible. Unbelievable!

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