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14 June 2012

Sponsored: Princess Dress from Qoo10

Today's theme is all about Princess! =D
Or should I say "High Class Ladies" #ehemp..

Before I start, some of you might have noticed that I LOVE DRESS.
In case you don't know, the last time I wore long jeans was 10 years ago? =D
Hahaha I just think that I look weird in long pant and I hate wearing it.
My wardrobe is packed with 90% dress and 5% top 5% short.

Anyway, I found this particular dress very nice!
I got it from a shop called StarBlink on Qoo10.

I thought it's a little bit pricey so I did hesitated for a while.
When I say pricey, it's $9.39 ! Muahaha..
I know that should be considered super cheap! 
But really, if you read my yesterday's post, you should know why!
StarBlink apparels are mostly $6 - $8 or $9
So, $9.39 is a littlllleeeeeee bit pricey =P #slapme

G1972 Princess dress $9.39 from StarBlink
Anyway, I am very very satisfied with this dress!

True Story:
Mum said or hint? "Eh, this dress must be very nice on me *grab my dress and try it on"
Then..she asked me "Eh very nice right?"
Hahaha I replied "If you want, I can give it to you loh!"
Mum "Too short for me. Your dad will scold me if I wear this"

Muahaha.. See! Even my mum loves it!
Btw, my mami is a dress person too. She loves to wear dress just like me!

The length of the dress is perfect for me, as I am short LOL
However, as you can see it's a little bit too tight on the bust area.
I was kinda expected it though. As mentioned, my bust size is about 90cm to 95cm.
Information provided stated that the bust size of this dress is only 76cm.

Luckily it's stretchable! =D So, I can still wear the dress #yippie
Btw, the dress came with a complimentary lace belt as shown in the picture.
However, I forgot to put it on =P

You can pair it with a spec like this maybe? =D

Or maybe gellish nude pink nail like mine?

It can be paired with any dark coloured bag too.
I do think that this dress makes me look more atas. Haha!
The colour is safe, neutral and the design is very lady.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed the post.

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Thank you!

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