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29 June 2012

Sponsored: Korean Instant Food and Beverages from Qoo10 Singapore!

Who says you need to go to Korea for Korean cuisine?
Look at what I found on Qoo10!!! =D
My brother is a big fan of both Korea and Korean. You know right! It's all about Kpop fever!
Running Man lah, 2NE1 lah, Super Junior lah, Girls Generation lah, Park bom?
Is that Park Bom? Ok, whatever! I am not following the fever..
So, forgive me =P

I ordered some Korean Instant food and beverages just for my Brother!
See..I am a good cece! Hehe..
The founder of Qoo10 is a Korean and you can expect a lot of Korea related 
item, fashion, gadget or even food on Qoo10!

What you need to do is just to visit Qoo10 here
and go to its Baby and Food Section here

Here are some of the items I decided to purchase! Kaching!
1. Tteopoki or Tteokbokki - Spicy Rice Cakes $3.50 click here
2. ChaJang Noodle or JjajangMen Black Bean Noodle - 4 packets at $8.00 click here
3. Banana milk - 6 packs at $7.00 Only! click here

Let's start from this Spicy Rice Cake Tteokbokki

If you love spicy and you love Korean Rice Cake, You have to try this! =D
It's easy to prepare to! Here are the ingredients provided;
A pack of rice cake, sauce, measuring paper cup and a fork.

First, open the rice cake and pour it into the cup. Next, add in the spicy rice cake sauce..

Pour 50ml of water into it - using the measuring paper cup provided.

Mix well and you are almost done!

Put it into the microwave to heat up! It says 2 min 30 second.
I actually put it longer in the microwave as the rice cake was still a lil tough after 2 min 30 second.
It's either, my microwave wasn't working or I don't know how to read Korean..
Well, I think it's both! Hahaha.. 
I would recommend you to boil the rice cake instead of putting it into the microwave though
so that the rice cake will turns out softer.

Here's how it looks like!
If you are a spicy food lover, you'll love this. The rice is chewy and taste not too bad.
It's pretty easy and fun to prepare too! Portion was just nice.
A good option for brunch or midnight snack! =D

Next up! The ChaJang Noodle - JjajangMen!
Ps: As you can see, the expiry date is next year! It's safe to consume! No worries!

Before this, my brother always prepare Jjajangmen himself and trust me, it was a tedious work!
He has to find the noodle, then buy the ingredients, make the sauce and etc.
In this case, this instant Jjajangmen comes with everything!

You just need to cook your noodle like any other instant noodle.
Then drain out most the water and leave about 2-3 spoons of water behind.

Move on to the sauce,
you can choose to put the package sauce into a boiling water for a minute (served warm) or 
just pour it directly to the noodle.

Mix well.

And we are done!

I love this JjajangMen very much! It tastes a lil bit salty.
So I suggest, maybe you can leave more water behind when you drain your noodle.
The black bean sauce was yummy! The noodle is made from wheat!
It's a healthier choice! I would definitely think of this when I am hungry!
Portion is about medium. If you are on diet - share half of it to your boyfriend.
If you are happy and you don't care, finish a pack by yourself yo!

Last but not least, the popular Banana Flavoured Milk Drink!

It's a well-known drink in Korea! A drink that most Koreans know and love.
One of the best sellers in stores, the flavored milk can be considered as Korea’s national beverage.

Created in 1974 by Binggrae when many South Koreans were suffering from malnutrition,
Banana Flavored Milk (aka Banana milk) became a hit as many preferred the sweetened milk over plain milk.
The fact that Banana was a fruit for the upperclass at the time,
and the interesting design that imitated the traditional jar known as “Hanggari” also greatly helped in boosting its sales.

At its first introduction, the milk did not have any trace of Banana and only after the new food product law in 2010, 
Binggrae began to use Banana for its flavor. 
Even though there are barely any traces of Banana in the milk, and despite the emergence of many similar beverages, 
the sweet nostalgic flavor that basically has not changed over time has kept Banana milk in the top shelves 
with fans playfully calling it as the “Grenade Milk” or “Fat Banana”.

Banana milk is slowly becoming available worldwide in a somewhat ordinary packaging as shown above.

Keeping up with its popularity, Banana milk is always promoted by top celebrities, 
which include top idols such as Girl’s Generationor SNSD, popular actor Lee Min-ho, 
and other famous comedians and actors.

Source: click here

It's surprisingly yummy! The sweetness is perfect and it's refreshing!
6 for $7.00 is considered as an affordable price since it's imported all the way from Korea.
However, I wish the drink came in bigger pack! =D
I need two packet for a meal! It's really nice that I can't stop sipping it!

See..10 minute for an authentic Korean dinner? Possible!
If your girlfriend or boyfriend love everything about Korea,
you should buy some of these, cook and tell him or her "I prepare and cook all these by myself"
I bet she will believe you! The quality are similar to those selling in the restaurant
and...It's affordable! =D

Think no more, SHOP NOW!

Visit Http:// today!

Last but not least,
I am one of the finalists in Singapore Blog Award 2012 - Best Gmarket Online Shopping Blog!
Kindly register an account at and vote for me HERE

Thank you! 


  1. I love korean food <3
    I'm addicted to kpops too :D

    i want to try that banana milk drink so badly :/
    btw, you look so pretty on that last picture! xx

  2. waa, gotta ordering the Tteopoki there. i never know gmarket sell that kind of thing too :D yay!!! and i love that jjajangmyun too. its easy to find it here :D

  3. Yes yes you should try them! =D


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