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24 June 2012

Sponsored: I Pimp-ed My Victorian Themed Room with Accessories from Qoo10 !

Ohay, I went to Singapore 4 days ago to attend events and just came back yesterday..
I am so so so happy to meet loads of my blogger friends.. (The feeling was different!) =D
I collected my Qoo10 parcels from my friend too!
Anyway, a lot of you asked me where did I bought my wall sticker and etc..
Nah! Here's the secret! I got most of my room accessories from Qoo10 !

What? You think Qoo10 only have nice, affordable dress and HappyCall Pan?
Absolutely wrong!!! You can get almost ANYTHING on Qoo10!

Today I am going to share with you some of my finds from

First up! I got my Anna Sui Floor Mat or Carpet from Qoo10
Can you imagine how crazy I was when I saw it selling on Qoo10? I was extremely excited!
Without hesitating, I ordered 2 floor mat! As usual, if I see anything that I really like,
I would usually buy more than one!

Click to visit Qoo10

I actually saw it selling on other website..BUT their price was crazy high!
My friend was selling it too..Again, the price on Qoo10 is much more affordable.
I have been looking for it since years ago.
Thanks to Qoo10! The Anna Sui floor mat is so beautiful and affordable aww! =D

Next up! My bird wall-clock! =D
I've been looking for black colour, interesting and nice wall-clock!
This bird clock fits my room perfectly!
Perfect size too!
It came in a medium-sized box and it was very easy to set up.

In case if you wonder, the last bird hanging below the clock actually swings!
It gives this perception that the bird is flying! =D
It's battery operated that's why it keeps swinging.. #interesting

Again, I actually saw it selling at Bugis too!
You are right! I always hesitate and do a lot of research before buying something.
The price was $45 !! I thought it was a bit expensive so I give it a miss..
AND I saw it selling on Qoo10 for $30+ only!

Tips: When you go for shopping and if you see something nice, HOLD on first..
Try to see if you can find it on Qoo10.
If you couldn't find it, then you can go ahead and buy the item..
Usual case: You can find almost anything on Qoo10 ! and in most case,
items are always cheaper!

Last but not least, my wall-sticker..
Oh! There are loads of choices on Qoo10!
I went crazy and stress browsing and choosing those that I like the most..

Here's my little chandelier wall sticker from Korea!
The delivery took weeks as it was sent all the way from Korea.
Oh! Totally worth the wait!
I have been looking for chandelier sticker everywhere I go but FAIL.

and...I got it from Qoo10 !!!

Anyway, it looks gorgeous right? Suits my room perfectly =D
It's easy to paste too..just like normal sticker it's adhesive.

This is true story:
I always found things that I have been looking for on Qoo10!
It's either coincidentally or I purposely go and search for it.
I was very surprise that with only one magic click, I found all of the items I want! =D

Want to find anything for your room?
Visit Qoo10 now! =D

Last but not least,
I am nominated in Singapore Blog Award 2012 - Best Gmarket or Qoo10 Online Shopping Blog
Kindly register an account at and vote for me HERE

Thank you!


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  2. Finally found your blog! Is that your room?!?!

  3. Hey sweetie..Yes, that's my room =D


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